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I am a corporate consultant with years of advanced experience leveraging business consulting skills with legal insight to drive business growth, protect assets and Intellectual Property, assure legal compliance and minimize risk. I am currently working as a business consultant with Shams consultant, advising entrepreneurs, startup companies and foreign firm on business setup in dubai, LLC Dubai, regulatory affairs, legal compliance, legal structuring and re-structuring of entities in United Arab Emirates Mainland, Free Zones and, Offshore jurisdictions.
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Kiosk license in Dubai

Kiosk license in Dubai

Dubai is a global city which offers business opportunities of small and medium size. In Dubai new buildings are constructed constantly; and they provide opportunities for both big as well as small entrepreneurs. Despite the handiness of several business apartments; one may find it difficult to get a place to set up a business. So it becomes very hard to find a proper place for setting up a small; business because places in well-established areas are either few or very expensive; while there are little opportunity for setting business in remote or newly establish areas.

In these situations, the best opportunity for small tycoons; is to go for kiosk license in Dubai in various famous malls in Dubai. These big malls are present in different parts of Dubai that receive large number of customers on daily basis. In a number of areas, there are malls owned by multinational brands. These malls are visited by well off local Emirate and expat population; and one can think of massive profits after setting up kiosk license in Dubai in these malls.

Therefore, these kiosks in big and small malls offer best business prospects for those small financiers; who cannot manage to pay for to purchase or hire space in business friendly areas of Dubai. You just have to ask the management of your chosen mall and then apply for proper Kiosk license in Dubai; to complete the process of setting up kiosks in different malls in Dubai. These kiosks are only allows in Dubai main land.

Those who want to setup a kiosk business in Dubai malls, have to follow these two steps for start of their likely profitable business.

Mall Management Approval for the Kiosk business in Dubai

Kiosks are small stalls for different product that are open inside a mall. These are also called mall kiosk and retail merchandising unit (RMU). These stalls vary in width and size but commonly they hold a very small area of the mall. The person who wants to set up kiosks in malls of Dubai; then they need first to take approval from the management of a mall. If management of the mall allows leasing the part of space in their mall; then they will offer the space for setting up the kiosk at the price of their choice.

Big international malls may allow you to set up kiosks; but they will charge you very high rent to set up these kiosks. The management of mall will charge you according to the space hold by the kiosk. If your products are suitable for elite class; then you can expect a good income from a kiosk business in Dubai malls. Other comparatively smaller malls may allow you set up kiosk in low price. It is totally upon you to select the mall for your products which you are looking to sell and the rent you can afford. Also note that small malls have very little spare space and they generally don’t offer setting up kiosks.

Apply for kiosk license in Dubai

As compared to a number of other countries, you cannot start a kiosk by just having approval from the management of any mall. You need a proper kiosk license in Dubai. DED is the authority which will issue you a license for kiosk in any mall inside Dubai.

Going through the process of setting up kiosk business in Dubai malls is not such a simple process for any new foreign entrepreneur. But you can easily get approval from DED for your kiosk after getting help from an experience consultant. We at DBC are providing guidance to foreign investor; who want to establish any small or big business in Dubai; and the entire UAE, since last 6 years.

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Sharjah llc company formation

Sharjah llc company formation

Sharjah is the third biggest and crowded Emirate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is also measure to be one of the best ever rising Emirates in the UAE. Global relations are recognized with an international airport and dry ports, building it a good decision to pick Sharjah. Sharjah has turn into a hub for a large number of businesses from diverse industries. This is why this Emirate is famous in the UAE. This part of the UAE is distinguished for culture and industry, and due of this; increasingly sharjah llc company formation is carried out.

If you are searching to have a company; there are a number of requirements which you must keep in mind for doing it in this Emirate. For Sharjah llc company formation, you require to have at least two persons as partners; and a highest limit of 50 for one organization. However, you need to note that business setup consultants in Sharjah; can also assist you to find a local sponsor for your LLC company. As per the rules, a UAE national must be part of your business; and that individual will hold 51% of the shares.

There are a variety of business opportunities in this Emirate; but all the requirement are the same for the sharjah llc company formation.

Business setup in Sharjah llc

There are a number of process through Sharjah llc company formation. That is why it is sensible that you must have business setup consultants in sharjah; to offer you proper knowledge you require in this project. These persons will answer your question of how to begin a business in Sharjah; and let you know the predictable business formation charges in Sharjah so you can plan as soon as possible.

Besides that, business setup consultants in sharjah will be the persons who will hold the processing. They will consult the concerned authorities like Sharjah DED (Department of Economic Development) or also recognized as Sharjah Economic Department. It is also an element of the business setup consultants in sharjah work to handle everything; which includes visiting to Chamber of Commerce Sharjah to get or pass essential documents.

They also perform as a counselor who can assist you with look upon to the laws of the land. All sorts of questions can be thrown at them; and they will have the answers which you require; from a burning query of how to setup a business in Sharjah; and the question you are fascinated to ask like your Sharjah trade license inquiry. Because this is their profession, the business setup services in Sharjah; that they recommend are important to go extra with your business plans.

Sharjah LLC company formation cost | Business setup cost in Sharjah

Trade Name Approval and Reservation. 735
Initial approval fee. 335
Licensing fee. 10,000
Labor Card Fee. 2,600
Immigration card fee. 1000
PO Box and Company Stamp Fee. 900
Court Fee. 1900

Benefits of sharjah llc company formation

Sharjah is remarkably attracting overseas investment as its economy blooms even more. It remains to be one of the earliest choices of business owners. Whether it’s large or small business setup in Sharjah LLC, people are frequently investing in forming a company in this Emirate. This is due to the reward that they will find.

World investors feel Sharjah as an excellent place to invest in. Global ties are maintain to have smooth trades all around. Just a number of the return that business owners will have and already have in Sharjah mainland is scheduled below.

Currency restrictions do not exist for LLC Sharjah

Sharjah Mainland does not have any currency limitations applied in its territories, like to other mainland in the UAE.

No mandatory yearly auditing for LLC Sharjah

Companies in Sharjah Mainland do not require preparing for yearly audit as it is not obligatory at all. Although audit is vital, various organizations find this a constructive thing as it lessens their stress and worries.

Rent office anywhere using LLC Sharjah

New business setup in Sharjah llc can choose office anywhere in the main land area. In such case, this is where the corridor of your organization begins; by carving it out opening from the right place.

Carry out business with local market

Sharjah main land market is the actual local market. Companies that are catering to markets and have traded as their business can take benefit of this.

No limit on activities for LLC Sharjah

Business owners in Sharjah Mainland have the liberty to choice whichever business activity they desire; unlike the other part of UAE where there are restriction on a few activities.

Zero capital requirements for LLC Sharjah

Sharjah LLC company formation charges are reasonable. However, if you set up a business at a position that doesn’t need any funds; it is certainly a cost effective way to start.

LLC Sharjah is a Tax Free

Although VAT is start in the beginning of this year; it is still not mandatory for companies to pay corporate and income taxes. It is still an encouraging thing in the country.

No limit on visas for LLC Sharjah

From the time when companies get bigger and grow; then there is no visas restriction for companies in the Sharjah main land. They can all secure as many visas as they need for their organizations.

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How to get restaurant license in Dubai

How to get restaurant license in Dubai

Food has always been a profitable business industry and taking into considerations; the Middle East is the center not only for the trading of commodities; but also for delicious delights from all over the world with genuine cultural cuisines. Dubai is popular for tourism and one of the main reasons why people travel to Dubai; is to get familiar the world’s finest cuisines and develop their taste along with enriched traveling experience. According to the study from Euro monitor International, by the year 2019; it is expected that additional 19,000 outlets will come in with the Food and Beverage Sector in Dubai.

Opening a Restaurant in sharjah or in Dubai? Then in view of the numerical figures in the Middle East; the UAE without any doubt is one of the biggest and fastest rising economies. The restaurant sector mainly in Dubai, over the past few years, has seen huge growth.

With people ready to try newer cuisines from different geographical areas; the focus on businessmen all around the world are eyeing towards opening a restaurant in Dubai. As we recognize one of the most relevant factors of traveling to an overseas country; is to treat in their Local and International available cuisines; there is a massive scope of the restaurant business in Dubai.

Why Opening a Restaurant in Dubai is difficult and how you can succeed?

  • Selection of location – Some of the important factors that may classify the score of your restaurant; will be accessibility, parking space, profitable and resident properties nearby.
  • High rent – As per the particulars and studies we suggest that your restaurant rent should not go beyond 10% of you expected income annually.
  • Unidentified Standard Operating Systems (SOP’s) – Not having accurate SOP’s may cause in bad services and reviews.
  • Picking of Menu and Restaurant Concept – The restaurant should not be based on your own taste and personal likes, generally; the restaurant is to serve customers that what accurately will boom the restaurant in customers view.
  • Restaurant Staff – The concept of restaurant runs on food and service, the staff is the ambassadors of your business.

How to get restaurant license in Dubai

According to the authority in Dubai, the minimum size of restaurant should be of 750 sq.ft. A register Interior Fit out Contractors will take over the project; and follow the checklist from the DM and will get the approvals from Dubai Municipality.  The initial approval can be taken from DED; however the final trade license in Dubai to open the gates of the restaurant will depend on Fit out Contractor.

To make it simple that to understand the flow and the process of opening a restaurant in Dubai; here is a brief summary of the process;

Step 1. Get your Business Plan and Feasibility developed by a professional.

Step 2. Take on the services of a Consultant who will make easy; and take care of all kinds of approvals from the Dubai Economic Department

Step 3. Identify and hire an approved Interior Fit out Contractor and complete project.

Step4. After proper inspection and all others are ok you are officially allowed to open doors.

Restaurant license cost in DUBAI

We have some existing clients who are successfully running restaurants, cafeteria, and mini restaurant shops; it will not be tough for us to tell you restaurant license cost in Dubai. But you need to know that the restaurant license cost in Dubai; totally depend on the licensing authorities and lease value; the average charges to set up a decent independent restaurant ranges from AED 100,000. The basic requirements for leasing out space as per the authority are minimum 750 Sq/m.

A legal procedure, in order to start a restaurant business in Dubai does not take more than a week; opening a restaurant in Dubai May lead in very good investment opportunity for businessmen around the globe.

Also note down that the type of a restaurant license in Dubai as per the DED are as following:

  1. Restaurant and Coffee Shops
  2. Floating Restaurant
  3. Restaurant and Mini Store
  4. Multi Restaurants Center

Expert Tips for how to get restaurant license in Dubai

Unlike any commercial setup, opening a restaurant in Dubai; also requires successful business planning. However the question “Which location should I open my Restaurant in?” plays a very important role in the success ratio.

According to our study and existing clientele; I also have made an assessment to highlights the Do’s and the Don’ts for the reference.

The Location When Opening a Restaurant in Dubai

Dubai is an emirate which is known home to more than 200 nationalities with distinctive cultures. What site or place is suitable for opening a restaurant in Dubai; depends on what target group are you trying to serve.

Dubai has a variety of zones which have an impact on the target viewers. There are Business zones such as Media City, Education City or Business Bay; where the majority of the Western Expats will be found. Tourist areas such as Jumeirah Road and Dubai Marina will have a mix of Western and Asian people. From our experience, the Hot spots for opening a restaurant in Dubai are Business Bay; Jumeirah Beach Road, and JBR Dubai Marina; but yet again as said it entirely depends on what cuisine you will be serving; what is the niche and demand of market.

What are the Dos While Opening a Restaurant in Dubai?

  • To begin the first step with proper business feasibility; and planning to have a clear understanding of your market and future forecast on ROIs.
  • Do create a pricing policy with a competitive analysis in order to bear out the cost and expenses.
  • Do organize a detailed marketing plan and use suitable online platforms which result in more than average percentage of sales.
  • You need to Do SWOT analysis with help of experts about competition around; and what strategies could be used.
  • Do take essential approval and NOC from relevant authorities.

What are the Don’ts???

  • Don’t try of opening a restaurant in Dubai, or in fact anywhere, if you don’t have relevant experience. It is best to take guidance or hire relevant and experienced professionals.
  • Be Realistic-Don’t overcharge your offerings on the menu
  • Don’t develop a menu that you personally desire, go with the taste of customers. 

FOOD CODE for Restaurant Business in Dubai

Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality ensures each and every restaurant in starts have to follow FOOD CODE; in order to obtain the final trade license; initially from the start of food production to end of food consumption.

You have to to get the food safety department approval in Dubai; before getting the final trade license from Dubai Economic Department for all kind of restaurant or cafeteria license in Dubai. You will require the below mention documents to get the Food Clearance from DM.

  • Trade license copy or primary approval from authority that issues trade license
  • Interior design layout of the premises by registered DM Interior Designer; this is basically a blueprint of your restaurant.

We advise to look for assistant of Business Consultant; who will help and assist you till the end of all formalities and approvals. There are also permits, requires for restaurant business which I can assist you from start to end process.

How to get restaurant license in Dubai

Looking at the options it may look that opening a Restaurant in Dubai Free zone; will charge you less as compare to setting up in Dubai main land. However the strict rules and regulations in the Free Zone make it difficult to go with this option. So the most effective option for restaurant formation is the main land option.

As per the authorize structure as well as commercial law in the United Arab Emirates; main land option allow a foreign investor to hold only 49% of share; while 51% of the share will be with local sponsor. I suggest opting for trusted Sponsor rather than an ordinary Local sponsor which will eliminate the risk; we will make sure our sponsor will give you full control over operations, profits, and management. We as a company provide local sponsor with full sign MOU.

As you have almost certainly guess by now; getting a license as well as approvals is a crucial part of the process. It is important to perform each step on time; so that you can start opening the doors to your restaurant or cafeteria as soon as possible.

Our consultants have skill and also experience in setting various restaurants; they also have knowledge of the authority and know how to get restaurant license in Dubai.

In my opinion, I highly recommend to get help from business consultant like us; so if you think that you need to get a right kick start; into getting your café restaurant or food business in Dubai; then I would love inviting you for coffee and giving you extra free tips on doing it just right.

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Cheapest freezone in UAE

Cheapest freezone in UAE

We are advising clients for a quite some time on a variety of business structure. But most of the time customers are seeking to urge low cost business setup options; or cheapest freezone in UAE. But it is also not an astonishing thing; that a large number of people are looking to establish the most realistic solution; as opening and operating a new business in a overseas state can be pretty expensive.

The answer to the question of the cheapest freezone in Dubai; may be known for those who are currently living in UAE; but even then the selections of a cheapest freezone in UAE need guidance and recommendation from business setup consultant. Because living in Dubai and be familiar with about the business are two different things. And for those, who are to come to the UAE to set up a new company here; it might be very difficult for them to study each and every setup options which Dubai free zone is offering; and to choose one that suits your requirement. Today we will share with you in sequence on how to pick and find the cheapest freezone in Dubai.

Looking for cheapest freezone in UAE

How can setup of a company outside of Dubai facilitate to accomplish reduce in the setup costs? First of all, the company license cost and company registration fee; in free zone outside of Dubai are lesser as compare to Dubai free zone. By opening a company there, you can save license charges and registration fee which can be utilized for operational needs.

Secondly, free zone outside of Dubai does not have essential health insurance limitation; with only health cards required for your workers.

Thirdly, majority of free zone outside of Dubai does not require annual audit statements. As a result, company will have internal accounting but no extra expenses on auditing services.

And last but not the least, most of the free trade zones outside of Dubai; do not need share fund (Share capital) in the bank account. At the starting of your business it may be not possible to deposit an amount; between AED 150 000 and AED 300 000. By choosing a free zone that does not requires share wealth deposit; businessmen will also decrease their financial load.

From the above mention point you can easily take an idea; that some times selecting other free zone could be a more financially feasible option; rather than trying to find the cheapest freezone in Dubai.

How to select cheapest freezone in Dubai

First and primary, let us inline the main point that can facilitate you to choose the best free trade zone for company formation in Dubai free zone. These strategies are as under:

  • site of the free trade zone
  • The composition of your business
  • Also consider License charges as well
  • Choosing the cheapest freezone in UAE with lowest resident visa charges.
  • Registration fee that free zone offer
  • Choosing a company package, which allows you for a smaller number of resident visas?
  • Renting a flexi-desk as a substitute of a permanent office.

These are the key point that someone can follow; when looking for the cheapest business formation in UAE. But also keep in mind that the above mentioned points are not relevant for every activity or in all cases; because each request must be look on a case to case basis. Since we are not looking at a precise case, our guidance will be more general in nature.

Choosing cheapest freezone in UAE with a flexi desk

Rent of an office space in Dubai free zone is connected with a license and number of visas. The larger office space will permit the company to apply for more visas; and company will be able to hire more and more staff.

Flexi desk is the smallest option the company may pick to be able to receive a business license. Simply in other words, it is not feasible to get a license for your business without a flexi desk; or rent an office space; and also keep in mind that flexi desk facility; which is a work station inside a business hub for use of up to 16 hours a week. Flexi desk will let you to get a quota of 2 to 3 employment visas for your company; but the important thing is that it will charge you 3 times less, than a standard office.

Therefore, if your target is to choose cheapest free zone in Dubai to cut everyday expenditure; you should think through to rent a flexi desk facility. The more visas you want for your business, the larger your physical office will have to be in the future.

Lower fees for resident visas

Resident visa charges in different free zones may slightly be different; therefore, when working on decrease of your set up costs; you may seem for a free zone, which has lowest charges for resident visa issuance.

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How to open a dental clinic in Dubai

How to open a dental clinic in Dubai

A medical individual who desires to setup medical clinic in Dubai; he or she needs to get a license to setup a medical clinic in Dubai; which is provided by the DED (Department of Economic Development). For this purpose you require the services of a local service agent to open a private clinic in Dubai. And you can also apply for a few numbers of workers visa; after getting services of a local agent and obtaining a license; that will also be cover under the same license of medical clinic.

If you are looking for How to open a dental clinic in Dubai; then you need a medical degree; you can acquire the services of a Director if you don’t have a medical degree; that he must have hold a degree of medical in order to open a private clinic in Dubai. Staff at all levels must also have the license to deliver their services in the UAE. In addition, the international diploma in the UAE is not enough; the Doctor as well as nurses is required to pass local exam to get his or her individual license first. All the certified medical staff should know English; writing as well as reading.

how to open a private clinic in Dubai

If you are looking for how to open a private clinic in Dubai; you should know that every person of medical need to acquire a license from Dubai Health Authority (DHA); while Doctors wants to open a private clinic in Dubai must get hold of specific licenses; that is from DHA, but it depends upon as to whether they are general practitioners; specialists, interns, consultants as well as resident doctors. in the same way, dentists, Nurses and other practitioners of medical like as Ayurveda; traditional Chinese medicines, Homeopathy, also Unani medicines etc must get specific licenses from DHA.

How to open a dental clinic in Dubai

There are very strict rules to open a medical clinic in Dubai for acquiring space; in terms of size, utility area, finishing, equipment etc. moreover, each type of medical institution has its own requirements. For example, essential facilities are different to open a dental clinic in Dubai and dental poly clinic.

To open a private clinic in Dubai or to open a dental clinic in Dubai need a great amount of training as well as on field experience and abundance financial funds. What’s more, it is also essential to obtain a large number of all the possible approvals along with certifications from the concerned quarters.

Set up clinic requires approvals from various departments in Dubai; which can crate trouble for experts’ specially those who are new according to health law in UAE. DHA also has different licenses for substitute experts like few of them are Ayurveda; Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Acupuncture. It has been ongoing since 2014 that an expert of medical can setup clinics and practice in any emirate stat; that is undergoing without any additional exams or tests.

How to open a Private clinic in Dubai | How to open a medical clinic in Dubai | How to open a dental clinic in Dubai

To open a medical clinic you must be holding a medical degree in Dubai; or you can do such practice through a Director of clinic with medical degree. You can open a private clinic in the fields of urology in Dubai, gynecology, dentistry as well as cosmetology; or you can also set up a complete medical center. You have to to get a license from DED in case you want to set up clinic in Dubai. The license must be approved from (DHA). DHA will provide consultants specific license, interns, resident doctors, specialists as well as general practitioners. You will only need a local service agent for your license registration. The whole process for getting a license for opening a clinic or a poly clinic can be dividing into the below mention steps:

  1. Reservation of Trade Name
  2. Initial approval from DED (Department of Economic Development)
  3. Initial approval from DHA
  4. Documents for Executing
  5. Final Approval from DED(Department of Economic Development)
  6. License by DHA

W will discuss in the below paragraphs briefly the steps involve in obtaining license; for opening a clinic or poly clinic in Dubai.

Reservation of Trade name to set up clinic in Dubai

The process of registration to open a private clinic in Dubai; is initiate with the selection of trade name for your clinic. This name will be share with D.E.D for approval that will complete first step for registration.

Initial approval from DED to set up clinic in Dubai

The shareholder needs to file an application to DED, after reservation of trade name; so to achieve initial approval for a clinic. Several essential documents, including copy of passport with this application must also be provided. Layout plan Approval of the clinic is also require for this approval from Dubai municipality.

Initial approval from DHA to opening dental clinic

In the third stage, the investor will apply from DHA license after DED initial approval. The approval includes license obtaining after providing documents like feasibility report for clinic.

Executing Documents to set up clinic in Dubai

In the 4th phase, the investor will arrange necessary documents like lease agreement; memorandum etc to set up clinic in Dubai.

Final approval from DED to set up clinic in Dubai

The last two steps consist of final approvals from DED. You will present all the prepared documents along with copy of initial approval and charges for company registration. The DED after verification of these documents will issue the trade license.

Final approval from DHA to set up clinic in Dubai

In the last very step, the investor will apply for DHA license online by creating user id on DHA portal. The details about the consultant license and medical professionals will be abounding. The authority (DHA) after verifying the documents will issue the license for starting a clinic. This is the final stage for approval; after which the investor will be able to open clinic at his or her desire location.

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Cheapest free zone license in UAE

Cheapest free zone license in UAE

The common way to open a company in the UAE; is to go with a local sponsor who will get the maximum of 51% shares of the company; so that you can begin with the company setup in Dubai. On the other hand, free trade zone company formation means; that you will get 100% ownership of your own company and a local sponsor is not requires in this case.

Company setups in UAE free zones are easily accessible via road since they all are located inside the city or on the edge of the city. Most of the Dubai free trade zones are also accessible via metro stations.

Even if the value added tax (VAT) on some goods as well as services has found its way to the territory of the UAE; companies in UAE free zone are still seeing it an advantage for them; as there is no corporate as well as no income taxes. So this is why business owners who are looking for free zone company setup in UAE; will benefit from this kind of tax exemption.

There is a lot more, that an expat who plan to setup a free zone company in UAE can benefit from doing this. Following are the list of the cheapest free zone license in UAE.

Cheapest free zone license in UAE Shams free zone

  • Company setup options starting from AED 11,500
  • Only one working day require to issue the license.
  • Wide range of business activities available on the same business license
  • Shareholders are not need to be physically present in the UAE to setup a new company
  • Also Shams free zone allows 100% foreign ownership.
  • Companies will have limited liability
  • Ability to appoint Corporate Directors and Corporate Managers for your company
  • 100% repatriation of capital as well as profits
  • 0% corporate and also 0% personal income tax
  • Quick as well as simple online registration process
  • Shams free zone does not require any security deposit.
  • Allocation of up to 6 visas on a shared desk facility
  • Located 5 minutes from Sharjah Airport and also 15 minutes from Dubai Airport

Cheapest free zone license in UAE Fujairah free zone

  1. Creative City Baby Business: Baby Business License is design for small businesses; so that to benefit from an easy company set-up.
    Visa availability: 6 Fujairah free zone visas.
    License cost :33,500 AED
  2. Creative City Freelancer Company : Freelancer company License enables you to operate as a freelance professional offering a service from a variety of business activities available at Creative City.
    Visa availability: 3 fujairah free zone visas.
    License cost :30,000 AED
  3. Creative City Commercial license – Single Owner (FZE):
    License cost : 17,000 AED

Visa availability: No visa.

  1. Creative City Commercial License FZCO – Multiple Owners (FZ LLC) :
    Visa availability: No visa.
    License cost : 21,000 AED

Processing time: 6-7 Working days.

Cheapest free zone license in UAE, RAK free zone

  • Incorporation time 2 to 3 working day
  • 0 share capital requirement for cheapest free zone license in UAE (RAK free zone)
  • This free zone also offers flexi disk and flexi office option.
  • RAK free zone which has one of the cheapest free zone license in UAE; start commercial license from 17,500.
  • Industrial license and warehouse facilities are available in this free zone.
  • 100% foreign ownership is allowing in this free zone.
  • RAK free zone allows 1 director as well as 1 share holder.
  • Expat are allowed to import goods as well as raw material.
  • RAK free zone offer cheapest free zone license in UAE; corporate directors are not allow to form a company. But it allow corporate shareholder.

Cheapest free zone license in UAE JAFZA

Business setup in UAE free zones is known as a normal venture by business owners that visit the UAE. Company setup in Dubai has been growing in JAFZA for more than two decades now. It is nonstop being a great help to the economy of UAE; as it invites more and more investors to have a company set up in free zone.

One of the benefits of JAFZA location is that it is in the heart of Dubai; and also offers a low cost free trade zone company formation as compare to others. JAFZA free zone which has one of the cheapest free zone license in UAE; it offer its client to start business under the budget of 29,500.

  • Incorporation time is from 2 to 3 working day
  • Zero share capital requirement for cheapest free zone license in UAE (JAFZA free zone)
  • This free zone also offers flexi disk as well as flexi office option.
  • No currency restrictions
  • Also no restriction on capital repatriation
  • 0% import or re-export duties
  • This Cheapest free zone license in UAE offer you onsite customs
  • No restriction on foreign talent or employees
  • Ability to mortgage your premises to a bank or financing company

Cheapest free zone license in UAE Ajman free zone

Activity Total
One Activity 21,950
Two Activity 23,250
Three Activity or Service Activity 24,550
General Trading 27,150

Included in a package: Rent for the smart office, also a License for the respective category, Maintenance, General Services; Sign Board, Sewage Charges, Establishment card for Immigration and Initial Telephone connection; (Usage and monthly billing will be undertaken directly between client and the telecom service provider)

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Opening a Restaurant in Sharjah

Opening a Restaurant in Sharjah

UAE is the hub of delicious cooking pleasures from all over the world; Food is making a great deal of income in the present time. It is one of the main reasons why people take a trip to places in Sharjah; is to have a flavor of world food and get better their experience of roaming.

Increasing number of entrepreneur is looking for opening a restaurant in sharjah. Nearly 2000 restaurant license in Sharjah; have already been issued to expat to operate in this field during the last one and a half year; and in UAE by 2019 about 19,000 extra Food and beverage outlets are estimated.

People are interested to go for new foods; new food lines and entices grows their taste. In spite of everything, it is one of the very important parts of travelling; to abroad be to treat in local and global food.

Each month, local spends per person more than AED 750 on food as well as beverages; which is very high in the Middle East. Local Emirati around 78% like to eat in restaurants. Tycoons are shifting their attention from restaurants in big halls to small restaurants in recent times, in regions; as it is not only less expensive but also according to the behaviors of the local population; who now giving preference restaurant near to their area instead of going in to big halls away from their own area. Even those who are visiting malls, 85% of them also go to restaurant in a mall to eat food.

There are more chances of the progress of opening a restaurant in sharjah; keeping in view the high expenses of local people on food area; emphasis it as compared to hotel business because visitors are more probable to stay in hotels; where they may use restaurants inside the hotel while local people will mostly enjoy their food in separate restaurants.

Opening a restaurant in sharjah

Opening a restaurant in sharjah is also booming in the UAE like many other small and big companies. According to a report by Euro International monitor; there are over 6,000 outlets of food and beverage in UAE; and the number is increasing further by 19,000 extra food seats at the end of 2019. The reason is also due to the high costs on food by the local Emirati residents apart from the growth of tourism business in the country; and the opportunities provided by government of UAE.

Opening a Restaurant in Sharjah

You need to follow the FOOD CODE before Opening a Restaurant in Sharjah,. It is the plan of the Food Control Department of DM to guarantee safe production; as well as distribution of food; and with try to guide food criteria of security in the food industry.

There are parallel Codes give out in the Canada, Ireland, Australia, United States and Hong Kong. It shows how much realistic and committed the gov’t of Sharjah to match with world food criteria.

The food code is valid to following types of Restaurants business setup in Sharjah or any food related business.

  • Restaurants, cafeteria, hotels and cafes.
  • Bakeries as well as Butcher shop
  • Institutions of food service in schools and hospitals.
  • Grocery, Supermarket as well as departmental stores.
  • Food factories as well as warehouses
  • Catering services, desert camps, supplies to cruise ship, events as well as canteens
  • producers of Food packing material as well as supplies
  • Kiosks, temporary and permanent food events, as well as mobile vending operations

How to open a restaurant business in Sharjah

  1. There should be suitable lighting as well as suitable ventilation
  2. The kitchen area must be 40% of the total area of the restaurant; or it wills be300 sqft.
  3. There should be a storage area for dry/chilled and frozen food items
  4. The kitchen minimum area should be 380 sq. ft. If there is a tandoor inside the kitchen.
  5. The washing facilities with hot and cold water must be present.
  6. Suitable ventilation along with Lighting is requires for Restaurant license in Sharjah
  7. Wall, Ceiling as well as Floor must be washable as well as fire proof; light, colored, smooth and safe, no cracks.
  8. A proper store for dry, chilled as well as frozen items Make available
  9. A separate sink for washing vegetables; together with a preparation table for preparing vegetables
  10. Deep basin for washing big pots.
  11. Washing facilities with hot and cold water and double sink.
  12. Stainless Steel Hand wash sink in preparation area with hot and cold water.
  13. For storage of outdoor clothing there should be a Cabinet
  14. Also single Sink for meat and preparation table.
  15. Maintain the temperature of cooked and hot food there must be Bain Marie.
  16. Stainless Steel shelves for dry food items
  17. Drainage pipe must have distance at least 2 inch from the wall.
  18. Stainless Steel racks in washing area for drying utensils etc. after washing
  19. Provision of cooking area with chimney and ventilation hood. Chimney should be above 2M from the nearest building.
  20. For Restaurant license in Sharjah no lubricate traps in the kitchen.
  21. The Minimum Area should be 380 sqft if there is tandoor is in the kitchen.

NOC for Restaurant license in Sharjah

Approval is required from food control section, before starting your actual works. Three copies of the planned kitchen design or payout plan; as well as equipment information for approval must be provided from listed engineering office. For opening a restaurant in sharjah here is an example of guidelines. It is very important to get letter of NOC before starting the work from Sharjah Municipality Public health department. Owner of Restaurant may face strong action in case you fail to obey.

Large number of expats and foreign visitors

But the scenario of restaurant business growth doesn’t rely entirely on the local Emirati population. Every year, foreign tourists in millions visit UAE because of world’s best tourism opportunities. No doubt, most of the visitors from abroad live in hotels; but most of them like to stay in economical hotels; that do not offer facilities of dining or only provide basic food items. These visitors from abroad would also like to enjoy their stay in UAE; they are taking delicious, economical and modern food items in restaurants. It means that these restaurants can also be a source of attraction for foreign citizens; if they provide full luxury, delicious and exclusive food items. Owners of Restaurant can attract more and more local and foreign tourists; they are presenting various types of food items consume in various countries and parts in the world.

Lots of expats also reside in UAE, Apart from local and foreign population. These expats are mostly from the countries of Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa. All these public have their own favorite items of food; and the restaurants satisfying the requirement of these expats; which can also increase the opportunity in the growth of their business.

Incentives provide by UAE

expat are welcome in UAE to set up a restaurant in the free zone as well as in main land. Free zones giving complete liberty from tax and duty along with the provision of 100% ownership; but your restaurant should be located inside the specific free zones; and you have to bear by the rules of your desired free zone. On the other hand, the investor from abroad can only have 49% share in the restaurant in main land; but such business will also be free of taxes; and provides several liberties of business that are not available in the free zones.

You can achieve your license of food through the Department of Food & Safety while there are other departments like economic development and tourism from where, you can apply for your License of Trade. The UAE govt. also provides additional permits for special food items like Ramadan permit; pork permit, delivery permit, liquor permit etc.

Importance of Location

You may destroy your business if you select the wrong location for your business; even in a business friendly place like UAE. Therefore, to know and then selecting right place for starting your restaurant is very important for investors. The best places are the tourist spots to set up a restaurant. There are so many locations in UAE; you can easily construct your restaurant in one of these spots. But if you are waiting for some time then you can also book place in the under construction tourist locations. It is not only economical but you can also select location of your choice in these areas.

You must also well aware the priority of residents where you are setting your restaurant. E.g. your need to supply dishes of vegetarian in case the people in the vicinity of your restaurant are Indians; as many among them are vegetarians. In case of Chinese residents, you should provide Chinese dishes in your menu; while meat dishes are preferred by local population and westerners.

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Ready made companies with bank accounts in Dubai

Ready made companies with bank accounts in Dubai

When you decide to invest your money launch your business in Dubai; then you as an expat have so many option for starting your business. You can set up a new company or you can buy ready made companies with bank accounts in Dubai. Buying a company in Dubai offers positive benefits as the foreign investors do not have to start a new business; and then obtain a business and status on the market.

Buying a company in Dubai means that the business is already set up; that company already have clients; and the client know the company very well. The process of buying a company in Dubai is the specialties of shams consultant; we will handle all the legal procedures and documents necessary for the transfer of ownership.

Buying a company in Dubai

Ready made companies with bank accounts in Dubai means a shelf company in Dubai; it is a business which is set up completely and has no liabilities. They have been left to age until someone buys this company. Such a company is a good option for expat investors who want to quickly start his business; and does not have a time for new company opening in Dubai.

Another alternative for doing business in Dubai is to acquire a company. The process of company acquisition and merger is controlled by some company laws. While the process of company merger usually contains the change of two companies into one legal entity; the process of company gaining means taking over another company and becoming its new owner.

If you are interested in offshore shelf company with bank account in Dubai; our consultant can help you with buying strategy and can assist you invest in an already existing company.

Ready made companies with bank accounts

As mention there are two options to start business in Dubai; that is open a new company or to purchase a shelf company in Dubai. These ready made companies are also call as a shelf corporation or old company. It is a register company legally which has no activity. these companies are ready for every one to buy and to bypass the deadly registration or setup process. So, if time is a limit for your business enterprise, the best option can be a shelf company in dubai.

Choosing the right ready made companies with bank accounts

There are ready made companies of different type; choosing the right one is base on the business and your requirments. It contains a big risk if the shareholder history; also bank records and debts etc; are not properly check before shifting ready made companies to the new owners. It is will be very easy for you if talk to our consultant before the selection process. It is important to know the charges, time and other requirements of a Shelf Company in dubai.

Age Range of ready made companies with bank accounts

Usually, our ready made companies with bank accounts are not less than a year old. As we know the older company is more valuable to the client. There for we have a list of ready made companies with bank accounts up to ten year of age.

Our ready made companies with bank accounts are setup and then left to “age”; until we decide to put the old offshore company up for sale; or get a request specific for a company form in a particular year.

Company Names and Membership of Shelf Company in Dubai

Our large stock of ready made companies with bank accounts has attractive and practical business names; with a variety of company name endings (Ltd. Inc. Corp. etc.). We offer shelf company in Dubai with nominee directors or with your appointed directors. Nominee shareholders are also accessible with extra charge.

Looking history of Business for buying a company in dubai

Buying a company in Dubai are idle and do not have any operations or business history with bank account. They are up to date companies; (up to the year of purchase also all fees are paid up; and the company is kept in good standing). It must be renew every year in order to keep it in good standing.

Benefit of Ready made companies with bank accounts

Time and Cost for Shelf company in Dubai

It saves expense and time of forming a brand new company.

Easier access to Capital or Credits: 

Banks or other financial institutions are more likely to invest or give credit to an establish company rather than to a new one. It is now a big issue to open a bank account for offshore and free zone company. Ready made companies with bank accounts are also solve the issue of bank account opening.

Instant access to Contracts:

Some of the UAE gov’t bidding process needs; that your company should be for a specified minimum length of time. Buying a company in Dubai is full of advantageous if a new company wishes to take a part in such bids.

Reduces waiting period:

Buying a company in Dubai will allow you to engage in business credit; or agreements of real estate as an establish company; without having to go through the long waiting period of establishing a new brand corporation.

Ease in Documentation process

It is easy for an older company to process and access of business visa; and documents of company for the organization members.

Longevity and Operating History:

An old company offers you establish strength and working history that makes it easy to build the image of corporate.

Why Choose Us to Buy a of Shelf Company in Dubai

At Shams Consultant, we are well aware; and expert with the legal aspects of setting a new company and the business climate. We carry out the necessary due diligence to provide fast service, Once you classify the UAE Shelf Company. Our services will contain shelf companies in RAK Offshore shelf companies; also free zone shelf companies, Ajman Offshore shelf companies; as well as shelf companies in Jafza Offshore.

Our specialists will verify the legal address of company; also fee structure, corporate bank account, director address; and all other necessary documents once you favor a shelf company. We will take a special care to insure no existing liabilities pass on to you after a takeover. We will also guide you with all the legal advice on every matter related to acquiring the company. Also we will make sure that you don’t end up paying a significant premium for taking a ready made company. We will assist you in your negotiations and in the transfer of the ownership; once the credentials are soundly establish. To sum it up, Shams Consultant will register the shelf company and keep it ready for the buyer.

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VAT registration in Dubai

VAT registration in Dubai

What is VAT registration in Dubai?

On 1 January 2018, the United Arab Emirates bring together a Value Added Tax (VAT). VAT is an indirect tax on consumption, applying to most goods as well as services. The normal rate is 5%. However, some transactions will be either zero rate; or it may be exempt from VAT registration in Dubai; or it may be outside the scope of the VAT frame work.

VAT registration in Dubai is impose on supply of good as well as service; regardless of whether or not the executing parties get profit or incur loss. Simply put, it has nothing to do with the productivity of the business collecting the VAT. It is a tax on transactions that is borne by the end consumer.

Who needs VAT registration in Dubai

The VAT will be applicable on all UAE resident entities; including companies registered with various free zones. However, small company is exempt; if and only they have an annual revenue less than AED 375,000 (USD 100,000).
In addition, non-resident company, including UAE based offshore companies such as JAFZA Offshore; Ajman offshore as well as RAK Offshore; do not fall under the scope of Value Added Tax; so offshore company do not need to run for VAT registration in UAE.

Products as well as services that are standard rate, zero rate or exempt in the context of VAT; all goods and services would fall into one of the 4 categories:

  1. Standard Rated – 5% – Supplies made to the UAE resident entities as well as individuals; that cannot be classified as exempted or zero-rated.
  2. Zero Rated — Government funded education, a basic health care; exports of goods to countries outside GCC and also international air transport; are amongst a few of the zero rated items. However, the business can recover Input Tax if any.
  3. Exempted — Local passenger transport – cabs, metros, certain types of financial services; residential properties after first sale or more than 3 years old are some of the items; that fall under the exempted activities category.
  4. Outside the scope of VAT – Supplies not sold to UAE resident persons and entities.

How is VAT calculation for VAT registration in Dubai

As mention, VAT is a tax which end consumer pay of a good. However, every business along the supply chain acts as a collecting agent for the Government. How does this work?

Let’s say that a farmer produces 10 bottles of milk. He sells these to a supermarket for 100 AED. Of this income, 5% is subject to VAT. This means that 5 AED needs to be pay to the government.

The supermarket now sells the milk to the end customers. In total, he makes 150 AED. 5% of this income is subjecting to VAT, meaning that 7.5 AED needs to be pay to the government. However, the supermarket can the deduct the 5 AED that already has been paid by the farmer.

This way, only 5% of the final sales price is transfer to the government. 2.5 AED is paid by the supermarket, and 5 AED is paid by the farmer.

What should you do, regarding VAT registration UAE?

In order to be ready for VAT, we suggest the following steps:

  • Make an assessment whether your business need VAT registration UAE with the FTA.
  • Maintain accounting records as per IFRS and FTA guidelines.
  • Invoices issue for supplies made in the UAE must collect VAT @ 5%.
  • Adapt IT system to the VAT.
  • Keep your records for at least 5 years available for inspection/audit by FTA.
  • On-going compliance formalities – filing of VAT returns on a quarterly basis.

How to get started for VAT registration in Dubai

Are you in need of VAT services? Do you need someone to register for VAT, help you calculate the amount you have to pay or organize your books?

We are tax- and business setup consultants in Dubai, active in Dubai since 2006. We can assess you for what VAT needs; and also we can help you to calculate your VAT obligations; and make sure your books are in order so that you successfully pass an audit!

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Pharmacy license in Dubai

Pharmacy license in Dubai

Dubai is a magical incorporation of beauty and technology. Apart from tourism the country supplies great potential to increase all kinds of businesses and healthcare. In current years, the industry of healthcare in Dubai has developed largely. And, the country is welcoming expat investors to set up a Pharmacy license in Dubai. So, if you are hopeful to start a business in Dubai, Shams consultant is available to lead you in the best way for How to start a pharmacy business in Dubai. Let’s start with understanding the procedure of How to open a pharmacy in Dubai.

How to start a pharmacy business in Dubai

A health facility in Dubai comes under the Ministry of Health regulations authority, which are responsible to issue the licenses and all other registration books and control prescription medication pads for pharmacists. In order to acquire a license from the Ministry of Health; pharmacies owners must apply first for an authorization letter to the Health Regulation Department. Through Law No. 13 Dubai Health Authority was enabled in 2007 and it is the main health authority in Dubai. The Health Authority is helping health care funds for expat investors in Dubai; and also provides a very complete regulatory system for those who are interesting in establishing pharmacies; or other types of health facilities in the Emirate.

How to open a pharmacy in Dubai

As for most of the business setup in Dubai, the location (point) is significant. Also take care of the minimum size required by health surveillance, facilities, etc. the location of a pharmacy should be in a good flow point Vehicles, parking; suitable area and there must be very low competition.

The higher population density in the region, the better location to starting a pharmacy; and you must know exactly how to open a pharmacy in Dubai. Since all businesses has a similar basic structure; so there is some similarity in the procedure as well.

Thus, it is important to estimate carefully the basic criteria before choosing the location to start the pharmacy. With the vision of reducing business risks by bring investment to a halt; the best option is to rent out a shop and not purchase it. To confirm that a pharmacy can be set up in the chosen place; it is more important to check with your Consultant; all the criteria of opening such type of business.

If you are searching for How to open a pharmacy in Dubai there are a number of administrative procedures; you need to obey these procedures. The process How to open a pharmacy in Dubai involves two steps:

  1. Obtaining a pharmacy license in Dubai
  2. Registration and issuing of pharmacy license in Dubai

Obtaining pharmacy license in Dubai

According to Federal Law no.4 in 1993; you or your company require to get a license from DHA before starting the selling or manufacturing of pharmaceutical products in UAE. Such license is legal for the gov’t, semi gov’t and other private facilities of health. Secondly, your pharmacy must include only pharmacies which are community based.

Registration and issuing Pharmacy License in Dubai

The process of registration involves two steps, the initial and final approvals. Additionally for the licenses, the pharmacy has a requirement to undergo for an inspection by the Drug Control Department.

Initial approval for Pharmacy License in Dubai

  • The application is required to submit to the Health Regulation Department (HRD).
  • As you well use the premises of pharmacy setup for commercial purposes; so you need to take approval from Dubai Municipality.
  • The HRD will review the documents submitted by you for suitability; and an initial approval letter will be issued for your pharmacy.
  • The above mention process will take 10 working days.

Once you get an initial approval after that; you need to show this approval letter to start the process to get Pharmacy License in Dubai. Being an expat investor you will need a local sponsor to start a pharmacy business in Dubai.

Final approval for Pharmacy License in Dubai

  • Put a request online through one of the experience business startup consultants like us; which will also help you to make the require payment.
  • Then, HRD will carry out an onsite assessment.
  • If you met the DHA requirements; you will receive the DHA pharmacy license in Dubai.
  • Such process will take further 20 working days.

This license will be valid for 1 year. It includes your DED license number; also name and address of the pharmacy and its period of validity.

Documents requires for How to open a pharmacy in Dubai

If you are interesting to open a pharmacy in Dubai you are require to prepare the following documents.

  • Application form duly filled.
  • Preliminary approval along with tenancy contract for pharmacy premises
  • Take Blue print of location with trained architectural planning
  • You must hold copy of passport, pharmaceutical license as well as location map
  • list of all employees and all other concern certificates in your pharmacy business

Suppliers for Pharmacy License in Dubai

Mostly there are distributing companies which sell most of the products; that you are having in the pharmacy so for this propose you must have few suppliers. Another alternative is to call the laboratories which are very near to you and put request to provide you a list of distributors. Usually suppliers have already an idea of the initial inventory requires for a pharmacy.

Pharmacy License in Dubai

Activity Code: 513967

Activity Group: Medicines trading

License Type: Commercial (L.L.C)

Activity Description: A particular facility license to put on the market and set up register drugs; also pharmaceuticals, medical goods and dispense herbal and medical drugs against medical remedy; as per the laws and regulations issue by capable authority of UAE. It is supervise as well as monitor by a license pharmacist; who works permanently in the pharmacy.

Potential Customers of Pharmacy business in Dubai

The service handling area of a drug store should have a minimum of 10,000 potential clients; as per the criteria set by the World Health Organization. However, we can see that even with a smaller number of potential clients per pharmacy in some cities; it is still possible to have a profitable business, approximately as a cause and effect relationship; the higher the potential customers, the higher the sales as well as Profit.

Learn to do a good analysis of market and meet your target audience; and this will be very important to the success of the pharmacy.

Competitors for Pharmacy License in Dubai

Besides to assessing the size of the consumer market (potential customers); you are also require to assess the size of the competition. There are some suggestions which will help you to analyze your competitor; that is first use Google Maps; second also type a zip code of the region where you plan to set up pharmacy license in Dubai; third print or save the map and have a fun marking the location of each and every competitor; so it is much easier to analyze and visualize if the place is not a suitable to set up the pharmacy.

You have to pay a visit to your competitors; check their products and what they are doing to maintain their customers; what other services are extra to the products e.g. home delivery, deadline payment, measurement of pressure etc. Estimate everything they are doing and see how you can do better.

Initial Investment to Set Up a Pharmacy business in Dubai

The value of the primary investment to set up a pharmacy business in Dubai can vary from $ 30,000.00 to $ 150,000.00; which is totally depend on the location, physical structure, target audience; and also timing of sales structure chosen by you. For example, the money need to start a pharmacy in a capital city; with the good locality and high power of purchasing; is surely much greater than setting up a pharmacy outside.

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