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Nursery License in Sharjah

Nursery License in Sharjah

Sharjah is known as the place of opportunities; in which each opportunity is a gate way for another opportunity. Businesses as well as job are the two main reasons for expat to migrate to Sharjah. So if both husband and wife are working professional; then they are looking to find someone to look after their little one. Which bring their interest to have maid or contact a nursery? But remember to have your personal maid is a difficult task; because you have to full fill a few condition and also you have to be responsible for her visa accommodation and so on. There for majority of the expat people preferred nursery over personal maid for their children; because their children not only taking care by them; but also get some nursery education. So nursery license in sharjah is also one of the most demanding licenses.

There are two main areas; that is Sharjah main land and Sharjah free zones which can be consider for setting up a nursery in Sharjah. There are two different authorities to issue a babysitting license in sharjah in both cases either to start in main land area or in a free zone area. Ministry of social affairs is mainly responsible for issuing nursery license in sharjah main land, and KHDA is responsible to issue nursery license in sharjah at Free zones. To register babysitting license in sharjah; you have to bring about all health, safety, quality and educational requirements.

Nursery license in sharjah

  • Activity Code : 801001
  • Activity Group : Nursery
  • License Type : Professional
  • Activity Description: Babysitting license in sharjah is allow to take care of the children while their parents are absent.
Terms and Conditions Requested By
Babysitting license in sharjahis subject to Sharjah Municipality rules and regulation; Sharjah Municipality (Department of Health and Public Safety)

How to start a daycare in Sharjah | how to open a nursery in sharjah

There are a number of steps to be taken in Ministry of social affairs for setting up a nursery in Sharjah. These steps will take couple of days to complete; particularly when it comes to the point where you will be on taking approval for your location. Two departments a municipality as well as a Civil Defense will be involved in the process; and it will take quite lengthy time to get your location approval. Meanwhile you have to be ready to present detailed educational, operational and financial plan for the business enterprise. Only then ministry of social affairs will approved your grant; and will put up your case to Department of Economic Development of Sharjah to start official registration there.

We suggest you to be prepared for a lengthy process and before starting of setting up a nursery in Sharjah. Please look around for a suitable location; don’t forget to prepare a traditional budgeting as well. Of course you will make good money; when your nursery license in sharjah start operation in full capacity; but you have to be ready to spend a reasonable amount to get there.

Requirement of babysitting license in sharjah

  • The location of babysitting license in sharjah must be in a soundless place; that is away from noise and pollutions.
  • The use of port cabins or wooden cabins is not allowed and the wall of the building should be built with concrete properly.
  • For babysitting license in Dubai the use of asbestos are strictly prohibited.
  • Any maintenance work inside a nursery in Sharjah must be performed after the official working hours.
  • Proper maintenance for the nursery must be required, the tools and toys should be maintained properly.
  • Make sure that all electric powers are safe and properly close in the Nursery.
  • Broken electrical wires must be replace.
  • Do not over load the electrical power sockets inside the Nursery.
  • Protect wires and electrical links that to reduce and avoid damage, chances of accidents and to avoid falls.

Staff for babysitting license in sharjah

  • You need to hire sufficient number of female supervisors; as well as teachers.  And also ensure that their presence must be with the children.
  • There must be a well qualified female nurse. Also she must have license from Sharjah Health Authority.
  • Cleaning Staff must be assign for the cleaning of the children. Also there must be some staff to prepare their food to prevent the overlapping of their functions;
  • All nursery staff who is working in the nursery must have Occupational Health Card (OHC).
  • Same Uniforms must be worn during working hours that they can be seen professional.
  • All the staff and Workers of nursery must maintain personal hygiene.

Rooms and Classrooms for nursery licence in Sharjah

  • Proper system of Ventilation in the rooms.
  • Enough light should be in rooms and floors, walls and ceilings should be free from defects. Floors must be either ceramic or marble.
  • Each window of nursery in Sharjah must have fine wire mesh to prevent bugs.
  • Children must have 1sq.meter of space from each other.
  • Furniture must be Suitable, in a good form and according to the age of the child.
  • the use of the chalks is not allow inside the nursery.
  • Proper segregation of Children are base on the basis of following  age group
    1. 45 days – 6 months.
    2. 6 months – 1 year.
    3. 1 year – 2 years.
    4. 2 years – 3 years.
    5. 3 years – 4 years.
  • Nursery will also provide a proper cots / beds for children.

If you want to know the step by step process and procedure for setting up a Nursery in Sharjah

The activity hall for nursery license in Sharjah

  • Proper hall to be provide with suitable toys for children activities.
  • Toys use in Nursery must be large enough as well as it must be hard; so that children couldn’t eat it.
  • High standards and consistent toys should be there as it is the requirements of DM.
  • Toys that contain magnets or high levels of electromagnetic energy It is not allow to be use (EMF).
  • The toys must be risk free; so that it should not create any risk to the babies
  • Toys must be clean, sterilize and store properly for nursery license in sharjah.
  • To insure the safety of Toys it should be check properly from time to time.

Playgrounds for babysitting license in sharjah

  • Proper, suitable, safe playground to be provided to the children that they can enjoy their outdoor activity with full spirit.
  • Harsh and sharp portions or edges must be enclose that cannot harm the children.
  • All toys must be cheek properly; so that to ensure that these toys are free from any defects.
  • Also the toys which are use in the nursery; must be according to the age group of children.
  • The play ground which the children are using must be clean and sterilize on regular basis.
  • If the availability of ball house is there; both the house as well as balls must be clean and purified regularly. And also must keep the cleaning record.
Swimming pool:
  • The dept of the nursery pool must not increase from 50 cm; as this is the world recommended standard for nursery pool.
  • After the using the pool. The Pool must be Close and cover, that it can remain safe and secure.
  • Provide a life protector for the pool; so that to insure extra safety as well as security of children.
  • Sharjah Municipality instruction for pool is describe in the technical guideline; on the safety of swimming pools Nursery must follow these instructions.

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Cafeteria license Dubai

Cafeteria license Dubai

There are many investors who wish to open their own small cafeteria license in Dubai. But as we know there are a few important steps; which you need to follow when starting any business. You need to plan each and every step in advance; and allocate a proper budget ahead of every single step. Most of the licenses in Dubai have the same process and same regulation; but a few license required extra step and extra approval from different authority; cafeteria license in Dubai is one of them which requires extra approval. So you need to plan all the step and approval in advance for cafeteria license in Dubai.

Cafeteria license in Dubai

If you have experience in cafeteria business or in a coffee shop business; and you want to setup a cafeteria license then you are on a right place. In this article we will discuss the rules and regulation of cafeteria license in Dubai. Opening a small cafeteria license Dubai or coffee shop is not only about enthusiasm and having fun. It requires more information and skills; and proper consultation which you will get from our expert team of professional.

It is a risky task to have your own business; but having a good plan and a dedicated approach will fully help you to complete; that is your dream of having your own small cafeteria license in Dubai. But think of that there will always be a hard work, and maybe a few tears or even more. The main thing is that you need to be determined; and need it to keep looking forward and never think to create profit immediately; because, for many business profits are start after the first or even the 2nd year of operations.

How to open a cafeteria in Dubai

There are many investors who want to open cafeteria in Dubai; but as we have mention that there are a few step need to be taken; before thinking about How to open a cafeteria in Dubai; You need to follow a few steps to start your own cafeteria license in Dubai. Following are the main key point which you need to consider; before asking how to open a cafeteria in Dubai.

Make a cafeteria business plan in Dubai

Before you jump in to start the process; you need to know the key to the success; which is a proper business plan. Cafeteria business plan in Dubai is a one of the key part in the process of formation; it will state in advance that what kind of effort you need for this type of license; as well as it will tell you that what will be your target market; what area you need to select for your cafeteria; how many staff you requires in it the beginning; and also what sort of item will offer in the shop. Also it will tell you about the local rules and regulations; as well as the certain inspection requirements you will need to satisfy. A Cafeteria business plan in Dubai will always be in written form. You would not be able to start your business without the proper plan.

The type of a cafeteria license Dubai

  • Name : Cafeteria
  • Activity Code : 552003
  • Activity Group : Restaurants and coffee shops
  • License Type : Professional
  • Activity Description: the cafeteria license Dubai is allowed to sell snacks, juices; as well as beverages to the public. Following two special approval are requires for this type of a license
Terms and Conditions Requested By
This license is subject to Dubai Municipality rules and regulation; DM holds a right to regulate it. Dubai Municipality (Food Control Department)
This license is subject to Dubai Municipality rules and regulation; DM holds a right to regulate it. Dubai Municipality (Department of Drainage and Irrigation)

Decide what to sell in your cafeteria license Dubai

Cafeteria does not mean that you will only sell coffee. You will decide what you want to offer to your client; that is tea, soft drinks, cakes, small hot dog; biscuits, also pastries and brownies or other meals. But remember if you sell food; then you need additional licenses, so first check the rules and regulations before starting to sell anything. The only thing you need to do is to advertise your cafeteria; as well as your menu which you will offer to your client.

How much money do i need to open a cafeteria in Dubai?

The answer to a question; how much money do i need to open a cafeteria in Dubai? It depends on the idea of the business. The larger your plan; the more you will need the capitals. It also is subject to the number of staff you will have; the out let of the shop; as well as on the interior of the kitchen. It also is subject to the menu.

Location for cafeteria license in Dubai

Choosing a good location for your cafeteria license Dubai; will be vital for the success. In order to get more clients you need to choose area which has more walking; as well as residence clients for your type of menu.

If you want to know the step by step process and procedure for setting up Cafeteria in Dubai

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Food Product Registration in UAE

Food Product Registration in UAE

Dubai has turn out to be a global hub for trade and finance in the Middle East. And particularly with respects to the trading of food stuff; a large number of items are exchange through Dubai airport and sea ports every year. Such great volume of trade cannot be controlled without a proper food products registration in Dubai. So food control department Dubai municipality enforces procedure to control food stuff; and insure the high quality of every food product which import to UAE. This authority aims to guarantee the safety and quality of imported & re-exported food, while make certain modest and prompt process to control food trade.

The Food Control Department Dubai Municipality is publishing book let; as well as release news to help food traders to understand the rules and regulations; and process of importing as well as re-exporting of foods in the Emirate of Dubai. So that to ensure timely transactions and avoid any costly delays or harms. So on the base of that material we are discussing a few important points about food product registration in UAE.

Food Import Re-Export System (FIRS) for food product registration in UAE

Dubai Municipality introduces a system for import and re-export of food (FIRS). The purpose of this system is to keep up its speed to provide a control on food item; and insure the safety of human health. Food Import Re-Export System (FIRS) is well thought out the most vital; as well as the biggest electronic service provider for food; and it is one the best programs of its nature in all over the place in the world. Some of the qualities of this system for food product registration in UAE are below:

  • FIRS system provides services for food product registration in UAE. The services of FIRS include: importing foods, issuing all kinds of health certificates; also importing foods for re-export, food label approval; also food destruction application; as well as issuing of their certificates. This is in addition to showing all circulars and information to food traders; all food formations, and other internal as well as external clients.
  • For food product registration in UAE there is an option to submit applications from anywhere in the world.
  • The system will registers all food products; and will link food product information to its barcode.
  • The system is fully electronic. It start from approval as well as food registration in Dubai; food inspection, food importation, performing follow ups, till closing the operation.
  • It consist of an innovative food sampling system which is based on examining the hazard of each food product, while ensuring full integration with the electronic system of DM Food & Environment Laboratory. This promise a prompt and correct laboratory results for the submitted food samples.

Rules for food Products registration in Dubai

These rules and regulations are apply on all food items which are import to UAE; either through Airport or through at sea ports. All food products must be first register with DM before imported to UAE. Following is the procedure for food registration in Dubai.

Company registration with DM for food registration in Dubai

Before importing any food product to Dubai, the company and product must be register with DM. For company registration in Dubai DM you need to submit an application for company registration and Admin user creation. You need to submit the application online and then need to submit document physically in the department of DM.

To activate the Food registration in Dubai service by registering with the FIRS system; which belongs to Food Trade control Section. To register you need the following:

  • Submitting a copy of the trade license.
  • The company phone and fax numbers.
  • The company email Address.
  • Post Office Box number of the company.
  • Name and mobile number of the company Admin.
  • Location details of the warehouse of the company in Dubai (Zone, street, etc)
  • Telephone and fax numbers of the warehouse.

Label Approval for Food product registration in Dubai

To approve the label for any food product which has not been approve before? The food label approval requires that each food label shall contain the following:

  1. Brand name is requires for food product registration in Dubai.
  2. Product name (a summarized description of the food product).
  3. Weight or volume of the product.
  4. Ingredients which contain in the product; it must be arrange in descending order according to the weight or volume.
  5. Production & expiration dates of all products (Except those which are exempted from displaying the validity or expiration dates).
  6. Name of the food manufacturer, distributor, packer or importer.
  7. Lot number as well as product bar code.
  8. Country of Origin (if its omission leads to deceiving or misleading the consumer).
  9. Language of the label shall be in Arabic.
  10. Instructions for using the product (if needed)
  11. Storage conditions (if the validity of the product depends on such conditions).
  12. Mention the ingredients which may cause hypersensitivity
  13. Showing the nutritional information are optional (except the products with special uses such as baby foods, foods for patients, etc).

Submitting Application for food product registration in Dubai

The food product registration in Dubai start by Submitting samples of each food product; or its label to the Food Studies and Planning section. (a copy of the label may be attached with the electronic application). Each label shall be studied carefully by the food control department. The company shall follow up the application until receive the approval.

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manpower supply license in UAE

manpower supply license in UAE

The total number of companies in UAE is increase every day; every year more than 20,000 businesses are setup in UAE; which open a door for new labour supply company in UAE; because every new company want to start their operation quickly with a minimal cost. So they are looking for labor supply company to provide them labor or professional to start their operation as soon as possible. So it increases the demand for manpower supply license in UAE. For manpower supply license in UAE the gov’t permitting the License under a private employment agency Law in 2011; also known as MR 1283, issued by the Ministry of Labor. This type of a license is also known as on demand labour supply license. The holder of manpower supply license in UAE is allows to supply work force to other companies;

In order to start manpower supply license in UAE; you need to apply for a on demand labour supply license; which is professional license. This type of a license enables you to perform activity of labor supply; and become a bridge between employer and employee. In this type of a license you can store data of the employee; and whenever employers need to hire an employee form this agency you are providing them.

On demand labour supply license must be renew yearly. One of the conditions of manpower supply license in UAE is that only UAE nationals can apply for it; and also the manager must be a uae local. The new UAE law also states that agencies must inform the Ministry about any variations made within the agency. The Dubai employment agency is also required to have a registered address. Expat are only allowed to start recruitment agencies in Dubai free zones.

How to start a manpower supply company in UAE

To start a manpower supply company in UAE you need to follow the following six steps.

  • First of all apply for name reservation for the company and Apply for registration
  • After name approval apply for notarization of the company MOA at DED for your manpower supply license in UAE
  • File company documents and apply for final approval.
  • After getting a license next step is to apply for labor card; as well as the establishment card at the Ministry of Labor
  • Register native workers with the Ministry of Labor
  • Register native workers with the General Authority for Pension and Social Security

Detail of On Demand Labour Supply license

  • Activity Code : 749103
  • Activity Group : Labour Supply & employment agency
  • License Type : Professional

Activity Description: On demand labour supply license allow you to supply labor to others companies; that is on temporary basis. The holders of manpower supply license in UAE are works like an employer; and recruit a labor which is then to be available for a third party (User). The third party may be a natural person or corporate person; in order to perform a job or service under control and the supervision of the User. In this case, the agency becomes an Employer with direct business link with the concerned labour. The labour can be hired from outside as well as from inside of the country.

Terms and Conditions for manpower supply license in UAE

  • In case of natural person, the applicant age must be 21 or above with full capability. And also all company partners must be a UAE national.
  • During the license legitimacy age, the candidate will submit a bank security deposit to the Ministry; which value shall not be less than one million dirhams in case of on demand labour supply license. The bank guarantee must be renewed repeatedly. The Ministry may allocate all or some of this security; to pay any expanses that the company will pay due to its failure to perform the duties; under the requirements of this law and to fulfil with orders and decrees issued thereunder.
  • The natural person or any partners in the company in case of corporate bodies; shall not be convicted of any crime; any kind of corruption, break of trust, a crime of human trafficking; or any of those crimes specified in the labour law regulation or its applying decrees. Unless he or she is reform after the issuance of a judgment limiting his or her freedom; or after the gap of one year from the date of fine on him or her.
  • The applicant will give an on paper undertaking that no change will be made to partners; that is, either adding of a new partner or removing of a partner. But they can do that after getting a written approval from the Ministry.
  • The candidate will have a head office with a clear address, at which the company will perform its activities. Such head office is license for only that purpose; and will satisfy the standards specified by the law of UAE. The agency may not practice its activity except through such head office.
  • The company will hire a suitable number of executive employees; as well as administrators who have right experience in their line of work
  • The company certified signatory must fulfil the same conditions of the company manager
  • The company manager must be a UAE passport holder; as well as he will have at least a high school degree. Natural persons who apply for license are an exception, as he or she can be the agency manager.
  • The candidate will pay the fees once the license to practice the demanded activity is initially accepted.

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travel and tourism license Dubai

travel and tourism license Dubai

Now a day Dubai is one of the best travel and tourism place in the world. And it will not be wrong to say that it is in the top 5 places for travel as well as tourism. After all, there are impeccable resorts for a foreigner to stay; constant promising climate, blue beach; as well as fabulous modern buildings. At this time let me add one more thing which is the most important aspect of the rising of Dubai; that is, the gov’t of the Dubai creates great efforts for the growth of the travel and tourism; as well as in entertaining industry. All together, these factors make Dubai very attractive for the travel and tourism license Dubai.

Dubai is one of the world’s most pretty places in the world; it attracts more than 13 million visitors until 2016. Travel and tourism license Dubai or travel agency license in Dubai; has a high demand in the market; because of the good location, the tolerance of the native population and very qualified personnel make Dubai the perfect place to open a tourism license in Dubai.

How to open a tourism company in UAE; how to open a tourism company in Dubai

In the first place; let me tell you the entire requirement for how to open a tourism company in Dubai. First you need to get the suitable tourism license in Dubai in order to carry out this kind of business. There are 3 main types for tourism license in Dubai. To operate your tourism business in Dubai you need to apply for one of the following licenses.

Travel and tourism license Dubai as an Outbound Tour Operator

In this type of license a firm can organize the out bound trips. It will empower you to work in the field of travel and tourism within the country; as well as outside of the country; it will also allow you to organize global conferences as well as show and exhibitions. Also to cover risk an insurance policy is required. The validity of the insurance shall cover the entire term of the license; and will expire after the one month of the license expiry date.  Dh 200,000 bank security in the name of DTCM.

  • Activity Code 630411
  • License Type: Tourism
  • Activity Description: Includes firms that organize and sell tourist programs abroad via travels and tourism agents.

Travel and tourism license Dubai as an Inbound Tour Operator:

This type of license allows a firm to organize the inbound tourist trips. It will empower you to provide assistance in the field of tourism inside the country; it also allows you to organize global conferences as well as show and exhibitions. For this type of tourism license in Dubai need Dh 100,000 bank security; that is in the name of DTCM (Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing) issued by any bank in Dubai. Also it needs an insurance policy for covering the risks that may come in tourism programs. This policy shall be valid for the total term of the license; and will finish 30 days after the license expiry date.

  • License Type: Tourism
  • Activity Code: 630412
  • Activity Description:  This type of a license will allow a firm to organize local incentive tours; as well as tours for foreigners to attend conferences and event; it involves handling visas, transport and residence.

Open a travel agency in Dubai as a Travel agent

This type of a travel and tourism license Dubai; you can sell the air tickets outside the country; provide visit visa. Also provide tourist accommodation to his clients, and organize guided tours; as well as transport services to the clients. It almost carry the same type of necessities as that are for other two type of license; but in this license the agent must arrange an NOC; that is on behalf of the Department of civil aviation of the Emirate. To get NOC, a request letter in Arabic must be submitted in the name of the local sponsor. The passport copy and family book copy of the local. Bank Guarantee: Dh 100000 bank security in the name of DTCM issued by any bank in Dubai.

  • Activity Code 630402
  • License Type: Tourism
  • Activity Description: It is use for selling air tickets to individuals; as well as to companies on behalf of the authorized agents. The role of these offices is restricted to seats reservation; issuing tickets in co-ordination with the agent; as well as carry out hotel booking and car rental related services.

Note that if you want to take all three activities; for travel agency in Dubai; then total bank guarantee will be Dh 400,000.

Tourism license fee in Dubai

Initial approval fee; 310
Trade Name Approval as well as Reservation. 660
Labor Card Fee. 2,500
Immigration card fee. 1000
PO Box and as well as Company Stamp Fee. 900
Local Sponsor Fee. 10000
Court Fee. 1500
Licensing fee. 10,000
RERA attestation. 200

Documents required to open a tourism license in Dubai

  • Application form must be fill
  • Also passport copy of each of the expat applicant;
  • Education as well as experience certificate of the Manager. 3 year experience certificate if he or she holds any bachelor degree; or if he or she have any Certificate in Travel and Tourism. 5 year experience certificate if the Manager holds only Secondary Certificate.
  • The owner and manager of the company will provide clean criminal record certificate.
  • 30 square meter office space also needed for each activity.
  • Studies about the feasibility of the project.

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Dubai professional license UAE

Dubai professional license UAE

Dubai is one of the fast rising states in the Middle East. It attracts foreign investor to set up their base in Dubai. That is due to its low tax system; full repatriation of profit as well as capital; and a stable economy. But still some people hesitate due to local sponsor 51% share rule for commercial license. A Dubai professional license allow 100% foreign owner ship. And instead of local sponsor a local service agent is requires to set up a professional services license in Dubai.

Dubai professional license set up is one of the core services which we provide to our client in UAE. Professional license in Dubai require a UAE national; which will act as a local service agent (LSA). He will hold no share in the company; and his role will be to assist in obtaining professional license, visa, labor card etc. There is no minimum capital requirement for a professional company in Dubai.

Dubai professional license

If there is more than one partner in a Dubai professional license then it is called a civil company. It can only perform a professional activity and all the partners must be professional in the same field. A foreign company can be a partner in a Dubai professional license; as long as they are in the same line of activity in home country.

Note that in this type of a license you are not allow to do any sort of trading. Nor you can purchase and as well as sales of goods; Also no room for transport, finance and banking ect. You can perform activity like Artisans, Businessmen Service, and Consultation as well as Training; Computer Graphic Design Services, IT services, printing as well as Publishing; Event Management, security services, typing as well as photocopying; web design, repairing as well as furnishing; document clearing, saloon and as well as spa.

Features of Dubai Professional License

  • It allow 100% ownership to expat
  • UAE national will be your local service agent.
  • The local service agent LSA will not hold any share in the company
  • LSA will have no direct association in the business.
  • Local service agents will charge you on annual basis.
  • Only professional activities are allow in this type of a license.

Documents required for Professional License UAE

  • Filled form
  • Passport Copies of all the share holder
  • Jinsiya copy of Local Partner
  • No Objection Letter (NOC) from the sponsor; if the expat is already on a employment visa. And UID number is require if the share holder is on a visit visa.
  • Some activities require initial approval from concerned departments (eg. Municipality, RTA, National Media Council etc.)

What we offer for professional license UAE

We have explained a few think about this type of license. Now it is time to say about what we can offer you for this type of a license. We are able to manage the whole process for professional company formation. It includes strategic inputs and consolidate business plan:

  • Getting approvals as well as permissions from concern departments
  • Preparing Partnership agreements as well as MOA
  • Identify a trusted as well as qualified local service agent
  • Also we will ssist you in the bank accounts opening
  • We will also assist you to find a suitable office space
  • Handle other documentation formalities

Can I open a Professional License Dubai as a Sole Establishment?

Dubai law state that you can open Professional License in Dubai as a Sole Establishment. The owner can be either an expat or a UAE local person.  The Owner of this type of a company can carries the full 100% liability of the company.  In this way, it is similar to the rest of the world which place 100% obligation with the owner of the business.  Even then, it is a very popular setup of company in Dubai.  The reason is very simple; there is no restriction to hire a UAE local sponsor to setup Professional License in Dubai.

What is the difference between Professional License and Civil Company?

If more than one partner involve to open a Professional License in Dubai; then this type of a setup is call a civil company.  The civil company structure is truly a partnership in which the shareholders share the full 100% liability of the company.  Further along with the ownership feature, a Civil Company is run and operate very similar to the Sole Professional License in Dubai.

Can I open a Professional License in Dubai as a Branch of a Foreign Company?

Yes, mostly people are opening regularly a Professional Licenses in Dubai as a Branch of a Foreign Company.  There are many reasons to choose branch for a foreign company for professional license Dubai. But the main reason is that you will be allow to perform all the services freely which the parent company are doing in their base. Also in Dubai and the UAE; there are some strict naming rules for companies.  If you wish to bypass these rules, then the way to go is through a Branch of a Foreign Company.  UAE law allows a Branch to carry the same name as that of the Foreign Head Office.

Can we setup our Professional License in Dubai free zone?

Yes you can also setup your Professional License in Dubai in one of its many free trade zone; and also in other free trade zone of the UAE.  Now the question is why I should open my Professional license in Dubai free zone. The answer is not that much simple; but the only reason for us to choose free zone for your Professional License Dubai; is when the free trade zone offers devoted services for the business; which you are looking to start.

For example, the Dubai Media City is a famous place for media and advertising companies.  Similarly Dubai internet city is a famous free zone for software and computer programming as well as internet companies. Since the 100% expat ownership structure is allow to main land companies; if they are forming a Professional License Dubai, there is not much explanation for choosing a Free Zone to form a Professional License in Dubai free zone.

But we will recommend you to take this type of a license within a Free Zone; only if you plan to provide your services to clients outside the UAE. But also note that you are not bond to provide service only outside the UAE; you can also provide services to UAE mainland as well without any restriction. Second most important reason for choosing of free zone is that remove the Headache of LSA. If you are going to start your business with a very low budget; and with one or 2 staff then free zone is a better place for you.

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LLC license cancellation Dubai

LLC license cancellation Dubai

What is LLC license cancellation Dubai?

LLC license cancellation Dubai means company liquidation in Dubai; or it simply means cancellation of the trade license in Dubai. It is the process in which business entity shout down its operation; and the assets and capital of the company is spread among the shareholders. Or another word it is the process of closing company in Dubai.

Closing resources before LLC license cancellation Dubai

First of all in the first place; the most important thing which needs to be close is the company utilities. It is necessary to cancel any utilities under the company use; like cancelling the account with Etisalat or du and DEWA; so that to retrieve your deposits.  A large part of LLC license cancellation Dubai deals with final payment for employees. The owners or share holders of the company need to cancel their staff visa; as well as their work permits; if there is any before closing company in Dubai. The staff termination can be done from both immigration and labor. As per UAE labor law; the business owner need to give their staff a 2 month paid or 8 week notice period.

Another most important thing you need to close is the bank account of the company. You will be required to shout down any bank account link with the company; and get an okay latter from the bank. Office or warehouse leases will also need to be close; before closing company in Dubai.

Why we need closing company in Dubai

Company closing in Dubai or cancellation of trade license in Dubai; is very important part of business life cycle. There are three cases where need the Cancellation of trade license in Dubai.

First of all Cancellation of trade license in Dubai or company liquidation in Dubai becomes unavoidable; when a company make a serious offense of the law; or also in case a company commit a fraud and Dubai authority starts inspecting; and catch any dis respect to any rule of the country. In this case they will receive a legal notice; that is for Cancellation of trade license in Dubai. So company needs to be close.

Second case for companies where company need to be close; if their income is less and their expense are very high; or in simple word when they do not have enough funds; another we can say that if their business is not in a row as it should be; to carry on their daily tasks. And they are in a condition where they can’t pay their workers; or they are not capable to shelter their liability. The third case is when a company license is expired; and you do not want to renew that; then you have to close that license. Otherwise you will have a lot of fine.

And by closing company in Dubai we mean to Cancellation of trade license in Dubai. But note that once a license is closes; the same one will not be re-open. For trade license cancellation, you need to submit several documents; and also get approvals from the different gov’t and federal authority; but it depend on the type of business license you are holding.

What we offer for DED license cancellation or LLC license cancellation Dubai

  • We prepare the company board resolutions
  • Also we make the legal documents for LLC license cancellation in Dubai
  • LLC license cancellation application
  • We assist in finding as well as hiring a Liquidator
  • A news adds for closing company in Dubai
  • We also take clearance letter from Etisalat; as well as from DM
  • Arrange clearance letter from custom dept; as well as from DEWA
  • We also assist in Bank account closure and Bank NLC
  • Audit for the financial statements for LLC license cancellation in Dubai
  • We also assist in employee visa cancellation
  • Labor card cancellation as well as Immigration card cancellation
  • Liquidation report preparation as well as submission for DED license cancellation.
  • Final cancellation letter

How to close LLC Company in Dubai; LLC license cancellation Dubai; LLC cancellation in Dubai

There are two main stages for closing company in Dubai

First Stage:

  • Termination of all the workers; If there is any one active on a license.
  • BOD resolution for closure and selection of a liquidator; and it has to be attesting from Notary Public.
  • A letter from the selected liquidator along with their License Copy; Auditor registration certificate, Authorized signature certificate which is attest from a Notary Public.
  • Payment of the fees at DED to issue company closing certificate.
  • Closing ad in 2 local Arabic newspapers for one day; and then we will wait for 45 days; so that to check whether any one has any claim against the company.

Second Stage:

  • Show the original Ad and final audit report to the DED.
  • Confirmation of the Liquidator as well as Partners that there is no objection; or claim from the third party during the Ad period.
  • We will cancel visa of the partners; that is if any valid visa is there on a company license. We will get clearance letter from Ministry of Labor; as well as Immigration, from DEWA also form Etisalat.
  • Copy of Director Board resolution and copy of liquidation certificate..
  • Pay fees at DED for LLC license cancellation.

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General trade license Dubai

General trade license Dubai

Dubai is a hub for trader of all over the world. Trading and finance are the two key business activities; which most of the people looking for when thinking for start.  A general trade license Dubai is the part of trading activity. And it allows the hold to trade almost every item which is tradable. In fact it is the best form of trading. Because, it will give you power to trade more than one products. But note that it is more expansive than simple trade license; but it is the demand of almost every next person in Dubai. Before going to in detail of general trade license in Dubai; let me tell you some key as well as important information about Dubai trade license.

First of all if you are planning to start your business in the Dubai; then you need a license from free trade zone or from DED in Dubai. DED as well as all of the Dubai free trade zone offer General trade license in Dubai; to allow their customer to do more than one item trading with the same license.

What we offer for general trading license in Dubai

  • We guide our client in the favorable area selection; that is free trade zone or D.E.D.
  • We help to find a local sponsor for general trade license in
  • We provide free initial consultation on the general trade license
  • Our consultant will guide you in getting yourgeneral trading license in Dubai;
  • We also provide full PRO service to general trading company.
  • They will also guide you in the process as well as in documentation.

Type of trade license in Dubai

When we are talking about the trade license; then there are two areas pop up in mind; that is, one is main land and other is free trade zone. Each free zone offer verity of trade license in Dubai; and vary from free zone to free zone. But in main land there are three type of a trade license in Dubai; that is for those who want to start company in Dubai local market. The selection of one of the type depends on the type of activity. All of three trade license allow you to work in a main land area without any hurdle. The three types of a trade license in Dubai are as follows:

  • Industrial: this type of trade license in Dubai; is for those who are looking to set up industrial operation.
  • Commercial: this type of a trade license in Dubai; is for those who are looking to set up any kind of local trading of goods.
  • Professional – this type of trade license in Dubai; is for those who are looking to set up a professional service in Dubai.

General trade license Dubai is fall under the commercial license.

Cost of general trade license in Dubai

Description Cost in AED
Trade Name Reservation. 660.00
Initial approval fee 310.00
Licensing & registration fee *28,000.00
Local Sponsor (Emirati) Fee. 10000.00
PO Box and Company Stamp Fee. 900.00
Establishment Card Fee – Ministry of Labor. 2,500.00
Establishment Card Fee – DNRD. 1000.00

Benefits of general trading license in Dubai:

  • General trade license in Dubai is a 100% tax free from any sort of tax
  • No capital require for a General Trading license in Dubai
  • And the best part is that you are free to choose office locations anywhere in Dubai
  • Simple process to setup trade license in Dubai.
  • General trading license in Dubai; will allow you 100% repatriation of capital as well as profits
  • Hassle free legal procedures to get the trade license in Dubai
  • You can also operate your company from any part of Dubai
  • It is allow to trade more than one item in one single license.
  • Easy to get visa for employee

General trade license Dubai

So General trade license dubai will allow you to do more than one item trading. Or another word we can say that it will give you a power of mix type of trading. Like you can trade in general trade license in Dubai; that is a health product, a food item, a cosmetic items, a metal material trading; as well as dry fruits etc. there much more item which you can trade in general trade license. Our Business Setup Consultants will provide you a complete list of item allow; that is in general trade license in Dubai.

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LLC Dubai, LLC company formation in Dubai

LLC Dubai, LLC company formation in Dubai

LLC Dubai stands for Limited Liability Company in Dubai. It is the most common form of company in Dubai. We are Dubai LLC Company registration consultants serving local as well as international businesses. Our LLC company formation in Dubai experts; are aware of all the legal structure as well as rules of LLC Dubai. We reduce your set up cost and save your valuable time.  We are one stop solution for all sorts of LLC company setup services.

What we offer for LLC registration Dubai?

As we mention that we are the expert of LLC company formation in Dubai. So we offer the following services for LLC registration Dubai.

  • First of all in the first place; we offer our fast services for getting name approvals for LLC Dubai.
  • We offer our fast services for getting Initial approval for llc company setup Dubai.
  • Our team will also guide you in the selection of activity for your LLC Dubai.
  • We provide local sponsor for LLC company formation in Dubai.
  • MOA for LLC company registration in Dubai;
  • Our services also include to find a nice office for LLC company in Dubai.
  • Last but not the least; we offer PRO service’s for LLC company in Dubai.
  • Our HR team can also help you in the hiring process.

Local sponsor for an LLC company formation in Dubai

  • If you decide to go with LLC company formation in Dubai; then you may be aware that all the LLC company formation in Dubai is requires a local partner. Which is also called Local sponsor.
  • In an LLC Dubai local will owns at least 51% of the share. And an expat will own 49% of the share. But this 51% share can be secure with side agreement.
  • Also be careful in taking a local sponsor as he will hold a major part of the share.
  • But you do not need to worry about this thing; our sponsors are very reliable and trust worthy local people. They will not make any problem for you.
  • We have a team of expert people; as well as a group of trust worthy local sponsors.
  • As a part of a UAE law every local cannot sponsor every activity. There are special sponsor for special type of activity. Like an engineer require for engineering LLC Dubai; a doctor which is require for clinic as well as hospital; also a RERA attested sponsor for real estate llc; a lawyers require for a law firm and auditors  require for an audit firm.
  • Luckily we have a panel of all these type of sponsors; they have reputable family back grounds; as well as holding high rank positions in gov’t sector.
  • We will also make sure that we will be a bridge between sponsors and expat investors.

Benefits of LLC company formation

  • LLC Dubai allow you to do local trade as well as local services
  • 0 capital requirements to setup and LLC company in Dubai.
  • The  most popular as well as the most common form of setting a company is an LLC Dubai
  • Its  offers supreme access to the wider range of UAE economy
  • The investor can get the investor visa without a security deposit in LLC Dubai
  • In LLC Company formation, no involvement of local partner in day to day activities
  • Let me tell you a key fact of the LLC company formation; that is you can have the option to launch branches in any emirate.
  • LLC Company formation is allow to open corporate bank accounts.
  • It also allow to avail credit facilities
  • Warehouse and office facilities can be avail in LLC formation in Dubai.

Key question about LLC Company Formation Dubai

Tell now we have discus a lot of thing about LLC; that is,

  • what is an LLC;
  • why it is so common.
  • what are the share distribution.
  • what we can offer for an LLC formation;
  • Also we have discus what are the benefits of an LLC.

Now it is time to answer some common question; which always our client ask about an LLC Dubai. Following are the main key fact about LLC Dubai

How many shareholders are requires to setup an LLC company in Dubai?

LLC company setup in Dubai is very flexible type of company setup. LLC Dubai must have shareholders between 2 to 50. Each shareholder in an LLC is liable up to the extent of his or her share capital in the company.

How many managers are allowing in an LLC company in Dubai?

A Dubai LLC company should appoint at least one manager and maximum five managers. A shareholder can also be a manager. Under the MOA of an LLC Dubai the manager has full powers for management of dubai llc. The power of the manager depends on the MOA.

What are the share percentage of local and expat in LLC Dubai?

In Dubai LLC company local will hold a major part of the company; that is 51% and expat will get only 49% share of an llc Dubai.

What kind of activity I can perform in a Dubai LLC company? 

You can conduct industrial; as well as commercial activities in Dubai LLC Company. But note that you cannot perform professional activities; except few activities like banking, insurance or investment. Dubai LLC company is not allows to do legal consultancy, auditing of financial statements; also accountancy and other type of consulting service.

How I can select a name for LLC company Dubai?

The name of an LLC Dubai company should be the same as the Dubai trade license activity; or it will contain the names of one or more of its shareholder. The suffix “Limited Liability Company” should be added to the Dubai LLC company.

What are the share percentage GCC national in Dubai LLC Company?

GCC nationals are allow to hold 100% share of the Dubai LLC Company. But note that if GCC national has an expat person then they needs a UAE local; he will hold 51% of share and the remaining 49%; will be share among the expat and GCC national.

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Meydan free zone company formation

Meydan free zone company formation

Meydan free zone is ideally located in the heart of Dubai, which is close to Dubai downtown. It is one of the free zones that offer cost-effective business setup solution in Dubai. Meydan free zone  encourages a lot of investors from all over the world for business setup in Meydan Free Zone, It offers full free zone incentives such as 100% ownership, no taxation, no currency restrictions, possibility of hiring foreign labor, high-speed internet connectivity and no duty tax imposed on import and export. The Meydan Free Zone offers only flexi desk option, which is very convenient for those who do not require a permanent physical office for their business.

Meydan Stadium, in which Meydan Free Zone is based, is a strategic creativity of the Dubai government, which is aimed at connecting the world with the Emirate of Dubai by way of hosting international horse racing events. Moreover, the Meydan project consist of not only Meydan Stadium or Meydan Free Zone, but also includes wide range of commercial developments, sports, hotels, entertainment and fun facilities, a series of state-of-the-art business parks, hospitals,  schools, residential villa communities, business towers with luxury waterfront developments and shopping destinations.

Advantages of company formation in Meydan free zone

Dubai is facilitated by the state government by easy registration of your business. Further, the new investors are also offered several benefits in this particular free zone.

  • Easy to setup business in Meydan free zone
  • Investors are given the permission to operate their business through a Flexi desk.
  • Premium location for your business setup.
  • Guaranteed 100% repatriation of invested capital and profits gained.
  • Guaranteed 100% ownership of the business both for individuals and corporate entities.
  • Extremely secure business environment.
  • Premier location for new business locating to Dubai
  • Seamless and efficient licensing and registration procedure.
  • Strategic location near Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Makhtoum City, close proximity to the Dubai Logistics Corridor.
  • Secure regulated environment.
  • Very competent licensing and registration procedure.

License Types offered by Meydan freezone company

Meydan Freezone offers different types of activities that are grouped into commercial, consultancy or media license.

  • Consulting license allow to carry on consulting activities such as Management, Business, Human resources consultancy and other professional services.
  • Commercial license allows import/export, trading and distribution of different types of goods. Please note that as of now Meydan Freezone does not offer warehouse space.
  • Media license includes all kinds of media, advertising and communication services.

Meydan Free Zone is an ideal solution for freelancers or small start-ups as it offers very competitive licensing options. It can also be an ideal solution for those who would like to establish a business in the vicinity of Dubai downtown.

What we offer for Meydan Free Zone company formation

  • Issuing of the required license
  • Permitting of legal entities
  • Shareholders structure and procedure
  • Guidance in the selection of your company name as there are several restrictions in Meydan free zone Dubai.
  • Shares structure
  • Auditing process
  • Attainment of facilities
  • Capital investment
  • Organizational structure
  • Visa matters
  • State government laws and regulation in the Meydan freezone
  • Driving license issuance and other such services.

All these services can be attained at a market competitive price. All you need to do is to contact us and give your input. The rest would be sorted out by our team of professional business advisors who have years of experience in dealing with such business services.

Characteristics of Meydan Free Zone Company

Characteristics Description
Type of licenses issued Consultancy License, Media License, commercial license
Legal entities permitted sole establishment, limited liability company, and branch of a foreign Company are allowed for Meydan freezone company
Directors type Only individual director are permitted in meydan free zone company. No corporate directors allowed.
Shares No bearer shares will be allowed.  All shares must be fully paid when allocated. No different classes of shares allowed in Meydan free zone company.
Shareholders One Shareholder minimum for a Meydan company, maximum of 7. A minimum of one director is required. You can be a partner/shareholder in multiple companies.
Audit  The Meydan free zone company shall appoint an auditor and file annual accounts as may be requested the authorities.
Share capital  The minimum share capital for a new Company and Subsidiary is AED 100,000 per company. Branches are exempt from the requirement of additional share capital.
Manager Every Meydan free zone company shall have a manager who must also be under the company’s visa. It should be a natural person and his name shall be on license.
Presence The shareholder has to be physically present either himself or through an attorney at the Free Zone.
Restrictions on name Meydan free zone company name must end with the word “LLC-FZ” as the case may be. Location names and religious words are prohibited.
Visa eligibility Meydan free zone company is eligible for 2 visas only. No Investor Visa Category Available
Governing law Companies are subjected to the UAE law in general and for some specific functions law of the Emirates of Dubai.
Facilities offered Meydan freezone company only operate with Flexi-desk
Other services Driving License and other functions need to be applied from Dubai Government Departments.

Documents required for Meydan free zone company setup

Individual Shareholder

  1. Application forms duly signed by the authorized signatory.
  2. 3 Year Business Plan
  3. Passport and visa copy of shareholders/directors/manager
  4. CV of shareholder (s) / directors / manager
  5. Original Bank reference letter or 6 month bank statement (stamped)

Corporate Shareholder

  1. Applications forms duly signed by the authorized signatory.
  2. Audited Financial Report
  3. Company brochure / profile
  4. 3 Year Business Plan
  5. Letter from the shareholding company for the appointment of a Manager.
  6. Board Resolution calling for the establishment of a Meydan Free Zone company, attachment of Specimen Signature, Passport copy & Power of Attorney for Manager, Director & Secretary.
  7. Certificate of Registration (or) Certificate of Incorporation (or) Certificate of Good Standing of the Mother Company, Memorandum & Articles of Association of the Parent Company. (Attested)

Documents Required For Establishing A Branch Company

  1. Application forms duly signed by the authorized signatory.
  2. Board Resolution calling for the establishment a branch in Meydan Free Zone and guarantee full financial commitment.
  3. Certificate of Registration (or) Certificate of Incorporation (or) Certificate of Good Standing, Memorandum & Articles of Association of the Mother Company, Attachment of Specimen Signature, Passport copy & Power of Attorney for Manager and Directors. (Attested)
  4. 3 Year Business Plan
  5. Letter from the parent company for the appointment of Manager.
  6. Company brochure / profile

Cost of Meydan free zone company formation

The Meydan free zone company formation cost is AED 21,020. This includes first year’s license fee, the company registration charges, certificate of incorporation, Business Name reservation, memorandum and articles of association (also if the company only has one shareholder).

In addition, a desk in the free zone needs to be rented for each visa required (a minimum of 1 desk needs to be leased). The annual fee for leasing a desk is AED 6,000. The desk is shared and can be used 4 hours a week. The company needs to open a file with the immigration department. Fee is 520 upon which an establishment card is issued.

The total 1st year’s fee is AED 27,540.

The annual fee for renewal of the trade license is AED 15,000. Together with the admin desk lease, and the annual renewal of the establishment card, the total annual charges are AED 21,500.

Meydan Free Zone currently not offering physical office. The Free Zone only promotes Flexi Desk facility in a standard cost as abow. Visa eligibility can be adjusted depending on the business plan of the company and on the approval of the authority.

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