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Dubai professional license UAE

Dubai professional license UAE

Dubai is one of the fast rising states in the Middle East. It attracts foreign investor to set up their base in Dubai. That is due to its low tax system; full repatriation of profit as well as capital; and a stable economy. But still some people hesitate due to local sponsor 51% share rule for commercial license. A Dubai professional license allow 100% foreign owner ship. And instead of local sponsor a local service agent is requires to set up a professional services license in Dubai.

Dubai professional license set up is one of the core services which we provide to our client in UAE. Professional license in Dubai require a UAE national; which will act as a local service agent (LSA). He will hold no share in the company; and his role will be to assist in obtaining professional license, visa, labor card etc. There is no minimum capital requirement for a professional company in Dubai.

Dubai professional license

If there is more than one partner in a Dubai professional license then it is called a civil company. It can only perform a professional activity and all the partners must be professional in the same field. A foreign company can be a partner in a Dubai professional license; as long as they are in the same line of activity in home country.

Note that in this type of a license you are not allow to do any sort of trading. Nor you can purchase and as well as sales of goods; Also no room for transport, finance and banking ect. You can perform activity like Artisans, Businessmen Service, and Consultation as well as Training; Computer Graphic Design Services, IT services, printing as well as Publishing; Event Management, security services, typing as well as photocopying; web design, repairing as well as furnishing; document clearing, saloon and as well as spa.

Features of Dubai Professional License

  • It allow 100% ownership to expat
  • UAE national will be your local service agent.
  • The local service agent LSA will not hold any share in the company
  • LSA will have no direct association in the business.
  • Local service agents will charge you on annual basis.
  • Only professional activities are allow in this type of a license.

Documents required for Professional License UAE

  • Filled form
  • Passport Copies of all the share holder
  • Jinsiya copy of Local Partner
  • No Objection Letter (NOC) from the sponsor; if the expat is already on a employment visa. And UID number is require if the share holder is on a visit visa.
  • Some activities require initial approval from concerned departments (eg. Municipality, RTA, National Media Council etc.)

What we offer for professional license UAE

We have explained a few think about this type of license. Now it is time to say about what we can offer you for this type of a license. We are able to manage the whole process for professional company formation. It includes strategic inputs and consolidate business plan:

  • Getting approvals as well as permissions from concern departments
  • Preparing Partnership agreements as well as MOA
  • Identify a trusted as well as qualified local service agent
  • Also we will ssist you in the bank accounts opening
  • We will also assist you to find a best office space
  • Handle other documentation formalities

Can I open a Professional License Dubai as a Sole Establishment?

Dubai law state that you can open Professional License in Dubai as a Sole Establishment. The owner can be either an expat or a UAE local person.  The Owner of this type of a company can carries the full 100% liability of the company.  In this way, it is similar to the rest of the world which place 100% obligation with the owner of the business.  Even then, it is a very popular setup of company in Dubai.  The reason is very simple; there is no restriction to hire a UAE local sponsor to setup Professional License in Dubai.

What is the difference between Professional License and Civil Company?

If more than one partner involve to open a Professional License in Dubai; then this type of a setup is call a civil company.  The civil company structure is truly a partnership in which the shareholders share the full 100% liability of the company.  Further along with the ownership feature, a Civil Company is run and operate very similar to the Sole Professional License in Dubai.

Can I open a Professional License in Dubai as a Branch of a Foreign Company?

Yes, mostly people are opening regularly a Professional Licenses in Dubai as a Branch of a Foreign Company.  There are many reasons to choose branch for a foreign company for professional license Dubai. But the main reason is that you will be allow to perform all the services freely which the parent company are doing in their base. Also in Dubai and the UAE; there are some strict naming rules for companies.  If you wish to bypass these rules, then the way to go is through a Branch of a Foreign Company.  UAE law allows a Branch to carry the same name as that of the Foreign Head Office.

Can we setup our Professional License in Dubai free zone?

Yes you can also setup your Professional License in Dubai in one of its many free trade zone; and also in other free trade zone of the UAE.  Now the question is why I should open my Professional license in Dubai free zone. The answer is not that much simple; but the only reason for us to choose free zone for your Professional License Dubai; is when the free trade zone offers devoted services for the business; which you are looking to start.

For example, the Dubai Media City is a famous place for media and advertising companies.  Similarly Dubai internet city is a famous free zone for software and computer programming as well as internet companies. Since the 100% expat ownership structure is allow to main land companies; if they are forming a Professional License Dubai; there is not much explanation for choosing a Free Zone to form a Professional License in Dubai free zone.

But we will recommend you to take this type of a license within a Free Zone; only if you plan to provide your services to clients outside the UAE. But also note that you are not bond to provide service only outside the UAE; you can also provide services to UAE mainland as well without any restriction. Second most important reason for choosing of free zone is that remove the Headache of LSA. If you are going to start your business with a very low budget; and with one or 2 staff then free zone is a better place for you.

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