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Cheapest freezone in UAE

Cheapest freezone in UAE

We are advising clients for a quite some time on a variety of business structure. But most of the time customers are seeking to urge low cost business setup options; or cheapest freezone in UAE. But it is also not an astonishing thing; that a large number of people are looking to establish the most realistic solution; as opening and operating a new business in a overseas state can be pretty expensive.

The answer to the question of the cheapest freezone in Dubai; may be known for those who are currently living in UAE; but even then the selections of a cheapest freezone in UAE need guidance and recommendation from business setup consultant. Because living in Dubai and be familiar with about the business are two different things. And for those, who are to come to the UAE to set up a new company here; it might be very difficult for them to study each and every setup options which Dubai free zone is offering; and to choose one that suits your requirement. Today we will share with you in sequence on how to pick and find the cheapest freezone in Dubai.

Looking for cheapest freezone in UAE

How can setup of a company outside of Dubai facilitate to accomplish reduce in the setup costs? First of all, the company license cost and company registration fee; in free zone outside of Dubai are lesser as compare to Dubai free zone. By opening a company there, you can save license charges and registration fee which can be utilized for operational needs.

Secondly, free zone outside of Dubai does not have essential health insurance limitation; with only health cards required for your workers.

Thirdly, majority of free zone outside of Dubai does not require annual audit statements. As a result, company will have internal accounting but no extra expenses on auditing services.

And last but not the least, most of the free trade zones outside of Dubai; do not need share fund (Share capital) in the bank account. At the starting of your business it may be not possible to deposit an amount; between AED 150 000 and AED 300 000. By choosing a free zone that does not requires share wealth deposit; businessmen will also decrease their financial load.

From the above mention point you can easily take an idea; that some times selecting other free zone could be a more financially feasible option; rather than trying to find the cheapest freezone in Dubai.

How to select cheapest freezone in Dubai

First and primary, let us inline the main point that can facilitate you to choose the best free trade zone for company formation in Dubai free zone. These strategies are as under:

  • site of the free trade zone
  • The composition of your business
  • Also consider License charges as well
  • Choosing the cheapest freezone in UAE with lowest resident visa charges.
  • Registration fee that free zone offer
  • Choosing a company package, which allows you for a smaller number of resident visas?
  • Renting a flexi-desk as a substitute of a permanent office.

These are the key point that someone can follow; when looking for the cheapest business formation in UAE. But also keep in mind that the above mentioned points are not relevant for every activity or in all cases; because each request must be look on a case to case basis. Since we are not looking at a precise case, our guidance will be more general in nature.

Choosing cheapest freezone in UAE with a flexi desk

Rent of an office space in Dubai free zone is connected with a license and number of visas. The larger office space will permit the company to apply for more visas; and company will be able to hire more and more staff.

Flexi desk is the smallest option the company may pick to be able to receive a business license. Simply in other words, it is not feasible to get a license for your business without a flexi desk; or rent an office space; and also keep in mind that flexi desk facility; which is a work station inside a business hub for use of up to 16 hours a week. Flexi desk will let you to get a quota of 2 to 3 employment visas for your company; but the important thing is that it will charge you 3 times less, than a standard office.

Therefore, if your target is to choose cheapest free zone in Dubai to cut everyday expenditure; you should think through to rent a flexi desk facility. The more visas you want for your business, the larger your physical office will have to be in the future.

Lower fees for resident visas

Resident visa charges in different free zones may slightly be different; therefore, when working on decrease of your set up costs; you may seem for a free zone, which has lowest charges for resident visa issuance.

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