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I am a corporate consultant with years of advanced experience leveraging business consulting skills with legal insight to drive business growth, protect assets and Intellectual Property, assure legal compliance and minimize risk. I am currently working as a business consultant with Shams consultant, advising entrepreneurs, startup companies and foreign firm on business setup in dubai, LLC Dubai, regulatory affairs, legal compliance, legal structuring and re-structuring of entities in United Arab Emirates Mainland, Free Zones and, Offshore jurisdictions.
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LLC license cancellation Dubai

LLC license cancellation Dubai

What is LLC license cancellation Dubai?

LLC license cancellation Dubai means company liquidation in Dubai; or it simply means cancellation of the trade license in Dubai. It is the process in which business entity shout down its operation; and the assets and capital of the company is spread among the shareholders. Or another word it is the process of closing company in Dubai.

Closing resources before LLC license cancellation Dubai

First of all in the first place; the most important thing which needs to be close is the company utilities. It is necessary to cancel any utilities under the company use; like cancelling the account with Etisalat or du and DEWA; so that to retrieve your deposits.  A large part of LLC license cancellation Dubai deals with final payment for employees. The owners or share holders of the company need to cancel their staff visa; as well as their work permits; if there is any before closing company in Dubai. The staff termination can be done from both immigration and labor. As per UAE labor law; the business owner need to give their staff a 2 month paid or 8 week notice period.

Another most important thing you need to close is the bank account of the company. You will be required to shout down any bank account link with the company; and get an okay latter from the bank. Office or warehouse leases will also need to be close; before closing company in Dubai.

Why we need closing company in Dubai

Company closing in Dubai or cancellation of trade license in Dubai; is very important part of business life cycle. There are three cases where need the Cancellation of trade license in Dubai.

First of all Cancellation of trade license in Dubai or company liquidation in Dubai becomes unavoidable; when a company make a serious offense of the law; or also in case a company commit a fraud and Dubai authority starts inspecting; and catch any dis respect to any rule of the country. In this case they will receive a legal notice; that is for Cancellation of trade license in Dubai. So company needs to be close.

Second case for companies where company need to be close; if their income is less and their expense are very high; or in simple word when they do not have enough funds; another we can say that if their business is not in a row as it should be; to carry on their daily tasks. And they are in a condition where they can’t pay their workers; or they are not capable to shelter their liability. The third case is when a company license is expired; and you do not want to renew that; then you have to close that license. Otherwise you will have a lot of fine.

And by closing company in Dubai we mean to Cancellation of trade license in Dubai. But note that once a license is closes; the same one will not be re-open. For trade license cancellation, you need to submit several documents; and also get approvals from the different gov’t and federal authority; but it depend on the type of business license you are holding.

What we offer for DED license cancellation or LLC license cancellation Dubai

  • We prepare the company board resolutions
  • Also we make the legal documents for LLC license cancellation in Dubai
  • LLC license cancellation application
  • We assist in finding as well as hiring a Liquidator
  • A news adds for closing company in Dubai
  • We also take clearance letter from Etisalat; as well as from DM
  • Arrange clearance letter from custom dept; as well as from DEWA
  • We also assist in Bank account closure and Bank NLC
  • Audit for the financial statements for LLC license cancellation in Dubai
  • We also assist in employee visa cancellation
  • Labor card cancellation as well as Immigration card cancellation
  • Liquidation report preparation as well as submission for DED license cancellation.
  • Final cancellation letter

How to close LLC Company in Dubai; LLC license cancellation Dubai; LLC cancellation in Dubai

There are two main stages for closing company in Dubai

First Stage:

  • Termination of all the workers; If there is any one active on a license.
  • BOD resolution for closure and selection of a liquidator; and it has to be attesting from Notary Public.
  • A letter from the selected liquidator along with their License Copy; Auditor registration certificate, Authorized signature certificate which is attest from a Notary Public.
  • Payment of the fees at DED to issue company closing certificate.
  • Closing ad in 2 local Arabic newspapers for one day; and then we will wait for 45 days; so that to check whether any one has any claim against the company.

Second Stage:

  • Show the original Ad and final audit report to the DED.
  • Confirmation of the Liquidator as well as Partners that there is no objection; or claim from the third party during the Ad period.
  • We will cancel visa of the partners; that is if any valid visa is there on a company license. We will get clearance letter from Ministry of Labor; as well as Immigration, from DEWA also form Etisalat.
  • Copy of Director Board resolution and copy of liquidation certificate..
  • Pay fees at DED for LLC license cancellation.

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General trade license Dubai

General trade license Dubai

Dubai is a hub for trader of all over the world. Trading and finance are the two key business activities; which most of the people looking for when thinking for start.  A general trade license Dubai is the part of trading activity. And it allows the hold to trade almost every item which is tradable. In fact it is the best form of trading. Because, it will give you power to trade more than one products. But note that it is more expansive than simple trade license; but it is the demand of almost every next person in Dubai. Before going to in detail of general trade license in Dubai; let me tell you some key as well as important information about Dubai trade license.

First of all if you are planning to start your business in the Dubai; then you need a license from free trade zone or from DED in Dubai. DED as well as all of the Dubai free trade zone offer General trade license in Dubai; to allow their customer to do more than one item trading with the same license.

What we offer for general trading license in Dubai

  • We guide our client in the favorable area selection; that is free trade zone or D.E.D.
  • We help to find a local sponsor for general trade license in
  • We provide free initial consultation on the general trade license
  • Our consultant will guide you in getting yourgeneral trading license in Dubai;
  • We also provide full PRO service to general trading company.
  • They will also guide you in the process as well as in documentation.

Type of trade license in Dubai

When we are talking about the trade license; then there are two areas pop up in mind; that is, one is main land and other is free trade zone. Each free zone offer verity of trade license in Dubai; and vary from free zone to free zone. But in main land there are three type of a trade license in Dubai; that is for those who want to start company in Dubai local market. The selection of one of the type depends on the type of activity. All of three trade license allow you to work in a main land area without any hurdle. The three types of a trade license in Dubai are as follows:

  • Industrial: this type of trade license in Dubai; is for those who are looking to set up industrial operation.
  • Commercial: this type of a trade license in Dubai; is for those who are looking to set up any kind of local trading of goods.
  • Professional – this type of trade license in Dubai; is for those who are looking to set up a professional service in Dubai.

General trade license Dubai is fall under the commercial license.

Cost of general trade license in Dubai

Description Cost in AED
Trade Name Reservation. 660.00
Initial approval fee 310.00
Licensing & registration fee *28,000.00
Local Sponsor (Emirati) Fee. 10000.00
PO Box and Company Stamp Fee. 900.00
Establishment Card Fee – Ministry of Labor. 2,500.00
Establishment Card Fee – DNRD. 1000.00

Benefits of general trading license in Dubai:

  • General trade license in Dubai is a 100% tax free from any sort of tax
  • No capital require for a General Trading license in Dubai
  • And the best part is that you are free to choose office locations anywhere in Dubai
  • Simple process to setup trade license in Dubai.
  • General trading license in Dubai; will allow you 100% repatriation of capital as well as profits
  • Hassle free legal procedures to get the trade license in Dubai
  • You can also operate your company from any part of Dubai
  • It is allow to trade more than one item in one single license.
  • Easy to get visa for employee

General trade license Dubai

So General trade license dubai will allow you to do more than one item trading. Or another word we can say that it will give you a power of mix type of trading. Like you can trade in general trade license in Dubai; that is a health product, a food item, a cosmetic items, a metal material trading; as well as dry fruits etc. there much more item which you can trade in general trade license. Our Business Setup Consultants will provide you a complete list of item allow; that is in general trade license in Dubai.

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LLC Dubai, LLC company formation in Dubai

LLC Dubai, LLC company formation in Dubai

LLC Dubai stands for Limited Liability Company in Dubai. It is the most common form of company in Dubai. We are Dubai LLC Company registration consultants serving local as well as international businesses. Our LLC company formation in Dubai experts; are aware of all the legal structure as well as rules of LLC Dubai. We reduce your set up cost and save your valuable time.  We are one stop solution for all sorts of LLC company setup services.

What we offer for LLC registration Dubai?

As we mention that we are the expert of LLC company formation in Dubai. So we offer the following services for LLC registration Dubai.

  • First of all in the first place; we offer our fast services for getting name approvals for LLC Dubai.
  • We offer our fast services for getting Initial approval for llc company setup Dubai.
  • Our team will also guide you in the selection of activity for your LLC Dubai.
  • We provide local sponsor for LLC company formation in Dubai.
  • MOA for LLC company registration in Dubai;
  • Our services also include to find a nice office for LLC company in Dubai.
  • Last but not the least; we offer PRO service’s for LLC company in Dubai.
  • Our HR team can also help you in the hiring process.

Local sponsor for an LLC company formation in Dubai

  • If you decide to go with LLC company formation in Dubai; then you may be aware that all the LLC company formation in Dubai is requires a local partner. Which is also called Local sponsor.
  • In an LLC Dubai local will owns at least 51% of the share. And an expat will own 49% of the share. But this 51% share can be secure with side agreement.
  • Also be careful in taking a local sponsor as he will hold a major part of the share.
  • But you do not need to worry about this thing; our sponsors are very reliable and trust worthy local people. They will not make any problem for you.
  • We have a team of expert people; as well as a group of trust worthy local sponsors.
  • As a part of a UAE law every local cannot sponsor every activity. There are special sponsor for special type of activity. Like an engineer require for engineering LLC Dubai; a doctor which is require for clinic as well as hospital; also a RERA attested sponsor for real estate llc; a lawyers require for a law firm and auditors  require for an audit firm.
  • Luckily we have a panel of all these type of sponsors; they have reputable family back grounds; as well as holding high rank positions in gov’t sector.
  • We will also make sure that we will be a bridge between sponsors and expat investors.

Benefits of LLC company formation

  • LLC Dubai allow you to do local trade as well as local services
  • 0 capital requirements to setup and LLC company in Dubai.
  • The  most popular as well as the most common form of setting a company is an LLC Dubai
  • Its  offers supreme access to the wider range of UAE economy
  • The investor can get the investor visa without a security deposit in LLC Dubai
  • In LLC Company formation, no involvement of local partner in day to day activities
  • Let me tell you a key fact of the LLC company formation; that is you can have the option to launch branches in any emirate.
  • LLC Company formation is allow to open corporate bank accounts.
  • It also allow to avail credit facilities
  • Warehouse and office facilities can be avail in LLC formation in Dubai.

Key question about LLC Company Formation Dubai

Tell now we have discus a lot of thing about LLC; that is,

  • what is an LLC;
  • why it is so common.
  • what are the share distribution.
  • what we can offer for an LLC formation;
  • Also we have discus what are the benefits of an LLC.

Now it is time to answer some common question; which always our client ask about an LLC Dubai. Following are the main key fact about LLC Dubai

How many shareholders are requires to setup an LLC company in Dubai?

LLC company setup in Dubai is very flexible type of company setup. LLC Dubai must have shareholders between 2 to 50. Each shareholder in an LLC is liable up to the extent of his or her share capital in the company.

How many managers are allowing in an LLC company in Dubai?

A Dubai LLC company should appoint at least one manager and maximum five managers. A shareholder can also be a manager. Under the MOA of an LLC Dubai the manager has full powers for management of dubai llc. The power of the manager depends on the MOA.

What are the share percentage of local and expat in LLC Dubai?

In Dubai LLC company local will hold a major part of the company; that is 51% and expat will get only 49% share of an llc Dubai.

What kind of activity I can perform in a Dubai LLC company? 

You can conduct industrial; as well as commercial activities in Dubai LLC Company. But note that you cannot perform professional activities; except few activities like banking, insurance or investment. Dubai LLC company is not allows to do legal consultancy, auditing of financial statements; also accountancy and other type of consulting service.

How I can select a name for LLC company Dubai?

The name of an LLC Dubai company should be the same as the Dubai trade license activity; or it will contain the names of one or more of its shareholder. The suffix “Limited Liability Company” should be added to the Dubai LLC company.

What are the share percentage GCC national in Dubai LLC Company?

GCC nationals are allow to hold 100% share of the Dubai LLC Company. But note that if GCC national has an expat person then they needs a UAE local; he will hold 51% of share and the remaining 49%; will be share among the expat and GCC national.

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Meydan free zone company formation

Meydan free zone company formation

Meydan free zone is ideally located in the heart of Dubai, which is close to Dubai downtown. It is one of the free zones that offer cost-effective business setup solution in Dubai. Meydan free zone  encourages a lot of investors from all over the world for business setup in Meydan Free Zone, It offers full free zone incentives such as 100% ownership, no taxation, no currency restrictions, possibility of hiring foreign labor, high-speed internet connectivity and no duty tax imposed on import and export. The Meydan Free Zone offers only flexi desk option, which is very convenient for those who do not require a permanent physical office for their business.

Meydan Stadium, in which Meydan Free Zone is based, is a strategic creativity of the Dubai government, which is aimed at connecting the world with the Emirate of Dubai by way of hosting international horse racing events. Moreover, the Meydan project consist of not only Meydan Stadium or Meydan Free Zone, but also includes wide range of commercial developments, sports, hotels, entertainment and fun facilities, a series of state-of-the-art business parks, hospitals,  schools, residential villa communities, business towers with luxury waterfront developments and shopping destinations.

Advantages of company formation in Meydan free zone

Dubai is facilitated by the state government by easy registration of your business. Further, the new investors are also offered several benefits in this particular free zone.

  • Easy to setup business in Meydan free zone
  • Investors are given the permission to operate their business through a Flexi desk.
  • Premium location for your business setup.
  • Guaranteed 100% repatriation of invested capital and profits gained.
  • Guaranteed 100% ownership of the business both for individuals and corporate entities.
  • Extremely secure business environment.
  • Premier location for new business locating to Dubai
  • Seamless and efficient licensing and registration procedure.
  • Strategic location near Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Makhtoum City, close proximity to the Dubai Logistics Corridor.
  • Secure regulated environment.
  • Very competent licensing and registration procedure.

License Types offered by Meydan freezone company

Meydan Freezone offers different types of activities that are grouped into commercial, consultancy or media license.

  • Consulting license allow to carry on consulting activities such as Management, Business, Human resources consultancy and other professional services.
  • Commercial license allows import/export, trading and distribution of different types of goods. Please note that as of now Meydan Freezone does not offer warehouse space.
  • Media license includes all kinds of media, advertising and communication services.

Meydan Free Zone is an ideal solution for freelancers or small start-ups as it offers very competitive licensing options. It can also be an ideal solution for those who would like to establish a business in the vicinity of Dubai downtown.

What we offer for Meydan Free Zone company formation

  • Issuing of the required license
  • Permitting of legal entities
  • Shareholders structure and procedure
  • Guidance in the selection of your company name as there are several restrictions in Meydan free zone Dubai.
  • Shares structure
  • Auditing process
  • Attainment of facilities
  • Capital investment
  • Organizational structure
  • Visa matters
  • State government laws and regulation in the Meydan freezone
  • Driving license issuance and other such services.

All these services can be attained at a market competitive price. All you need to do is to contact us and give your input. The rest would be sorted out by our team of professional business advisors who have years of experience in dealing with such business services.

Characteristics of Meydan Free Zone Company

Characteristics Description
Type of licenses issued Consultancy License, Media License, commercial license
Legal entities permitted sole establishment, limited liability company, and branch of a foreign Company are allowed for Meydan freezone company
Directors type Only individual director are permitted in meydan free zone company. No corporate directors allowed.
Shares No bearer shares will be allowed.  All shares must be fully paid when allocated. No different classes of shares allowed in Meydan free zone company.
Shareholders One Shareholder minimum for a Meydan company, maximum of 7. A minimum of one director is required. You can be a partner/shareholder in multiple companies.
Audit  The Meydan free zone company shall appoint an auditor and file annual accounts as may be requested the authorities.
Share capital  The minimum share capital for a new Company and Subsidiary is AED 100,000 per company. Branches are exempt from the requirement of additional share capital.
Manager Every Meydan free zone company shall have a manager who must also be under the company’s visa. It should be a natural person and his name shall be on license.
Presence The shareholder has to be physically present either himself or through an attorney at the Free Zone.
Restrictions on name Meydan free zone company name must end with the word “LLC-FZ” as the case may be. Location names and religious words are prohibited.
Visa eligibility Meydan free zone company is eligible for 2 visas only. No Investor Visa Category Available
Governing law Companies are subjected to the UAE law in general and for some specific functions law of the Emirates of Dubai.
Facilities offered Meydan freezone company only operate with Flexi-desk
Other services Driving License and other functions need to be applied from Dubai Government Departments.

Documents required for Meydan free zone company setup

Individual Shareholder

  1. Application forms duly signed by the authorized signatory.
  2. 3 Year Business Plan
  3. Passport and visa copy of shareholders/directors/manager
  4. CV of shareholder (s) / directors / manager
  5. Original Bank reference letter or 6 month bank statement (stamped)

Corporate Shareholder

  1. Applications forms duly signed by the authorized signatory.
  2. Audited Financial Report
  3. Company brochure / profile
  4. 3 Year Business Plan
  5. Letter from the shareholding company for the appointment of a Manager.
  6. Board Resolution calling for the establishment of a Meydan Free Zone company, attachment of Specimen Signature, Passport copy & Power of Attorney for Manager, Director & Secretary.
  7. Certificate of Registration (or) Certificate of Incorporation (or) Certificate of Good Standing of the Mother Company, Memorandum & Articles of Association of the Parent Company. (Attested)

Documents Required For Establishing A Branch Company

  1. Application forms duly signed by the authorized signatory.
  2. Board Resolution calling for the establishment a branch in Meydan Free Zone and guarantee full financial commitment.
  3. Certificate of Registration (or) Certificate of Incorporation (or) Certificate of Good Standing, Memorandum & Articles of Association of the Mother Company, Attachment of Specimen Signature, Passport copy & Power of Attorney for Manager and Directors. (Attested)
  4. 3 Year Business Plan
  5. Letter from the parent company for the appointment of Manager.
  6. Company brochure / profile

Cost of Meydan free zone company formation

The Meydan free zone company formation cost is AED 21,020. This includes first year’s license fee, the company registration charges, certificate of incorporation, Business Name reservation, memorandum and articles of association (also if the company only has one shareholder).

In addition, a desk in the free zone needs to be rented for each visa required (a minimum of 1 desk needs to be leased). The annual fee for leasing a desk is AED 6,000. The desk is shared and can be used 4 hours a week. The company needs to open a file with the immigration department. Fee is 520 upon which an establishment card is issued.

The total 1st year’s fee is AED 27,540.

The annual fee for renewal of the trade license is AED 15,000. Together with the admin desk lease, and the annual renewal of the establishment card, the total annual charges are AED 21,500.

Meydan Free Zone currently not offering physical office. The Free Zone only promotes Flexi Desk facility in a standard cost as abow. Visa eligibility can be adjusted depending on the business plan of the company and on the approval of the authority.

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Dubai Design District free zone is the latest addition to Dubai free zones. D3 free zone was launch in 2013 by the UAE Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai; Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid al Maktoum. The vision behind launching Dubai Design District free zone is to build; a tailor made design hub that would develop emerging local talent; as well as provide a home for the county creative thinkers.

Many of the world creative hubs have grown organically over many years; the result of developing fashions and cultural trends. The creators of the Middle East design district are undertaking an ambitious; as well as innovative approach to creating a regional center for creative design. From the ground up, Dubai Design District free zone has evolved to become the primary destination; that is for creative from all over the Middle East; and it is still evolving.

D3 free zone (Dubai Design District free zone) offer a choice of operating either as a free zone entity; or as an onshore business. Each set up has its own merits and our team will be able to talk; that is about which way forward might be best suite to your needs. D3 free zone also provide freelance permits; so that talented and ambitious young artists and designers can get a foothold; that is on the commercial ladder and work in an environment that reflects their needs. The physical spaces at d3 free zone are design to provide this kind of flexibility.

Dubai Design District free zone

Dubai Design District free zone

Dubai Design District free zone

For the thousands of artists, fashion designers and creative minds across the region; there has been a desperate need for a real, living community. A community that provides space, collaboration and opportunities for our regions designers; and that also attracts exceptional talent from across the globe.

Dubai Design District free zone, d3 free zone, has been carefully develop; that is to provide a creative ecosystem that surpass the expectations of a typical creative neighborhood. It has its own beating heart; its own spirit and its own very personal style. This is a place where bohemians can live, work and play. Where aspiring designers can cut their teeth and learn their trade; where local talent can work alongside international design, art and fashion houses. It is, at its heart, a place where creative minds can come together to realize their dreams.

Dubai Design District free zone License OR D3 free zone License

We have discuss a lot of thing about D3 free trade zone. Now its time to say some thing about the license of D3 free trade zone. Free zone license is the choice of those who wish to retain 100% ownership. Operating with a Free zone license also means that; you have the freedom to work within the zone. There are a number of different types of D3 Free zone licenses; each these license offer 0% tax as well as full repatriation of profits:

  • Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ LLC)
  • Branch of a UAE company
  • Branch of a foreign company
  • Freelance permit

All Free zone licenses come under either a commercial license or a freelance permit. Commercial licenses can either be a Free zone LLC; or a Branch Company (a branch of either an existing UAE company or a foreign company). Freelance permit enable individuals to work as a sole proprietor for the specified activity.

D3 free zone FZ LLC

This is a special type of a license with the following main key point.

  • It is an independent legal entity; with 100% ownership to an expat.
  • For FZ LLC there is no tax; that is 0% corporate tax as well as income 0% tax.
  • Ability to repatriate capital as well as profits
  • At this time let me clear this that FZ LLC; can only operate within the Free zone itself.
  • Must have at least one Director
  • A minimum capital requirement for incorporation is required

Branch of a foreign company in Dubai design District free zone

This type of a license allow foreign company to operate in the free zone; with the same activity which the parent company have. Following are the main key point of this type of a license.

  • No share capital requires for this type of entity.
  • There is no tax; that is 0% corporate tax as well as 0% income tax
  • It also allow a foreign company to replicate his business in this free zone.
  • Conducts all or some of the operations inherent in the parent’s business

Branch of a UAE company in Dubai design District free zone

  • 51% locally own
  • No share capital require for this type of entity.
  • There is no tax; that is 0% corporate tax as well as 0% income tax
  • Not a separate legal entity from its parent
  • Conducts all or some of the operations inherent in the parent’s business

Freelance license in D3 free zone

  • Offers the ability to operate as a freelance professional
  • Identified as a sole practitioner
  • Enables practitioner to conduct business under birth name as oppose to a brand name

Salient Features of Dubai Design District free zone:

  • Location: the main feature of D3 free zone is the location. It is in the heart of the dubai city; which is very near to business Bay. It is 6 minute away from the DIFC free zone; as well as 3 minute away from the Dubai Mall; and 65 million annual visitors. It is also a 15 minute away from the Dubai Airport. 18 minutes from the city’s Dubai Media City and Dubai Internet City clusters.
  • Company formation in D3: Dubai Technology & Media Free Zone Authority (DTMFZA) is responsible for the setup of companies in Dubai Design District. There are 6 easy steps to setting up your Free Zone FZ-LLC; and there are only 4 steps for a Branch Company.
  • Regulatory Value: The District falls under an independent; and business also offer friendly regulatory scheme under the DTMFZA. D3 free zone is also very near to the Business Bay area of Dubai. So it mainly focus on fashion, design and luxury sectors. 100% foreign owner ship; as well as a legal frame work that encourages new start up; also an integrated service, and full repatriation of profits as well as capital.
  • Mainland license: Unlike other free zones; it is quite possible to setup as well as operate at d3 free zone with onshore license. Onshore d3 free zone company has more flexibility in terms of territorial coverage; as they can also do business out side of the free zone area as well. At the same time they can be part of the unique d3 free zone community. However, you need to be aware that onshore license must be issue from DED directly; and you also need to have a local partner or sponsor.

Our D3 free zone company formation services include:

  • First of all in the first place, let me tell you that we advise on the most cost effective; as well as suitable license package in Dubai Design District free zone.
  • We also assist with obtaining residency visas; as well as work permits after your company formation in Dubai Design District free zone
  • Also setup of your company branch; as well as subsidiary in Dubai Design District free zone
  • At this point let me tell you one more service; which we offer for D3 free zone; that is, Assistance with opening bank accounts for your Dubai Design District free zone company
  • We also assist with all other start up and legal requirements

D3 free zone set up cost:

Description Fees (in AED)
License Fee: 15,000
Registration: 3,510
Office space categories: 110 per sq/ft to 165 per sq/ft
Office deposit Equal to three months’ rent.

Our Other Services: | RAK free zone company setup | RAK offshore company |

How to setup company in D3 free zone?

Finally it is time to move to setup company in d3 free zone. At this stage let me tell you one main key point; or you can say one key point which you need to keep in mind. And also i think it will work to see the whole process of a company setup in d3 free zone; and show the entire thing in clear way; that is the easy way to setup a company in d3 free zone is to get in touch with us. You can do this in two ways. First you can use website live chat button. So that to start chats with a specialist. Second way is that, you can Click Here to place a call back request.

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Company formation uae

Company formation uae

UAE is a business hub. Its commercial capital is Dubai, offers easy access to the 1.5 billion consumer markets; which is place in neighboring Middle East countries Africa; also in CIS countries, Eastern Europe, as well as the West Asia. Dubai is one of the famous state of the UAE; people are coming from all over the world for company formation uae; because of the favorable economy, flexible structure and tax exemption; as well as versatile free trade zone and lots of business opportunities.

However, in this article we will not discuss all these factor. We will only highlight the top business opportunities for company setup in uae.

Well, running a business is definitely not for everyone; whether you are setting up in Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc. If you have lack of guts, initiative as well as passion to run a business; you will never succeed regardless of where ever you find yourself.

Why company setup in uae

  • First of all in the first place; let me tell you that the govt of UAE has a long term plan; that emphasis deeply on rising company formation uae. In this way, their economy will be boast for years. They have business laws that are really favorable. The tax free environment is ideal for new as well as emerging business.
  • Another reason why company setup in uae; is that UAE also offers a productive ground for business. That is, tax free plate form. Only three sectors are significantly assess in taxation. That is oil, banking, and tobacco processing.
  • Also note that company formation in uae is very easy. With forward thinking and progressive policies of the govt of UAE; encourage foreign investors to invest in the oil rich country.
  • There are many free trade zone in uae; and that is why commerce and trade is at its peak in uae. Also people come from all over the world to shop in uae; simply because they want to get cheaper goods here.
  • UAE is one of the top most starting point for business setup; and investors from all over the word love to start their business in UAE. The govt policy and the state of the art infrastructures support the growth of small business; as well as large corporations. Company set up in UAE are not just open to the citizens of UAE; but also to expat investor as well. As a matter of fact, the expat investors are encourage in to UAE; because the presence of foreign business is a major knock to the economy of Dubai.

Top 18 small business opportunities in UAE

So if you are looking to invest in UAE; then read this article carefully which is about company formation in uae; to know the best markets to invest in. Without wasting a time, below are the top 18 business opportunities in UAE. It will guarantee investors quick returns and long term profit:

Financial services company formation uae

Financial services is a strong option for company formation uae; because there are many large scale businesses in the UAE; which consistently demand for professionals that offer financial services. Such as bookkeepers, accountants, and auditors. If you have a solid background in any of these financial specialties. Then you will make lots of profit by starting a business that offers financial services to businesses in the UAE.

Tourism company formation uae

Another option of company formation uae is tourism; as UAE is one of the world’s most prefer vacation destinations. And this explains why there are many five star hotels in the UAE. UAE hosts several thousands of visitors every year; and this opens a big room for businesses that provide support to tourists in one way or another.

Construction company formation uae

First off all in the first place, New buildings are creates in the UAE with each passing day. This opens a big door  for engineers and other professionals; in the building as well as in road construction sector. And similarly, investors can setup company in uae that produce; or sell raw materials used in building and construction.

Company setup in uae in Energy sector

Another option of company setup in uae is Energy sector; although there are enough players in the UAE in the energy sector. But there are still a lot of opportunities in this area; that help to maintain the various energy generation facilities available in the country. So, if you are looking to invest in the UAE, energy sector is one option you should consider; if you have the expertise as well as the capital.

Company setup uae in Job Agencies

Another good business in uae is job agencies specifically for skill laborers. With a fast growing economy, a lot of skill employees are need to keep industries in various sectors going. The country is in terrible need of IT experts, engineers, nurses, accountants and construction personnel among many others.

Company formation in uae in Trading

Trading company setup in UAE is a profitable business; as Traders from around the world usually meet in UAE to exchange goods as well as services. The phrase “imports as well as exports” is very common since the people main source of income is from trading. You can import or export any products such as dried fruits, fashion materials, textiles, accessories, plastic goods, and vehicles.

Company setup uae in Oil and gas field

Oil and Gas is a valuable option for company setup uae. This has been the backbone of the country’s economy for several years. And much of the economy of  UAE is depend on oil and gas sector. Regardless of being demoralize for years, the oil sector still has enough room to accommodate new investors. Interested entrepreneurs can start their own businesses from scratch or partner with existing companies.

Business Franchises Company formation in uae

Business franchising is a new concept in UAE. Due to a huge expat population as well as mix preferences of the people living here; this concept is working really well for some years now. You can get a business franchise in the fast food industry; as this is one of the fastest growing industries in UAE.

Foods and snacks business set up

As men can not live without food. So food businesses thrive every where and at all time. And the UAE is not an exception to this fact. There is always a high demand for foods and snacks. So, you can make lots of cash in the UAE by starting a business that sells fast foods and snacks.

Company setup in uae (Travel Agency)

Since UAE is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world; So setup business in travel agency is a good business to start. Millions of tourists will be going to and from UAE annually. The total population of the place is also pack with expats from various countries. So this is also a good business to start.

Health care Company setup in UAE

Health care is another option for company formation in uae. Like in other develop countries, the people of UAE are also health conscious; and they show great concern for their health. This style has led to an increase in the request for health care service providers; as well as heath care facilities. If you are a health care professional looking to start a private business; then UAE is a very good place to establish it in.

Company setup uae in Jewelry Making and Retailing

As we all know that uae is known all over the world as the “Mecca of Gold”. Almost in every state of UAE there are gold market. You can setup shop as either as a jewelry maker, bead maker or jewelry merchant.

Company setup in uae in Security sector

Even though there are less security worries in the UAE; than we have in most other part of the world. But all this possible because there are allot of security companies; and every sector of the state are secure with high security. Because no one are taking chances with their assets. This has led to an increase in demand for security guard as well as security devices.

If you do not have what it takes to setup a business that concentrates private security services; you can still make money in the security sector by selling security devices; such as alarm systems and as well as surveillance cameras.

Company formation in uae (Specialty Schools)  

At this point let me tell you one more key opportunity; that is schools. Since UAE is full of expats of many nationalities, specialty schools are the main demand. You can think of any kind of granular specialty school and make some money out of it. This is a business opportunity that you can consider now.

Company formation uae in Transport sector

There are a lot of opportunities in the transport sector because of the ever-high call for transport services. Investors have the option to start a local taxi service or a trans-city transport services business.

Company setup in uae in Childcare Facilities

At this point let me tell you one more key opportunity; most of the population in Dubai are working class professionals. Now when both husband and wife are working professionals; they usually turn to a baby sitting facility to care for their babies. You may consider on this one, too.

UAE company formation in Environment sector

First of all in the first place, Due to the fast growth in the UAE; various activities such as construction and industrialization are producing vast damage to the environment. And the people are becoming more aware of the benefits of protecting their environment. So, there is a big opportunity in the UAE for green living scheme; as well as businesses that offer various environment protection services such as waste recycling.

Real Estate UAE company formation

UAE was once a desert but not anymore. Believe it or not, real estate is one of the largest industries in the country. A lot of investors are looking to invest in real estate business. Construction firms often race for projects in several segments including industrial, housing, and logistics among other construction project categories.

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How to setup company in UAE?

Finally it is time to move to setup company in UAE. At this stage let me tell you one main key point; or you can say one key point which you need to keep in mind. And also i think it will work to see the whole process of a company setup in UAE; and show the entire thing in clear way; that is the easy way to setup a company in UAE is to get in touch with us. You can do this in two ways. First you can use website live chat button. So that to start chats with a specialist. Second way is that, you can Click Here to place a call back request.

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Dubai South free zoneDubai south free zone to be found as the world’s first purpose built free zone. Dubai South free zone is a tactical initiative of the Dubai Government; that places the emirate as a leading logistics as well as a trade center. Dubai South free zone is tactically connect to the Jebel Ali Port; which is (the largest container port between Singapore and Rotterdam); and Al Maktoum International Airport via the devoted Logistics Access strip. This Strip forms a single custom bond sector and enables one of the world’s wildest flows; that is in terms of air to sea and sea to air cargo. Dubai South Free Zone Company provides direct access to Tran road networks. Emirates Road and the Dubai By Pass which makes it a true multi modal logistics platform; which provide a record levels of connectivity, speed and efficiency.

The Dubai South free zone also includes Al Maktum International Airport; which once complete will have the capability to handle 12 million tons of annual cargo; and as well as 160 million passengers. This makes Dubai South free zone an exceptional multi modal project; that supports a number of activities in aviation, humanitarian; commercial, logistics, exhibition, residential and leisure businesses.

Logistics Corridor

First off all in the first place; Dubai South free zone further strengthens Dubai; that is in term of a trade and logistics hub in the region. The Dubai south free zone also has access to the largest sea port; that is of Jebel Ali and perfectly links the port to Al Maktoum Airport through the Dubai Logistics Corridor. So, this allows the direct drive of goods; that is between the sea port and the air port in a single custom bond zone.

Airport City

Today’s businesses require faster operations, delivery and high level of connectivity. This as a result increases the demand for air transport; to the point that 35% of world trade now depends on it. Such percentage is continuously increasing. In fact in business world, an airport plays a role of an economic catalyst. With a mission to form the aerotropolis model; Al Maktum Airport and Airport City of Dubai South free zone have been designe; that is with forward thinking master plan that creates the frame work for Dubai’s economic future.

Dubai South free zone the City of You

First of all in the first place; Dubai South the City of You is an emerging 145 square kilo meter master plan city; which is base on happiness of the individual. Which also known as the emirate flagship urban project; Dubai South free zone is fix on the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum; Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. The royal vision is imitated in the themes of Dubai Plan 2021; which apply to Dubai South as follows:

  • To create an inclusive and cohesive society
  • To become a City of happy, creative and empowered people
  • Build a smart and sustainable City,
  • To become the preferred place to live, work and invest
  • Become a pivotal hub in the global economy

License Types available for Dubai South freezone

  • Industrial License: this kind of license is use for light manufacturing activities.
  • Logistics License; this kind of license is only issue in the Logistics District; that is for logistics services.
  • Trading & General Trading License: For import; export, distribution and storage of specific products specified in the License; and also sale of the products within the UAE market through a local distributor.
  • Service License: For services specified in the License within the Dubai south freezone and elsewhere in the UAE.
  • Education License: this kind of license is use for educational and social services; educational and training, and educational consultancy services.

Dubai South freezone offers a Flexi desk Facility that gives the investor the eligibility to obtain up to Two Visas.

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Advantages of Dubai south free zone company formation

Till this point we explain a lot of thing about Dubai south free zone. That is, what is a Dubai south free zone; what is the main type of license in Dubai south free zone; why also we need to set up business in Dubai south free zone. So it is time to say some thing about the benefit of Dubai south free zone company.

  • 100% tax free operations for Dubai south free trade zone.
  • Full foreign owner ship
  • 100% repatriation of capital as well as profits is allow in Dubai south freezone.
  • At this point let me tell you one more benefit; for which clients are very keen for Dubai south free zone. Or you can say one more strong point which you need to keep in mind. And I think it is the most key point for free trade zone. That is 0% tax as well as no duty tax for import and export.
  • flexible commercial lease terms
  • wide range of business activities are available free zone clients.
  • Also minimum documentation to setup a company in Dubai south free trade zone.
  • A direct access to Jebel Ali Sea Port and also to Al Maktoum Airport
  • No proof of share capital as well as no currency restrictions
  • Competitive rates for set up company in Dubai south free zone.
  • State of the art facilities

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Cosmetic Product Registration in Dubai

Cosmetic Product Registration in Dubai

Dubai is one of the biggest and most important hubs of international trade for import; as well as export of the products. The govt of UAE desires to form a modern assessment process; so cosmetic product registration in Dubai is compulsory; before lunching any of cosmetic product in Dubai market.

System encounters the spirit of brokers, dealers, buyers, sellers as well as agents; and the best carry out in the field of safety; donate to achieve the main objectives of the Govt of Dubai; and present the latest international systems in the control of import; as well as export of the products outstanding performance; that is, at the regional level and international level.

For this determination it was necessary to provide essential information; needed by the buyers to be aware of all the requirements of the import and export of products.

For Product registration in UAE; the application can be prepared in English or in Arabic. Marketing permission for cosmetic products in UAE can only be given to Manufacturer; who is registered in the Dubai Municipality.

Cosmetic product registration regulation in Dubai

The Govt of Dubai regulates the manufacture; sale as well as import of the cosmetic product; require that all cosmetic product need to be registered prior to placing in Dubai market; as well by requiring the individuals running the activities related to cosmetics to be licensed in Dubai.

The purpose of Cosmetic product registration

The purpose of registration is to ensure the compliance of personal care products; cosmetics and also perfumes; that is to the specifications of the permitted standards. And thus it allows trader, maker as well as importer of cosmetics; personal care products, and perfumes to avoid the rejection of their shipments that arrive to Dubai’s ports. It will also avoid the withdrawal of their products from the domestic market. 

What is Cosmetic, personal care or perfume product?

Any substance which is to be place in contact with the a number of external parts of the human body;  like epidermis, nails, hair system, lips and as well as external genital organs; or with the teeth and the mucous membranes of the oral cavity; with an intention of exclusively or also mainly to clean, perfume; correct body odors, change appearance protect and / or keep these parts in good condition. Only a trading company license in the UAE; and also has an activity that is related to import or manufacture of personal care; cosmetics or also perfumes can register these products on its trade name.

Advantages of cosmetic product registration in Dubai

  • Label protection
  • Import and re-export rights
  • Brand Protection
  • Hassle free trade in UAE and outside UAE.

After registration it is add value of your product and keeps your Business successful.

Functions for cosmetic product registration in UAE

  • It is the main source for cleaning.
  • Also to protect human skin.
  • It is the main source of perfume
  • Also it is the main source to correct body odors
  • keep in good condition
  • To change the appearance

Procedures of Cosmetic product registration in Dubai

There are a number of steps to register a product; But the most common steps for cosmetic product registration in Dubai are:

  • Applicant for product registration must be a company form in Dubai and having a cosmetics activity.
  • The company must be register with Dubai Municipality.
  • Form must be fill for each and every product.
  • The company must submit a copy of a valid label assessment of the product.
  • After completion of all the requirements a registration report of the consumer product is made.
  • We will update you on the status of the application; and once the report is ready we will provide the original.
Required Documents for product registration

Certificate of Free Sales (CFS):

This type of certificate must be from the country of origin; it should be from any recognize body in the country. The CFS should be current at the time of submission. A CFS is a document which show that the product are allow to sell in the home country freely.

Analysis Report:

Manufacture will provide this type of a document from the company of the product. This document provides all the necessary data regarding ingredients, chemical; and as well as physical properties of the products.

Laboratory Test Report/ ingredient report:

A test report that point out the content of certain heavy metals including; Mercury, Zinc, Arsenic, Lead, Chromium, Cadmium, preservatives; and as well as a micro biology test from recognize laboratory. The test should be either in the Country of Origin or from Dubai Central Laboratory.

List of cosmetic product registration in Dubai

The following list of cosmetic product registration in Dubai is not comprehensive but is provided by way of example:

  • Creams, emulsions, lotions, gels and oils for the skin (hands, face, feet, etc.)
  • Tinted bases (liquids, pastes, powders)
  • Face masks (with the exception of peeling products)
  • Make-up powders, after-bath powders, hygienic powders, etc.
  • Perfumes, toilet waters and Eau de Cologne
  • Toilet soaps, deodorant soaps, etc.
  • Bath and shower preparations (salts, foams, oils, gels, etc.)
  • Deodorants and anti perspirants
  • Depilatories
  • Hair care products:
  • Product for waving, straightening and as well as fixing
  • Hair tints and as well as bleaches
  • Setting products
  • Cleansing products (lotions, powders as well as shampoos)
  • Condition products (lotions, creams as well as oils)
  • Hair dressing products (lotions, lacquers as well as brilliantine)
  • Products for making up and removing make up from the face and as well as eyes
  • lips product
  • Products for nail care and as well as make up
  • Shaving products (creams, foams as well as lotions)
  • Products for care of the teeth and as well as mouth
  • Products for external intimate hygiene
  • Anti wrinkle products as well as products for tanning without sun.
  • Sun bath products
  • Skin whitening products

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Sharjah company formation

Sharjah company formation

Sharjah is the third largest state of the UAE. Sharjah is next to Dubai and efficiently its suburb; with daily traffic streaming to and from creating long traffic jams at rush hours. It was one of the richest states in the UAE. Sharjah is an electrifying, lively state with exciting artifacts in every place. This cultural square is famous for its mixture of restored houses in traditional style. Sharjah is a hub for electronic business and mainly for import and export businesses. Sharjah company formation is a real thrill for investor who wish to setup their business in a rich culture and easily available resources.

License for Sharjah company formation

  • Commercial license covering all kinds of trading activity.
  • Industrial license for establishing industrial or manufacturing activity
  • Professional license covering professions, services, craftsmen and artisans.

What are the requirements for company formation in Sharjah?

Prior to company formation in Sharjah, it is first essential to follow the steps drawn below in order to meet the legal necessities of all concerned government authorities and to promise maximum commercial advantage for the business owner.

  • Submit sharjah company formation application and the proposed company name to the Department of Economic Development (DED)
  • Notarize the Memorandum of Association in DED for company formation in sharjah
  • File company documents with the DED and obtain trade license and the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry membership.
  • Make a name board
  • Apply for establishment card at the Ministry of Labor for your company formation in sharjah
  • Apply for workers visa in Ministry of Labor
  • Register workers with the General Authority for Pension and Social Security

Legal Structures for Business setup in sharjah

In the past, every single emirate followed its own processes for controlling the operations of foreign companies. In run-through, however, Dubai and the other states followed the same common system, whereby foreign companies operated in one of three ways

  • With a local sponsor, through a partnership with a United Arab Emirates national or company
  • Through a private limited company
  • Public shareholding company incorporated by Ruler’s decree

Since 1984, steps have been taken to introduce a organized companies law applicable throughout the United Arab Emirates. Federal Law No. 8 of 1984, as amended by Federal Law No. 13 of 1988 – the “Commercial Companies Law” – and its by-laws have been issued.

The Federal Law orders total local shares will not be less than 51% in any commercial business setup in sharjah and outline seven categories of business setup in sharjah which can be incorporated in the Sharjah. It groups out the requirements in terms of directors, shareholders, minimum capital levels and incorporation procedures. It further lays down provisions governing conversion, merger and dissolution of companies.

The seven categories of company formation Sharjah

  • Joint venture company
  • Public shareholding company
  • Private shareholding company
  • General partnership company
  • Partnership-en-commendam
  • Limited liability company
  • Share partnership company

Joint Venture company formation In Sharjah

Joint venture is an agreement between a foreign shareholder and a local partner; it must be done to engage in a desire activity. A joint venture company formation in Sharjah is done among two or more then two partners; that is, to agree on a contract to share the profit and loss of one or more company. The equity sharing from the local side in the joint venture must be at least 51%; but the profit and loss distribution can be set. Also if the expat partner contracts with third party; that is under the name of the local partner will bear the responsibilities.  In practice, joint ventures company formation in Sharjah is more suitable for working together on specific projects.

Public Share Holding Company setup In Sharjah

We provide custom solutions to those companies who are planning for public Shareholding Company setup in Sharjah. Public shareholding company (PJSC) required to have a minimum capital of AED 10,000,000 and required at least ten founding members who are United Arab Emirates Nationals, owning between 20% and 40% of In Public Shareholding Company, the capital is divided into equal shares, in such businesses the owner’s liability is limited by the number of shares. Moreover, the Chairman and majority of the Directors in a public shareholding company must be United Arab Emirates national and should hold at least 51% of the shares. In general, banking, insurance or financial sectors run as public share holding companies. The company’s name cannot include the name of any of the stockholders and should instead reflect its activity. In all cases, however, the phrase “Public Shareholding Company” must be attached to the business name. Setting up a Public Shareholding Company in Sharjah is no longer a extraordinary task, as DBC has a pool of professionals who find the people who are keen to be different stake holders of a company.

Private Share Holding Company formation Sharjah

Dubai Business Center (DBC) provides great support for Private Shareholding Company formation Sharjah, as DBC consultancy has already assisted several companies to incorporate in Sharjah, A Private Joint-Stock Company or Private Shareholding Company is a partnership of at least three persons. The companions of private partnership must invest a minimum capital of AED 2,000,000 in the company. Such businesses can be setup for any industrial or commercial type of business setup in Sharjah. A Private Joint Stock Company is subject to all rules and regulations that apply to Public-Joint Stock Companies, except for the rules and regulations relating to public share subscription.

A Private shareholding Company can be established in-between three or more United Arab Emirates Citizens or GCC Citizens. The law also permits citizens of other countries to establish a private shareholding company with at least one United Arab Emirates National. The shares of a private shareholding company cannot be transferred to the public. However, the company can be converted to a public company two years or more after its creation. We can offer assistance for United Arab Emirates nationals and nationals from other countries to set up private share holding company in Sharjah.

General Partnership Sharjah company formation

General Partnership Sharjah company formation is an easy process as professional consultants from DBC can guide you in a right channel. General Partnership consists of two or more associates who hold a joint responsibility for all the company liabilities and activities. This is only kept to United Arab Emirates nationals because the companions are responsible towards the liabilities of the company by their assets unlike expats or foreigners as their assets are usually abroad. As per the legislative order, all joint partners in GPC type of companies should be citizens of the United Arab Emirates. For setting up a General partnership firm in Sharjah,

Representative Office of Foreign Company in Sharjah

In Sharjah, foreign companies are allowed to launch their cooperation or representative offices as per the license granted. Being the leader in business consulting we assists companies to open their representative office in different emirates of United Arab Emirates. In fact, representative office functions as a marketing or administrative center of a foreign company. A representative or link office in Sharjah has limitation in promoting its parent company’s activities. This means that a representative office is only allowed to perform such activities as soliciting orders, collecting data, and marketing projects to be performed by the company’s headquarters. Representative office is also restricted in the number of employees that they sponsor commonly three to four.

Branch of foreign company in Sharjah

Foreign companies are allowed to establish their own branches and representative offices in Sharjah. However, these offices have a restriction in the activities they may conduct within the United Arab Emirates. As per the law in United Arab Emirates, only United Arab Emirates nationals or companies fully owned by United Arab Emirates locals may be appointed as local service agents. Local service agents or sponsors are not involved in the operational side of the company, but they just simply support in getting visas; labor cards etc, and is paid a lump sum amount per year. A popular way for foreign businesses to keep 100% ownership in Sharjah company formation is to incorporate a branch or representative office. These offices do not have separate legal characteristics but are known as an extension of the foreign company, which remains liable for their whole activities.

The primary difference in-between a branch office and a representative office is that a representative office has limitation to gather information and solicit orders and projects to be performed by the parent company. In the case of representative offices, they are also limited in the number of employees they may sponsor (typically 3 or 4).In fact, a representative office functions as an administrative and marketing hub for the parent company. A branch office can involve in commercial activity in the United Arab Emirates and can earn profits as per the license granted.

Sole Proprietorship Sharjah company formation

In most form of the company in UAE a local sponsor is requires to set up company. But still there are some activity for which an expat are allow to set up sole proprietorship. In this type of a Sharjah company formation; a foreign investor to perform some business activities without having a local sponsor. Best examples can be engineering consultancies, medical services, legal practice and other consultancies and similar services. Only investors with a valid and legal UAE residence permit can start a sole proprietorship company in Sharjah. However, the rules in UAE demands that the one who wish to start a sole proprietorship company in Sharjah; should have a local service agent.

LLC Company Formation In Sharjah

At this point let me tell you an other quality of DBC; that is LLC company formation in sharjah. A LLC company can be form with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 50 partners; whose liability is limited to their shares in the capital. Most companies with foreign partners always opt for LLC company formation in sharjah; due to the fact that this is the only option that ensures maximum legal ownership; that is 49% to the expat for a trading license. Moreover its mandatory to keep one UAE national as a partner in the LLC; investor has to pick one UAE local (sponsor) as a partner in the company.

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Company registration in Dubai

Company registration in Dubai

Planning for company registration in Dubai?

In UAE, every individual emirate as well as the Federal Government is accountable for company registration and business set up. In Dubai, the authorities have generated an atmosphere which is well organized, well define and unrestricted. As a result, Dubai offers an operating condition to company registration Dubai. The working condition in Dubai is the main charm of Dubai company registration; and also the most gorgeous in the region.

Dubai has a strong economy which is one of the world’s best economy; with a large annual trade. UAE has go through a brilliant conversion into a modern state; that is, with a high standard of living.

There are a lot of options offers to local as well as foreign companies; which are search for to start a business with in Dubai. Besides a trading company; there are other companies find that there are distinct benefits in having a company in Dubai; in order to make contacts, study the market scenarios; association with customers, as well as understand the details and needs of any business. Having such presence can provide substantial business benefits in this part of the world.

Dubai company registration

First of all in the first place, investors are always demand to deal with someone they know; as well as they trust. So personal relationships are much more imperative in Dubai as they are in Europe or America. Also, the political stability in UAE made the market very predictable for growth as well as maturity. Thus making the market place very competitive and creating a need for first class market intelligence and information. Dubai company registration offers a comprehensive range of business options to foreign corporations, including:

  • Direct trade in Local Market – Dubai company registration in mainland enable you to selling directly to established dealers and distributors
  • Branch office – this option of Dubai company registration, allow 100% foreign ownership; but a local agent is requires; license required form DED.
  • Special free trade zone: in this option of Dubai company registration, 100% foreign ownership permitted; At this point let me tell you one key point form expat point of view; that is, no local sponsor is required, but trade is restricted to that specific free zone.
  • Commercial agency arrangements – in this option of Dubai company registration appointee must be a UAE national or company; agreement to be registered with Ministry of Economy and Commerce

Dubai company registration cost

Initial approval fee 330
Trade Name Approval and Reservation 640
Licensing & registration fee 9,999
Local Sponsor (Emirati) Fee 7,999
Court Notarization Fee 1525
PO Box and Company Stamp Fee 900
Immigration card fee 1000
Labor Card Fee 2,525
RERA attestation 200

In this post we will discuss the top 8 reasons for company registration in dubai.

8 reasons for company registration in dubai

Some of these reason are very obvious and some are not so

Infrastructure for company registration in dubai

First of all in the first place, Infrastructure in the UAE is well develop; Due to a period of quick progress; that is the construction as well as commercial facilities. It is up to an international standards; also make it easier for company registration in dubai. Dubai host an airport and a see port in the region; which make it a logistics hub for rest of the world.

DTA for company registration dubai

At this stage let me tell you a key facts. That is, Income tax is always an issue for most of the foreign investor; and considers it as a key point when going for company registration in any part of the world. Double taxation agreement (DTA) of UAE is one of the primary reasons for company registration dubai. UAE has sign a contract on the avoidance of double taxation with around 50 countries. These countries contain its main trade partners from across the world.

Taxes for company registration in Dubai

At this point let me tell you one key fact; which i think is the most leading point. That is, in UAE, there is no corporate tax as well as no income tax. Business in UAE enjoy the least tax structure in the world. The good nature of tax in UAE was mention by the study Paying Taxes 2013 compiled by the IFC; World Bank and Price water house Coopers.

Considering the tax benefit; Dubai company registration is of strategic advantage for both business as well as people.

In practice however only petrochemical companies, oil & gas; as well as branch office of foreign banks are obligatory to pay taxes. There is 0% income tax to be paid by the expat as well as the national of the UAE.

Strong Economy: Dubai company registration

UAE economy was categorized third among 15 countries in the Middle East; as well as 28th among 185 countries worldwide; in the Index of Economic Freedom 2013. UAE has offer an exciting structure for company registration in Dubai. UAE develop an encouraging business environment; as well as high level of political stability to encourage investors for company registration in Dubai.

Low import Duty for Dubai company registration

One more key point for expat to lunch business in UAE; that is, import duties in UAE are very low. That is,  5% for most of the goods. For goods imported for use within a specific Free Zone; At this point let me tell you one key point form expat point of view; that is, there is no import as well as export duties. There are around 44 Free Zones in UAE which offers reasonable packages for company registration in dubai.

FTA and GAFTA for company registration in dubai

First of all in the first place, UAE is the part of the GCC; and so UAE base businesses enjoy duty free trade with all countries in GCC; that also has Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain as its members.

The GCC block is at this time discussing to sign Free Trade Agreements with the EU; Pakistan, Australia, Turkey, China, Japan, India, Korea; also with the Latin American countries of Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina as well as Paraguay.

One more key point for expat to lunch business in UAE; that is, it is also an associate of the GAFTA; Greater Arab Free Trade Area in which all GCC states take part. This allows UAE to trade with all the associates of GAFTA with lowest duties and barriers. At this point let me tell you one key point form expat point of view; that is, UAE is a natural choice for those who wish to target GCC country.

Availability of Manpower

First of all in the first place, Dubai has a strong labor policies. It is easy as well as economical to recruit work forces from almost any part of the world. Which open a strong gate for company registration dubai. Govt of UAE, across the seven emirates trying to bring flexibility in labor law; in order to facilitate the labor in their state. At this point let me tell you one key point form expat point of view; that is, Dubai is heavily investing in teaching the national work force; so that to play a greater role in boosting the UAE economy. More than 1.4 million people are now working in Dubai.

Strategic Location

Strategic location is one of the main advantage of company registration in dubai; The UAE enjoys a strategic location in the world; as it is place between Asia, Europe and Africa; so it is a place that provides great trading conditions. Western country multi nationals companies use UAE as a hub for the Middle East. Also, Indian traders use the UAE to reach out to the rest of the world. Chinese use UAE as a hub to reach out to the Africa.  And also Latin American use UAE as a launch pad for South Asia. At this point let me tell you one key point form expat point of view; that is, company registration dubai helps in targeting a wide range of area.

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