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Izrar Ulhaq

I am a corporate consultant with years of advanced experience leveraging business consulting skills with legal insight to drive business growth, protect assets and Intellectual Property, assure legal compliance and minimize risk. I am currently working as a business consultant with Shams consultant, advising entrepreneurs, startup companies and foreign firm on business setup in dubai, LLC Dubai, regulatory affairs, legal compliance, legal structuring and re-structuring of entities in United Arab Emirates Mainland, Free Zones and, Offshore jurisdictions.
Auditing license in Dubai

Auditing license in Dubai

If your intention is to find How to start an audit firm in Dubai; then you are on a right place to find out; as we will guide you to get an auditing license in Dubai. There are many reasons to support the idea to open a ca firm in Dubai,

But the question is; is it a right time to think how to start an audit firm in Dubai

The answer is yes; because due to future events in UAE like FIFA world cup in GCC and Expo 2020; it is a best time not only to setup audit license in Dubai; but for any business in UAE. All the major trader; financier and entrepreneur have eyes on Expo 2020; and they are waiting for a chance to promote their Idea of business in such event. An audit firm can also promote their firm as other companies like trading and professional firm; are looking to promote their firm and become an international brand.

How to start an audit firm in Dubai

Another big reason which will make you thing about How to start an audit firm in Dubai; that is the availability of manpower. Many people in this region are come to find a jobs as they think UAE is a good location for them. An audit firm needs professionals with sound experience in audit and account. The firm can hire these experts easily. Also there are very easy visa process to hire professionals; and also requires less time in hiring process as compare to other countries. This makes UAE a nice looking place. UAE is very sound market for job seekers; so as a firm you can get maximum benefits by hiring fresh graduates.

UAE has no capital gain tax; very low value added tax, no personal income tax and zero corporate tax. An audit and accounting firm can save so much valuable capital; and use it to increase long term capital of the firm. Therefore the firm can grow quickly. The money which you save from this taxation can also be used for other running cost of the firm.

How to get audit license in Dubai

A firm holding an auditing license in Dubai is providing one of the most popular services to other firms; and they and their services are always in demand. Thus, this demand brings plenty of competition but as well as plenty of customers. In fact, this is one of the reckless growing fields; and it grows about 25 percent in last decade. Plan your business carefully and develop good relations with your clients; and you will be able to develop your firm successfully.

Determine your specialty. As a consultant, you will concentrate on providing services in the field of accounting for other companies. While you may only take on the account and auditing for a company as a full service outsource accounting department; you may also select to offer more specific services; which clients do not want to hire a full time employee for that. SOX auditing, forensic accounting, expert witness services as well as financial analysis of purchase; are more likely to be outsource to consulting firms.

Obtain certifications and Exam. For auditing license in Dubai you need to have accounting degree and relevant experience in this field. You also need to pass an exam in Dubai to be eligible for getting auditing license in Dubai.

Set up an auditing license in Dubai

Every business needs a license to operate in UAE. You will also need a cheapest business license; you may need to consider forming an LLC or corporation to defend yourself from personal liability; Taking professional liability insurance may be a constraint in some communities; and it is a good idea to have even if the law does not require it.

Market your services. Since you will be fascinating business clients that need to trust you with their finances; making face to face contact by joining networking events will serve as one of your major marketing efforts. Make sure your clients recognize correctly what you are offering; they should be able to easily know your services in a “30-second elevator pitch.

Auditing license in Dubai

  • Activity Code 6920001
  • Activity Group Accounts
  • License Type Professional
  • Activity Description auditing license in Dubai allow to practice accounting services; and allow to audit accounts of companies as well as firms; and make comprehensive examination and auditing of all kinds of accounts; records and accounting books of an establishment; the outcome of its business, reports on its financial position.
Terms and Conditions Requested By
Laws which regulate the consumer’s rights shall be taken into account; that is the phrase “The sold goods are neither returnable nor exchangeable” shall not appear on the invoice. No additional fees shall be imposed against the use of credit cards. Dep. of Economic Development (Registration & licensing Sector)
How to open a construction company in Dubai

How to open a construction company in Dubai

How to open a construction company in Dubai is one of the most important topics in the UAE and is at the top of swing. The construction zone in the UAE operates with full volume due to a number of big mega projects; and the rise of the common setup in preparation for the Expo 2020.

UAE make a note for the highest construction project value; that is reaching around USD 320 billion; which is the 51% of the top 100 projects in the GCC County. Revealing of the above report is the list of the main construction ventures both commercial as well as residential. The UAE offers outstanding prospect for business such as tax free environment; also an investment protection, a stable economy and a 0% corruption; keeping this view in mind, an investor is searching for how to open a construction company in Dubai.

As a global investment center, the UAE has launched so many construction projects; that is in infrastructure for residential and commercial area. Ant would not be wrong to say that UAE achieve a strange growth in transport infrastructure; they have mainly built leading projects such as the USD 7.8 billion extension of Dubai Airport; and the USD 6.8 billion Abu Dhabi Airport revamp project.

Local or foreign contractor who are involve in contracting project; must be having construction company license in Dubai to carry out their activity.

Where and How to open a construction company in Dubai

To register a construction company in Dubai you need a license from DED; and a municipality approval is also required. There are 2 type of license available for Construction Company in Dubai.

Commercial license (LLC): Gives the right to conduct physical construction activities.

Professional License: Gives you the eligibility to carry engineering, designing and project management.

How to open a construction company in Dubai

Construction company license in Dubai will allow you to provide construction services; that is in the field of industrial, commercial and residential areas. If you get a construction license in UAE; then you will be able to offer construction services to all kinds of real estate project; that is going from small office repair to a complete creation of new building. Once you have your construction license in Dubai; then you can provide high quality services to your client; that is in quick and cost efficient manner with high quality work.

The range of real estate license in Dubai is very much diversified; you will be involve in a large number of projects for several industries such as automobile industries; also food processing facilities, chemical plants, residential buildings, warehouses & logistics industry; also infrastructures, retail industry, Oil & Gas, pharmacy storages, aviation projects; Water and marine as well as power generation industry.

Type of a Construction license in Dubai

There are so many kinds of a construction license in Dubai; each one has different requirements as well as difference regulation.

Wrecking & Demolition license in Dubai

  • Activity Code : 451001
  • License Type  : Commercial
  • Activity Group: Contracting and building works

Activity Description: to start construction company in Dubai with this license; you will be allow to engage in the destroying of buildings and other structures; which are in rundown condition and are at the edge of collapse; or for replacement using different techniques; such as cranes for high rise buildings; excavators and manual for medium buildings as well as building implosion using explosives.

Building Contracting license in Dubai

  • Activity Code : 452001
  • License Type  : Commercial
  • Activity Group : Contracting and building works

Activity Description: to start construction company in Dubai with this license; will allow you to involve in constructions of all kinds and for different work; mainly residential, hospitals, airports, farms, industrial, commercial, schools, public and agricultural buildings; also building adjusting, general maintenance, interior beautification, landscaping as well as electrical fixtures and sanitary plumbing, the number of floors to be constructed shall be set by Dubai Municipality.

Building maintenance license in Dubai

  • Activity Code : 454007
  • License Type : Commercial
  • Activity Group : Building maintenance, surveillance and cleaning services

Activity Description: How to open a construction company in Dubai with this license; will allows only the maintenance of buildings; without any equipment or extensions available inside; such operations include restoration and reparations of roofs, columns, walls, floors and others.

Steel Constructions Contracting license in Dubai

  • Activity Code : 452008
  • License Type : Commercial
  • Activity Group: Contracting and building works

Activity Description: to start construction company in Dubai with this license; will allow you to execute all operations related to steel constructions; as well as installing steel structures on site; such as factories, warehouses, storage place, sheds, bridges structures and tunnels; also the execution of all civil works for such installations, mainly foundation piling, floor paving, lay connections. Firms engaged in manufacturing such structures are classified under class 2811, the number of floors involved shall be set by Dubai Municipality.

Commercial Brokerage License in Dubai

Commercial Brokerage License in Dubai

Since the beginning of economic as well as business development in Dubai, the real estate sector keep on the top priority of most of the states of UAE. The construction of tall buildings and other construction projects are going every time in Dubai. All this nonstop construction work offers profitable business chances for people; who are trying their luck doing the business of real estate; that is construction companies, developers, real estate brokerage etc.

There are mainly three types of for this business; in which one of them is the commercial brokerage license in Dubai. A commercial brokerage license in Dubai will empower you to take a part or represent both the parties; that is the landlord and the tenant in the government departments; and responsible for doing the real estate services (e.g. RERA). To work on behalf of someone in the gov’t department is really an important task. One can easily evaluate the profits that he can get while having commercial brokerage license in Dubai; after considering the importance of real state in the market of Dubai. Getting a real estate brokerage license in Dubai involves various steps.

In Dubai, there are two legal structures available for real estate brokerage license in Dubai.

  • A single person doing this business is called ‘sole establishment’
  • The second structure is the Limited Liability Company (LLC); where there are two or more up to a maximum of 50 shareholders.

Commercial brokerage license in Dubai can only be set up under complete ownership of a UAE national. This real estate brokerage company can only be set up in Dubai mainland.

Prior Conditions for commercial brokerage license in Dubai

If an expat person want to get the Commercial brokerage licenses in Dubai; then he will have to get a real estate qualification course; requiring a university degree (in economy, accountancy or finance) along with 3 year experience. The company owner as well as manager should have to provide good conduct certificate from Dubai police department. An at the end, they would have to pass the real estate profession test.

How to setup real estate brokerage in Dubai

Reserve a Trade Name

The process of real estate company formation in Dubai is start with the trade name reservation. You can do this online through a DED website; or at one of the typing centers in the emirate.

Initial Approval for real estate brokerage license in Dubai

The next step is to get the Initial Approval for real estate brokerage license in Dubai; by submitting basic application and other helpful documents; such as the application form (BR-1 form), copy of the passport of all the shareholders as well as manager; and also a copy of attested high school or university degree of the partners as well as manager.

Approval from Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA)

In order to get RERA approval, you need to pass RERA courses related to real estate field; which would be at least for two to fifteen days; but this will totally depend on your educational background.

Legal Documentation

In case of a Sole Establishment, only office tenancy contract shall be sign between the concerned parties. If a company is being form as LLC, then MOA shall be sign between the shareholders in front of the Notary Public.

License from DED for commercial brokerage license in Dubai

At this stage all documents such as trade name reservation certificate; RERA approval, tenancy contract and MOA along with copy of the passport of all the shareholders; and a manager can be submitted to DED to obtain the final license. After getting complete documents, DED issues fee voucher which includes all due costs for getting the license. Once the payment is done, DED issues the license.

RERA registration of real estate brokerage license in Dubai

After obtaining a license from DED; the next step is to register your company with RERA. For taking RERA registration the following documents are requires.

You need an application form, a license copy, payment receipt for RERA courses; and also a tenancy contract as well as a location map.

Registration with DNRD and Ministry of Labor

Like other main land license, a commercial brokerage license in Dubai; need to be register with DNRD as well as Ministry of Labor (MOL); so that to hire foreign employees and also sponsor their visas.

A quick look to the real estate brokerage license in Dubai

First step is to reserve a trade name by filling an online application on the website of DED. After that a next step is to submit application form with required documents; that is passport copies of shareholders and manager, attest copy of academic degree of all the shareholders.

The next step include passing of RERA course for gaining expertise in real estate field. The duration of this course is from 2 to 15 days; that will grant RERA approval to the applicant. Now in this step documents will be sign. Only office tenancy contract will be sign in case of sole setup; while MOA will be sign between shareholders in case of LLC. Now to get license all the documents and RERA approval will be submit to DED. The department will issue fee vouchers after receiving all the documents. DED will issue the license.

Now you need to provide DED license copy, application form, tenancy copy; location map as well as RERA course payment receipt to RERA; that will issue registration certificate to the applicant. The final step for Real Estate Brokerage Company is to register with DNRD and MOL (ministry of labor). This will complete the commercial brokerage license process in Dubai

How to start trading business in Dubai

How to start trading business in Dubai

Dubai is a tax free in nature which attractive to many investor; but it is important to keep in mind that most of them are looking for trading business in Dubai. We offer a useful assistance which allows business owners to estimate the fees and other requirement to start trading business Dubai.

If you are planning to start trading business Dubai one of its free zones; then keep in mind that each free zone has different set up processes and fees. Dubai free zones also require that to have a minimum amount of capital; if you are starting the company or enterprise in the free zone; but for opening a branch of an existing company you do not need share capital. To start trading business in Dubai free zone you do not need of local sponsor; the only cost after set up the company is your employee visas; and paperwork to allow them to reside in the country.

To start trading business in Dubai you also need to consider the future costs of importing goods to the country. Dubai Customs has perfect rules to the types of product that you want to bring; as well as the costs of bring in those products. If you are planning to only trade within the GCC; then customs fees as well as other cost will be less; due to the newly established GCC common market; which promotes trade and employment among GCC nationals.

Trading in medical supplies, cosmetic trading, foodstuffs as well as oil and gas products are the most common.

Why you should start trading Business in Dubai

  • Dubai is one of the top most trading hubs for expat people and investors in the whole world. The gov’t policy and the state of the art structures support the growth trading Business in Dubai; as well as other businesses. Opportunities of trading business in Dubai are not just only open for the UAE local people; but also to foreign investors as well. As a matter of fact, the expat are encourage in to Dubai; because the presence of expat business is a major boost to the economy of the country.
  • There are many free zones in Dubai and that is why trading business in Dubai is at its peak. People come from all over the world to shop in Dubai simply because they tend to get cheaper goods there.
  • A best trading business in UAE is very easy to set up. With advance, progressive policies by the gov’t of UAE encourage foreign financiers to invest in the oil-rich country. In the UAE, investors are granted motivations and the process for setting up best trading business in UAE has been simplified by the government.
  • Another reason why UAE is a rich ground for best trading business in UAE is that minimal taxation.
  • The gov’t of Dubai has a long-term plan that focus heavily on growing trading Business in Dubai. In this way, their economy will maintain for years. They have business laws that are really promising. The tax-free rule is ideal for new and emerging businesses.

So if you are looking to invest in the UAE, then you will have no problems in terms of setting up your business. But there’s a need to know the best markets to invest in.

How to start trading business in Dubai

Plan for trading business in Dubai

You can start trading Business in Dubai in one of the best free zone; or as mainland in any of the 7 Emirates with the help of local sponsor. Some jurisdictions will ask you for your business plan. The plan must have information on your

  • Markets
  • Products
  • Number of Employees
  • Office space required
  • Investment you wish to make
  • Marketing efforts
  • Investors, financing
  • Critical Success Factors for your business
  • Suppliers
  • Competitors

You may choose to start with whole selling activities with an outlet in the whole sale market. You can tie-up with bigger foreign producers to sell their products in this region. Or maybe have an exclusive shop in one of the many shopping centers!

Whichever you decide to go, the business plan is a good start.

Consult with a business adviser

There are more the 1,000 activity link to trading in UAE in all jurisdictions. To choose a proper zone for specific activity is only possible with the help of business advisor. All jurisdictions do not offer all activities. And each specializes in some way or the other.

A business advisor who is keen to help you will make available a clear path; through these options and hold your hand till you are satisfied.

They will also help you till your company registration in Dubai.

Select your activity and the jurisdiction for best trading business in UAE

A specific trading license will allow you to trade in the specific item. Also General Trading license, which is more expensive; but it will allow you to trade in more than one product.

Your business license can be from a free trade zone; where you can own 100% of the business or a main land business; where you will need a ‘sponsor’ who will own 51% of your company on paper. Some businesses require Local licenses.

Find a local Sponsor for your main land trading business in UAE

There are 3 types of Sponsors

  1. Those who will just sign your legal documents and will let you free to take care of your problems. Some of them will do the sponsorship through a local company. This type shall charge the lowest fees.
  2. The 2nd type is middle level gov’t officials with connections who will help you when your business is stuck. Their fees will be higher, but they may come with you if you need help
  3. These sponsors are high level name brands who are connected at senior levels. Their fees will also be high. Your hope would be that their name is sufficient to get your work done.

Get detail costs for your trading business in Dubai

We will give you detail costs for your trading business in Dubai. Also we will guide you full assistance in visas cost. We will also guide you on time requires to start trading business in Dubai. Consultant spent much of the time in getting the correct Know Your Client [KYC]. But we have a standard process for KYC collection which will boost the process.

RAK free zone company setup

RAK free zone company setup

Ras al-Khaimah (RAK) is one of the 7 states of the UAE, which is situated in the northern end of UAE .and shares borders with Oman; and settled between Hajjar craggy Mountains on the East; and the Arabian Gulf on the West. RAK has very charming situation for setting up a business. The main feature of Ras al khaimah company formation is that it is an inexpensive for the reason that it has some free tax zones instead of other states of Dubai.

RAK is just at 50 minutes distance away from Dubai. It offers great access to a number of emerging markets; with countries of the Middle East, Asia and the African regions. In fact, for RAK company formation they have several opportunities for selections of business verities. In this background and for the reason that RAK has several free zones as well as non-free zone mainland area. Therefore, the expat can find a great valuable situation in Ras al khaimah company formation. RAK company formation is affordable being cheapest and also minimal in terms of costing/investment. In this view, it is always a great destination for starting a business and its achievement.

Types of Ras al khaimah company formation

For business activities in RAK, both local and international; there are 3 main options for Ras al khaimah company formation. One is RAK free zone company setup and the other is RAK company formation in local market; or in other word we can say that mainland RAK company formation. And the third option is regarding RAK offshore business. As we said the main beauty of Ras al khaimah company formation is; that it has low cost effective option as compare to the other state of UAE.

RAK company formation Mainland

For Company formation in RAK at least two partners are required for setting up business And maximum fifty partners are required. At this juncture it may be pointed out about a Company formation in RAK that for Company formation in RAK at least one local partner needed, this local. Partner will have to hold minimum of 51% of share in the business. And an outsider partner can hold maximum of 49% of share in RAK company formation. In RAK mainland stranger can carry on any type of business except; the banking correspondence of  an investment as well as insurance.

Advantages of Ras al khaimah company formation

  • There is no year-wise audit conducting procedure for RAK company formation
  • Ras al khaimah company formation 100% repatriation of capital as well as profits
  • RAK company formation has no currency restrictions
  • Allow to conduct business in local market of UAE
  • In business setup RAK you can shift your business from any part of RAK
  • Ras al khaimah company formation has simple set up process.
  • RAK company formation has flexibility to rent office anywhere in RAK
  • Wide range of license types as well as wide range of activities available for business setup RAK.
  • Only practical option for some types of business.
  • Business setup RAK has 100% tax free.
  • It requires Zero capitals. I think this is the main point about Ras al khaimah company formation.
  • There is no restrictions for getting employment visas in RAK business. Due to this aspect expat/investors love Ras al khaimah company formation.

RAK free zone company setup

In RAK there are 3 main free zone to setup business. One is Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAK FTZ); and the second one is RAK Investment Authority (RAKIA), and the 3rd one is RAK Media Free Zone (RMFZ.

RAK free zone company setup (RAK FTZ)

RAK free zone company formation is a cost effective option for investment. Ras Al Khaimah free trade zone is established in the start 2000. Till now Ras Al Khaimah free trade zone has lunch more than 10,000 businesses from over 100 countries. Ras Al Khaimah free trade zone offer more than 50 industry sectors for business setup.

Ras Al Khaimah free trade zone offers numerous advantages including:

  • RAK free zone company formation offers a tax free investment environment.
  • Also fast business set up process for RAK free zone company formation
  • 100% foreign ownership are also the key value of RAK free zone company formation
  • A wide range of real estate facilities for RAK free zone company setup to suit your needs.
  • RAK free zone company setup allow a fast track UAE visa issuance
  • A strategic physical location that provides easy access to markets across the world.

RAK free zone license cost

Following are the ras al khaimah trade license cost

RAK FTZ and business license fees:
Registration Fees 7,000 1,918 one-off fee
Commercial  License 3,650 1,000 per year
Consulting & Services License 7,500 2,055 per year
General Trading License 15,000 4,109 per year
Industrial License 5,000  1,330 per year
Flexi Desk cost 10,300 2,822 yearly
Admin Service Charges 1,200 329 per year

RAK free zone company setup (Media free zone)

Media free zone was launch in the start of 2006; by the RAK Free Trade Zone (RAKFTZ) authority; in order to challenge Dubai Media City. RAK FTZ has become popular because of the growing cost of living in Dubai; which makes RAK an alternative charm-full place to go. Also RAK Media free zone will lease land to financiers who wish to setup their own media facilities; like as  a film studio, a printing press, a magazine office; an advertising agency as well as a television studio.

Advantages RAK free zone company setup

  • RAK free zone company setup in RAK Media Zone is a global media hub
  • Availability of Easy access to a large market rich with untapped potential
  • RAK free zone company setup in RAK Media Zone is Business friendly regulations
  • Also RAK Media Zone offer lower operational costs for RAK free zone company setup.
  • RAK Media Zone has high tech communication facilities
  • Also RAK free zone company setup in RAK Media Zone has world class infrastructure & facilities
  • Media Zone has a state of the art offices
  • RAK Media Zone has Ideal out sourcing destination

RAK company formation (RAKIA Free Zone)

RAKIA Free Zone is a leading business zone; which is also devoted to provide a pro-business environment; as well as attractive vigorous infrastructure and regulatory. RAKIA Free Zone is comprised of two dedicated industrial parks. A combined area of 30 million square meters. RAKIA Free Zone provides a hassle free RAK company formation. RAKIA Free Zone also offer state of the art facilities and economical solutions; so that to help clients compete globally as well as locally. RAK company formation presents a wide range of solutions as well as services; it sticks to meet the requirements of its clients. RAK company formation offer strategic advantages and investor oriented policies. RAK company formation free zone is home to over 550 manufacturers and thousands of SMEs.

Advantages of RAK company formation (RAKIA Free Zone)

  • RAKIA Free Zone offers a choice to open a free zone or a non-free zone entity.
  • Low cost of business setup as well as operations in RAKIA Free Zone.
  • RAKIA Free Zone offer 100% tax exemptions (no corporate tax as well as no personal tax)
  • Ease of doing business in RAKIA Free Zone.
  • RAKIA Free Zone also offer 100% foreign ownership in free zone companies
  • 100% repatriation of capital as well as profits is allowed in RAKIA Free Zone.
  • RAK free zone company setup has easy access to strategic markets.
Offshore RAK company formation

The third type of a business is also a core business in RAK; that is RAK offshore business setup. It was first start in 2004 by RAK free trade zone. Since then it became the most popular option for offshore businesses.

Advantages Offshore RAK company formation
  • RAK offshore business setup will give 100% foreign ownership
  • In RAK offshore business has 0% tax.
  • Also it has very easy renewed process.
  • In RAK Offshore business requires only one director as well as one share holder.
  • Also no accounting requires.
  • There are no limitations on shareholder as well as director residencies.
  • Share holder as well as director can be the same person.
  • RAK offshore will issue all registration documents in English language
  • It does not need any audit


photography license in Dubai

photography license in Dubai

UAE is a place of opportunity for almost every expat in the region; and especially if you are a professional person then this level of opportunity increase. So there is a great opportunity for photography license in Dubai. If you are a photographer then it is not such a difficult task you can start this with two options; that is to start as a freelance photography license in Dubai free zone; or setting up a photography license in Dubai mainland. You can set up your company in mainland UAE and also available in the free zones located in Dubai. A good example is Dubai Media City and Dubai design district free zone; which is specific for activities related to media and studio.

As a freelance photography license in Dubai, you can have a number of such lovely areas in Dubai that offer great photographic experience. You can use these areas to make a rich profile collection. Few of these places are: the Miracle Garden in Dubai; Dhow yard in Dubai; the Spice Souq (market) in Dubai, the event of wrestling in the city; and as well as the historic malls and beaches in Dubai’.

Photography License in Dubai

But before starting a photography business in Dubai; you must consider few key points. The first step is to choose your area of focusing in. There are a number of places in photography like commercial photography; wedding photography; portraits etc. and you have to select one of these for starting a photography business in Dubai. Another main thing to think through is that buying of tools like Camera is necessary for starting a photography business in Dubai. It is because this tool will not only help you to use your talents perfectly; but clients are more likely to hire photographers who have great filters, studio lights, lenses etc. in their photography equipment.

The next step after getting photography license in Dubai is to promote your brand. You can do so even avoiding of spending much by creating a portfolio; that fully defines your talent in the field. It is easily do so by organizing your best photos in a folder.

You will also require joining a professional photographer company even if you are working as a freelance photographer because it will make easier for you to get potential clients according to your professional expertise.

The follow quality you need to become a freelance photographer in Dubai?

Be Passionate for photography business in Dubai

You must love the art to be successful; take it as a hobby. A profession in photography is not an easy to be task. It’s all about creativity; that is you must be a creative person. So there will be a lot of hurdles beside the way that you will need to have the motivation to jump over. Do not put on to think that you will make a quick income. It will be a long time before you can start earning for your services. Also be real to your own style. In simple word adopt your own style; because every successful artist in this field has his own style; and that is what makes them unique from the rest.

Build your brand for photography license in Dubai

Create your own online website for your art work. Start out small website with a blogger, Word Press or joomla blog which is for free; and once it gains some fame then you can buy the domain from them. If you are thinking to start freelance photography license in Dubai; then you can even start a Facebook, google plus and linkedin Page; if you are more happy with that platform too. You will be able to easily set up a fan page on Facebook and get your art work out there. Most of successful people in this field start like this.

Be social for photography permit Dubai

Being social in this field, it will take you in. Being social means you have more places to be able to display your talent. Take photos at events and parties; so that you become the local photographer at your favorite places; and always share your collection on your social media accounts. Allow general public to tag themselves in your snaps; and build your network through those events which you are taking photo. You will be improving your expertise while you are doing something you love; and that will sooner or later turn into an actual commercial lead. Before getting photography permit Dubai you need to be more social; which will gives you access to friends who would enjoy modeling for you – for free!

Be prepared to make investments for photography permit Dubai

In any set up you need to make investments to make a return in the long run. Apart from expenses on expert tools you will need some money for small advertisement as well; and most important you need to invest your valuable time. It all may become really crushing but you need to place a tough agenda for yourself. Take time to do courses, and get certified, and always try to improve your skill. It takes time, but it will pay off.

Starting a photography business in Dubai

Dubai Media City, Dubai design district free zone and Dubai Studio City are the three best places for you if you want to start as a freelancer photography license in Dubai or as a company starting a photography business in Dubai free zone. Dubai Media City and Dubai Studio City not only offers a number of services for photographers but you can also take benefit of the most reliable media hubs of the county in these free zones. The services provided by Dubai Studio City and Dubai Media City consist of fully fit out business units; simple setup process, lavish licensing terms etc.

Document requires for starting a photography business in Dubai free zone

If you want to apply freelance photography permit Dubai; then you have to provide the following documents

  • Passport copy of the shareholder
  • A complete business plan
  • The person completes CV
  • Full credentials of the photographer
  • A bank reference letter
  • Samples of work and reference letter from previous employer (if possible).

If you want starting a photography business in Dubai as a company; then you have to provide the following documents

  • copy of owner as well as manager
  • CV of owner as well as manager
  • Business plan and bank reference letter.

After receiving photographer license from Media Business Centre in Dubai; you will be provided with services like: 24 hour security as well as office access, lighting, power, air conditioning; use of meeting room, office management as well as maintenance; bedrooms as well as lounge area, daily housekeeping service along with collection; and distribution of faxes as well as mails and others.

Costs of photography permit Dubai

The set up cost of photography permit Dubai for license, flexi desk; also security deposit and 3 year UAE resident visa is AED 20,000. And after every year, you will pay annual renewal fee of AED 13,500.

You will get FZ-LLC license, security deposit; also desk space and two UAE resident visas with two year validity for initial cost of AED 48,000. At the start of every year, you will additionally pay AED 35,000 annual renewal fee.

Photography License in Dubai mainland

The above mentioned free zones are best places for starting a photography business in Dubai. But if you want to start photography business in Dubai mainland; then local Emirati sponsor will hold 51% of shares of the company which is compulsory; that is for setting up of any business in the mainland Dubai.

Laundry license in Dubai

Laundry License in Dubai

Laundry License in Dubai

  • Activity Code : 930102
  • Activity Group : Laundry
  • License Type : Professional
  • Activity Description: Laundry license in Dubai allow washing automatic; as well as manual clothes, small carpets, curtains, bed sheets; it also includes washing clothes and leather products etc.

General requirements for Laundry business in Dubai

  • No Smoking signs will be show in the entrance of a Laundry business in Dubai.
  • Sleeping and cooking are not allows in the working area of Laundry business in Dubai.
  • Emergency contact numbers must be present in the facility.
  • Cloth use for ironing should be keep clean at all times.
  • Food products should not be store in the working area of Laundry license in Dubai.
  • General cleanliness; that is below the ironing tables, drawers, cabinets, under the sink, corners of wall; also pantry area, curtains, exhausts, work area, wash rooms etc. It should be carrying out for effective cleaning and disinfection to ensure hygiene within the working area.
  • Chairs / Sofa / Curtain: made from non-absorbent substance not be keep inside the working area.
  • Unwanted / unused and personal things should not be keep inside the working area.

Worker and machine for Laundry license in Dubai

Workers and others hold dirty clothes shall be caution against coming in contact with the eyes, mouth; as well as any part of the body on which the skin has been broken by a scratch or scrape; and they shall be warn not to touch or eat food until their hands have been washed. Course of action must be provided to take a require actions in any case that the above mention emergency happens.

Consistent checks and care should be done for machines for a Laundry business in Dubai; also a Consistent checks for rollers use for pressing long sheets. The pinch at the in-running side of the rolls shall be as long as with a guard extending; across the entire length of the nip and organize to avoid chances such as fingers of workers; from being dragged in between the rolls and between guard and the rolls while doing its function of allowing the cloth to be fed into rolls safely. Additional stop bars switches shall be provided for emergency stop.

Storage of Chemicals for Laundry license in Dubai

Chemicals used in Laundry license in Dubai shall be store in a separate room identifying them as harsh; flammable as well as incompatible chemicals. Defenses in handling chemicals as given in the material safety data sheet shall be follow.

Bleaches shall be divid from all other chemicals and from any rags; lubricant or other flammable materials. The chemicals drum or containers shall be properly written off as.

The working area of Laundry business in Dubai should provide the following:

  • Sufficient number of separate Laundry carts as well as basket shall be available
  • Laundry basket or carts must be mark for wash as well as unwashed cloth
  • First aid box full with medication with valid shelf life
  • Sufficient number of separate tables as well as rack for clean clothes shall be available.
  • Also waste bin with cover for waste group should be provided.
  • Ceramic Hand wash basin should be provided with liquid hand soap.
Delivery Van for Laundry license in Dubai

It is a compulsory requirement for laundry business in Dubai. So make available enough number of distinct laundry stacks for gathering washed as well as unwashed cloths. Delivery van shall be provided with aluminum sheet to hold the laundry stacks. Make available stand as well as hanger to hold the cloth. Daily cleaning work sheet shall be exist. Also keep clean and dirty cloth separate in the delivery vehicle

How to start a laundry business in Dubai

The only answer to a question “How to start a laundry business in Dubai”; is to take you to the step involve in process to setup a Laundry. So to know How to start a laundry business in Dubai click the button;

If you want to know the procedure for how to How to start a laundry business in Dubai

How to start a business in UAE free zone

How to start a business in UAE free zone

How to start a business in UAE free zone is very debatable question. But it is without any doubt a cost effective project for persons who are in search for the group of experts; in order to answer the question How to start a business in UAE free zone. But before answer to How to start a business in UAE free zone; there are plenty of other things that need to be focus. To start a business in UAE free zone you must have a proper vision. Every business needs a vision. To convert this vision into reality is a fantasy of every person. Before opening a business, you need to have a business idea; to start a business in UAE free zone.

In order to form an operational business plan an expert view is requires on each single step. Because expert of business set up knows How to start a business in UAE free zone easily. Expert & qualified business person know what exactly their goal is and how can they reach to it. They know how to invite their target audience in the best possible way. They know How to start a business in UAE free zone; and also what is best in order to make their products; as well as services grow well to survive the competition. But those, who have just start writing their business plans; need expert direction and help, whether in forecasting sales, cost calculations; research, generating financial documentation and much more.

How to start a business in Dubai free zone

Dubai free trade one are a special economic zones for company setup in Dubai. To start a business in Dubai free zone offers a wide range of services which includes; Dubai Free Zone VISA, easy company formation, a verity of Free Zone License. Dubai is the only city of UAE where a large number of Free Zones for doing the trade; and also the Free Industrial Zones for potential investors who wish to make the most profit out of their investments. Dubai is healthy with a diversity of new and different sector of business firm. It has all been imaginable because there are great numbers of firms all around the world looking to establish their base in Dubai.

We are the best team of expert for setting up the foreign businesses here; and in this field the most successful company in Dubai, UAE. So, if you want to know how to start a business in Dubai free zone; then stay with us. We will take you to step by step process of how to start a business in Dubai free zone. Dubai is one of the few zones on earth; where starting a business is a tiresome task. According to the World Bank’s Survey, Dubai is rank 33rd of the easiest places to do business. In view of its low rankings, we can say that opening a company in the state is going to be very tough, especially if it is your first time.

How to start a business in UAE free zone | How to start a business in Dubai free zone

In this section we will take you to the real process of Setting up a business in a free zone. As each free zone authorities have their own rules and regulation; there for each free zone have their own setup procedure. But following are the common step to start a business in UAE free zone.

  • Determine the type of legal entity
  • Choose a trade name
  • Apply for a business license
  • Choose an office space
  • Get pre-approvals, register your business and get your license

Determine the entity type | How to start a business in UAE free zone

The first step for How to start a business in UAE free zone is to determine the legal type of entity your business. In a free trade zone, you can set up one of the two types of firms:

  • Free Zone Company (FZ Co)
  • Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

The difference in these two is the number of shareholders; that is FZE requires only one shareholder; and if the shareholders are more than one then it is call as FZCo. All free trade zones might not register both types of companies. You need to check with our expert team about the type of company you want to register.

Choose a trade name | How to start a business in UAE free zone

The 2nd step for How to start a business in UAE free zone is to choose a trade name. In most cases, you would check with the free trade zone authority about the trade name; that whether the intended name has already been register or not.

Choose a business Activity | How to start a business in Dubai free zone

The 3rd step for How to start a business in Dubai free zone is to choose a business activity. In Dubai free zone, you can choose from over 3000 business activities ranging from over 100 sectors such as energy, aviation, shipping, commodities, gold and diamonds, education, media, professional services, technology, constructions, FMCG, healthcare, financial services and personal and community services.

Get Initial approval | How to start a business in UAE free zone

In this step for How to start a business in UAE free zone is to apply for initial approval. Company form in free trade zone is following the rules of the respective free trade zones. In order to get the approvals, you need to apply with the documents. The list of documents varies on the type of business activity; as well as the type of company; and also the requirements of the free zone authority. Below is a general documents needed for approvals.

  • Completed application form as well as Business plan
  • Copy of existing trade license (if you are an existing company, applicable for local company only)
  • Color passport copies of the shareholder and the Manager or Director for the new company
  • Specimen signature of the shareholder and the new Manager or the Director for the new company
  • 2 year audit reports for corporate entity; or certificate of reference from a personal bank of the individual shareholder
  • NOC from current sponsor (for individuals)
  • Unit title deed
  • Also letter of Intent
  • Registry Identification Code (RIC) Form for Manager and a Director (Original as well as notarize)

Freelancers need to submit fewer documents. In most cases, they need to submit:

  • Application form for the company setup.
  • CV
  • Bank reference letter
  • Registry Identification Code (RIC) Form (Original as well as notarize)

Choose an office space | How to start a business in Dubai free zone

In this step for How to start a business in Dubai free zone is to choose an office space. You can buy as well as lease an office spaces in free trade zone. Office space depends on the number of staff and type of business activity of your company.

In Dubai free zone you can choose from a flexi desk of 20-30 sq/m. Also flexi office of 200 – 265 sq/m. and also an offices running through multiple floors totaling up to 2,000 sq / m.

Registration an get the license | How to start a business in Dubai free zone

In this step for How to start a business in Dubai free zone is to pay the license fee and get the final approval. After getting initial approval, you need to pay registration fees as well as license fees. But note that the fees depend on the type of license; as well as the free zone authority.

Note that certain activities may be subject to approval from external authorities. Refer to special cases.

Freelance license in Dubai

Freelance license in Dubai

There are a number of outsiders live in UAE from all over the world. Most of them want to earn extra income apart from their usual duties to earn more income; due to the wishes high style of living to maintain a good standard in the Society. Normally people are confused about the part time work and freelance license in Dubai. A Freelance license in Dubai is basically working or run your business legally with a valid trade license. A part time job in UAE is consider as illegal; unless until a person gets a separate permission from the ministry of labor in Dubai. There are so many benefits from getting a freelance license UAE; e.g. that one or more person can enjoy the ownership of a company; can also maintain a separate company bank account; separate business address etc.

Freelance license in Dubai

After obtaining freelance license UAE you are at liberty and are legally allow running the business or working here. In UAE most of the free zone authorities are providing the Freelance license UAE; so you can get the permit from any of the free zone authority; by choosing the activity as per your professional background. Residents of UAE holding a valid visa may open a Freelance license UAE without canceling the existing visa. The person who is in husband sponsorship or employment visa may be the shareholder of the company; but in this case they will provide NOC letter from the sponsor.

In freelancer license Dubai, Physical office space is not mandatory. But many free zones offer the flexi desk facility for small business; which helps the owner to access the office and use the services like as mail; receptionist, and meeting rooms etc. The trade license can be issued within 7 to 10 working days. These options are more suitable for those who are in residency visa through their spouse or employment visa.

Advantages of freelance license Dubai

Quick easy setup of freelance license Dubai

You can apply for your freelance license Dubai in two ways: either direct to the Department of Economic Development (DED); or from one of the Dubai various free zones authority. None of these are difficult; however the free zone option may be easier than the first one; and comes with other benefits such as 0% corporate and personal tax and 100% repatriation of profits. The application process is very simple; you may use your company name or use your own name; and your freelance license Dubai is usually issue in 7 to 10 days.

No need of office space for freelance license in Dubai

Freelance license in Dubai gives you total freedom. There will be no bar upon you and it will be your own free style choice; to work under yourself mind and not under any subservient. In this scenario you may not be tie to an office. You can also work from home if you wish; or rent a desk or office facilities from one of the free zones.

Wide variety of freelance license in Dubai

One of the most attractive things about freelance license in Dubai is the wide range of fields; in which you are allowed to operate. Freelance license in Dubai are issue for almost all DED listed activities. And if you wish to obtain a freelance permit from a free zone; then your business activity must be related to the free zone’s area of focus. For instance if you want to set up in Dubai Media City Free Zone; then you need to be working in the media or a related industry.

Corporate bank account for freelance license Dubai

It’s not just the license and visa applications which are straight forward; getting your corporate bank account organized is also a breeze. The UAE is home to plenty of large, reputable financial institutions – both local banks and global names; that gladly welcome freelancers. Plus, if you set up in a free zone; you’ll often be put in touch with the most relevant bank to your needs as part of the standard setup service.

No auditing or book keeping for freelance license Dubai

Mostly people do not like paper work, especially when they have to do it all themselves. Fortunately, freelance license Dubai is not always requires submitting official accounts; or being subject to an audit. So it is an ideal setup for the busy entrepreneur.

Dependents Sponsorship allow for freelance license UAE

Freelance license UAE may not always be a steady job; but that does not mean you can’t have family with you. Once your own visa is secure, providing you meet the salary requirements; you will be able to sponsor family members too (or employees if you’re setting up a company). In general, though, it’s easier for a man to sponsor dependents than for a woman; unless she’s working in certain defined professions (such as the medical sector). In addition to the minimum salary restrictions.

Upgrading your freelance license in Dubai to full company setup

There are some who never want to give up freelancing; and will only ever take on as much work as they can manage themselves. Others see freelancing as the first step on the ladder to expand their business and setting up a company. For them the good news is that it is easy to upgrade your freelance license Dubai to a company license. And there are many benefits for up gradation, including the fact that you can apply for multiple visas. Also, many free zones allow you to set up a company without the need for upfront share capital. 

Freelance license UAE available in free zone

  • Fujairah free zone: license fee is starting from AED: 14,000.00
  • UMQ free zone: License fees is starting from AED: 13,000.00
  • AJMAN free zone: License fees is starting from AED: 11,000.00
  • D-Tech: license fees is starting from AED: 7,500.00
  • Twofour54 – Abu Dhabi: License fees is starting from AED: 2,500.00
  • RAK free trade zone: License fees is starting from AED: 15,000.00

Every free zone have certain professional activities like actor, animator, designer, artist; also sound engineer, music as well as theater editor, media marketing, information technology; film production, content provider as well as photo shot etc. One can get a freelance permit the investor or owner need to be professionally qualified; and also need to provide the specific proof for the qualification.

catering license in Dubai

catering license in Dubai

Dubai is a place of tourism and also known as the best trading hub. People from all over the world are coming for trading as well as for vacation; which led a high demand for food stuff industry; like restaurant, coffee shop, cafeteria and catering license in Dubai. If you wish to set up a catering license in Dubai; then you legally can provide fresh meals to any number of end users from schools and hospitals; airlines and shops to parties as well as events?

If you are a house wife and also you like cooking; as well as you want to give a professional look to your cooking skills; or you are somebody who loves cooking and want this skill to convert it in to business. If this is the case then get ready for catering business in UAE.

Why catering license in Dubai

Well to understand why catering license in Dubai let’s check a few facts about Dubai. As majority of you know very well that Dubai is home of people from different parts of world. Dubai has very hot weather conditions due to which they always lacking outdoor activities; mostly, people love to hang in places like Shisha bars, tea outlets, fast food center and restaurants etc. This is one of the most attractive points for people in food business. Thanks to multicultural population, also the diversity available in food items tempts the flavor buds.

The busy life agenda of people, limited annual holidays and very strict business surroundings; also creates the need of catering business in UAE. Huge camps of labor and quarters of staff for big company also generate an opportunity for catering license in Dubai.

Dubai is also known as a place of tourist; consistent events as well as public functions can be a great basis of income; that is for the owners of catering business in UAE. There are a lot of attractive tourist spots are located in extra ordinary places; like in the middle of a dessert, in the middle of an ocean or at the top of hills etc; which also creates room for catering license in Dubai to prepare and serve food at these locations. Where this is not only challenging task but it is very interesting too.

Dubai is also well known for its big fat wedding too. People like varieties in food and menu to be served with impressive hospitality; such event of wedding has a good scope of earning.
There are several reasons which we knows that why people should invest in a catering license in Dubai.

How to get a catering license in Dubai

In this section we will answer the main question about How to get a catering license in Dubai. Breaking of the market is not an easy task; considering the number of small restaurants that are already catering to the needs of the market; but help is on its way with the support we’ve provided below:

Identify Your Target for catering business in UAE

It is essential to determine your target market; so let this be a key concern in making your plan for this business.

Options for catering business in UAE

The Department of Economic Development will issue a commercial license for this; but before that, you will require to decide about the structure of your proposed business. Sole setup is only allows to the nationals of UAE or GCC. Expat can set up an LLC company, a joint venture; where an Emirati sponsor will must own 51% of the business.

At the same time as over recent years free zones have become increasingly popular; which ensure you to maintain 100% ownership of the business, with a catering company. But this will restrict your business within that particular free zone; so take a decision which market works best for you that will becomes even more centre phase.

Also keep in mind, that in fact there are few options for launching a catering business in a free zone. As many industry located in specific zones are require a branch on the mainland. For example, The Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority (JAFZA), classifies catering in order to obtain this; under a service license and you will need to have a parent company and can open as a branch. While other free zones operate it differently so you should go through with each individual option. The option of a particular popular free zone is Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT); where restrictions on catering do not fall under a business activity; but you are require to go through for a pre-approval which takes seven to 10 working days in processing.

Dubai catering license

  • Activity Code : 521108
  • Activity Group : Food stuff supply
  • License Type : Commercial
  • Activity Description: Holding this license will allow you to engage in the field of food and beverages; that is on contract with schools, institutes, hospitals, airlines, shipping companies; as well as contractors with fresh meals cook and prepare in his own kitchen. Such a firm must own necessary facilities to carry out the catering activities.

Costs of catering business in UAE

The structure of a catering firm plays an important role in starting, depending upon your decision. You will need to focus on few factors in the initial stage; the costs of your licensing fee, visas, rental of place and capital requirements for furnishing kitchen.

Premises for catering business in UAE

Again, the type and size of premises will depend on the set up and company structure which you have decided.

At the time of dealing with contractors be careful; and also ensure that you cover up all aspects of the contract to put away headaches in future. The DM needs to grant approval for any kitchen space; which requires the submission of layout plans kitchen design with details of finishing and equipment.

The guidelines of municipality are general and dictate the materials used for walls; ceilings as well as floors; the ventilation as well as lighting; storage of freezing, dry and frozen, dry foods and prep areas of food etc. So be careful in studying all requirements before you make an expensive mistake.

Approvals And Permits for catering license in Dubai

Put up with in mind the extensive regulations in work place. Even if you are establishing in a free zone; you still need to hold on municipality rules as well as free zone regulations.

The food control department has to allow a permit for you to set up a food stuff business; which requires certification such as copies of trade license, health and safety certifications; employee health cards, lab test reports and a no objection letter.

Don’t let all these discourage you. This is a rising industry, in cities which has catering suppliers demand up to great extend.


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