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DWC free zone company

DWC free zone company

The DWC free zone also includes Al Maktum International Airport; which has the capability to handle 12 million tons of annual cargo capacity and 160 million passengers. This makes DWC free zone an extra ordinary multi modal project that supports a number of activities in aviation; logistics, commercial, residential, exhibition, humanitarian and leisure-related businesses.

DWC free zone company formation is the demand of most of entrepreneur. DWC free zone is also a strategic enterprise of the Government of Dubai; that is it is the biggest as well as the leading global trade, aviation and business hub. DWC free zone is an extension of Dubai’s legacy as a connection point between the East and the West. It is recognize as one of the most ambitious as well as a unique projects of its kind in the world; and it also cover the 140-square kilometer area next to Jebel Ali Sea Port.

Type of License for DWC company formation

Trade License for DWC company formation

This type of a license will allow the import, export as well as distribute; of precisely mention goods can be undertaken with this license.

Logistics License for DWC company formation

This license will allow specified logistics services; for example storage, distribution, transportation, forwarding, sorting; and also clearing activities, order management, inventory management etc.

Service License for DWC company formation

This type of license will allow you to carry out services inside of the free zone; as well as out side of the free zone.

Trading License for DWC company formation

This type of license will allow you to carry out import as well as export; distribution as well as storage of items specify in their specific license.

Industrial License for DWC company formation

This type of license will allow you to carry out the operation of light manufacturing activity; (for example blending, purifying, mixing, repacking, assembling forming or wrapping of products); by utilizing hand labor or soft machinery in a manner which does not create smoke; gas fumes, heat, light or any other objectionable by products.

Furthermore, DWC free zone company formation is more likely choice for investor because; Dubai World Central will be hosting the World Expo 2020. Under the theme of “connecting minds, creating the future” Dubai is the first city in the region to host such a highly famous international exhibition. The location of the exhibition will be the exhibition area of Dubai World Central.

FAQ about DWC free zone company formation

Q: do i need a uae partner to establish a Dubai south free zone company?
No. all enterprises in DWC free zone can be formed with 100% foreign ownership.

Q: can the same person be a director, shareholder, company secretary and general manager?
Yes. However, the general manager must be a UAE resident.

Q: how many directors can be appointed to a DWC free zone company?
The number of directors can be appointed from 1 to 7 for DWC Free Zone Company. A DWC free zone company must have at least 1 director at any given time.

Q: What is the maximum number of shareholders in a DWC company formation?

DWC Free Zone Company is currently limited to a maximum of 6 shareholders.

Q: can the general manager reside outside of the uae?
No. the general manager must reside within the uae as he/she will be the day-to-day point of contact for all matters concerning the DWC free zone company, and may need to be reached quickly in an emergency.

Q: do the shareholders, directors or company secretary have to reside in the uae?
No. shareholders, directors and the company secretary can be located anywhere in the world.

Q: can i be a partner in more than one DWC free zone company?
Yes. An individual can be a partner/shareholder in multiple DWC free zone companies.

what document is required to establish a DWC free zone company?

To establish a DWC free zone company, the following documents must be submitted to the DWD free zone authority:

  • A completed form – registration & licensing application (Dubai world central)
  • Clear and valid passport copies (preferably in color) of any individual listed as a shareholder, director, general manager and company secretary in the application form.
  • A certified copy (true copy) of the certificate of incorporation, valid certificate of good standing or valid trade license if it is a corporate shareholder.
  • If the person handling the application and signing the declaration at the end of the registration & licensing application form is not named as a shareholder, director, general manager or company secretary in the application, then a notarized power of attorney or signed board resolution (if the shareholder is a corporate entity) will be required from each shareholder, confirming that the person handling the application is properly authorized to act on behalf of the shareholders.
  • 2 copies of the MOA and the articles of association of the DWC free zone company; bearing the name of the company and sign by all of the shareholders; noting their names, addresses and respective shareholding.
  • Last but not the least, the applicable fee.

Q: what is the required minimum share capital to form a DWC free zone company?
The minimum capital of a DWC free zone company will be 300,000 (each share is 1 AED). If the capital is more than 1,000,000; then a you need to show the proof of capital.

Q: can i register a branch of another branch or representative office?
No. the branch must be related to the existing entity. So you can not register a branch of another branch in DWC free zone.

What documents are requires to register a branch company?

To register a branch, you need the following documents:

  • A completed form – registration & licensing application (branch);
  • Either a copy of a signed board resolution or a notarized power of attorney from the parent company, confirming to establish the branch and nominating a representative to handle the filing.
  • Certified copies of the memorandum and articles of association or similar constitutional documents of the parent company.
  • A certified copy of the certificate of incorporation, certificate of good standing or valid trade license of the parent company.
  • The applicable fee.

Q: Can i register a branch and then convert the branch to a DWC free zone company later?
Yes. you can convert a branch in to a DWC Free Zone Company; in order to operate as a FZE or FZCO.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the business activities of a branch?
Yes. A branch can only perform the activity of its parent company.

what types of license are available for dwc company formation?

The categories of license available within the dwc free zone company are:

  • commercial license – allow you to carry out specific commercial services including general trading and logistics services;
  • Industrial license – allows you to carry out specified light manufacturing activity.
  • Service license – allows the holder to carry out services specified in the license within the dwc and elsewhere in the uae;
  • education license – allows the holder to carry out educational as well as social services; educational and training, as well as educational consultancy services

Q:  can i lease multiple premises for the same DWC company formation?
The answer is yes. All DWC company formation are allow to lease multiple premises under the same license.

Q: Does DWC offer a flexi desk or virtual office solutions?
The answer is yes. DWC has a wide range of business center which includes smart desks as well as smart offices.

Q:  Can i lease a facility in the dwc free zone with my current uae license?
The answer is no, first of all in the first place; all applicants wishing to operate from the dwc free zone; they need to have a license from a DWC.

Q:  Can i purchase and own an office in order to run a business?
The answer is no; you can only lease an offices in order to run a business.

can i get a license without leasing any facility in DWC freezone?

The answer is no in order to get a license; the applicant will also present a valid lease agreement for office space; warehouse space, or also a development land within the DWC freezone; or you can also show a service contract with the DWC freezone business center.

can i carry out business activities outside of the DWC free zone?

Yes, in limited cases. For example, a company with a service license can provide services; that is to clients outside of dwc free zone; and a company providing logistics services under a commercial license could pick up and deliver (but not sell) products within the uae. However, trading activities under a commercial license only permit the holder to sell completed products in the uae market; through a local registered distributor or a commercial agent in the uae. Different restrictions apply on different license categories. Please refer to the dwc free zone and administration rules and regulations for further details.

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