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Commercial License in Dubai

Commercial License in Dubai

A commercial license Dubai is allotted to a company which is keen to perform any sort of commercial trade activity. Both specialized traders, as well as general traders can get a Commercial License in Dubai as well as around UAE. Commercial license Dubai can be issue to a company; who desire is to perform trade related commodities as well as goods. Commercial Trade License play a basic role and as a requirement towards the policy and protection of such companies. Apart from it, construction companies, retail companies, real estate businesses, health institutions, Transport Company and other general trading entities also require to apply for Commercial Trade Licenses.

In line to submit an application for a Commercial Trade License in Dubai; investors must fulfill certain requirements as well as accordingly assign the types of activities the company intends to perform – on the basis of which the authorities will provide license. There is also an advantage for adjacent activities under a Commercial License Dubai – which can be highest ten such activities, per one commercial license.

How to get a commercial license in Dubai

If you prepare an appropriate business plan; and do a proper market analysis; then Open a business in Dubai might be a valuable idea.  You can start your business in two types of places in Dubai; that is Dubai mainland or in any free zone area of Dubai. Both authorities propose different legal rights depend upon the nature of your business and its allied activities. If you choose Dubai mainland to setup your business, then you will go for registering your business with Department of Economic Development, the relevant authority will issue a license to you for your new business setup in Dubai. But if you want to start your business in any of the free trade zone area then they have their own authorities. But both of them have same process. To setup business you are require to follow the below mention points.

  1. First you are require to select a business activity
  2. It is require to select a legal farm for your business
  3. Selection of a Trade Name is also require
  4. You are require to take the initial approval certificate from concern departments
  5. If Required a Draft of MOA and Local Service Agent Agreement must be provide
  6. You are bound to provide your establish business location
  7. It is require to avail your Business License from concern authorities

What we offer for commercial license in Dubai

We offer you with various benefits by Acquiring a Commercial Trade License with shams consultant some of them are as under:

  • We will help you to select a best structure for your company.
  • Our expert will also assist you to merge your activity under one license.
  • You will be able to protect business activities with Companies Register & DED.
  • We will advise you on visas, obtaining labor quotas as well as translation services etc.
  • You will also get assistance in the opening of bank accounts.
  • A simplified financial reporting system will be offer with no business taxes & no income tax.
  • We will also offer you the renewal of Commercial Trade License in Dubai.

Examples of Commercial Trade License are as follows

  • Commercial business activities including Export, Import, Distribution and Sales
  • Tourism & Travel are also the example of commercial activities.
  • General Services to public is an example of commercial business activities too.
  • The Charter Trading is one of the popular commercial business activities.
  • Commercial business activities are Ship & Maritime Agencies.
  • To establish a branch of foreign Company is also including in Commercial business activities.
  • General transport is one of the commercial activities.
  • Activities like equipment of fire, safety systems & alarm can fall under commercial business activities.
  • Dealer of car and vehicle comes under the commercial business activities.
  • Shops and general stores are the important commercial business activities.
  • Exhibition group, Marketing and Management etc are also commercial business activities.
  • Agencies of manpower recruitment and other related Societies are called commercial business activities.

There are thousands of other activities integrated under a Commercial License; and the authority updates the list after every year in sequence to provide a variety of business entities. The leading bodies such as Economic Department and different other is also involved in the procedure of obtaining a Commercial Trade License. To learn more about specialize commercial trading licenses or Commercial licenses in Dubai

If you want to know the procedure for setting up a Commercial license in Dubai

Benefits of commercial trading license in Dubai

  • There is a 100% tax free from all sort of tax, if you have a General trade license in Dubai.
  • No money is required for getting a General Trading license in Dubai.
  • The most attractive part is, you are free to prefer office locations everywhere in Dubai
  • It is the most easy and simple process to setup trade license in Dubai.
  • commercial license in Dubai; will permit you 100% repatriation of capital as well as profits
  • irritate free legal procedures to obtain the trade license in Dubai
  • You can also manage your business from any part in Dubai
  • It also allocate to trade more than one item in one and only single license.
  • It is very easy to acquire visa for employee in Dubai.

Characteristic of a commercial trade license in Dubai

Local and international trading for commercial license in Dubai

A commercial license in Dubai will let you to do business inside Dubai and in other parts of emirates. There are a large number of opportunities in the local markets. Even if you are interested in international trade through commercial license in Dubai; in that case you can also perform it without any constraint.

Visa eligibility for Dubai commercial trading license

Commercial license in Dubai have no restriction to take visa for their employees. It completely depends on the size and space of your Office; the larger you have place of work the more you will be able to get visa. Several free zone areas propose commercial trading license with flexi desk in Dubai; that are allowing for a one or two visas only.

Tax free trading in Dubai commercial license

Dubai is very wealthy in free trade zones or areas; which will attract you to trade in a tax free way. So in such free zone you are not legally responsible to give any tax on any of your earnings; as well as income. Dubai commercial trading license permit you in establishing your business in all over the Dubai free zone. So you have a choice to begin your trading in one of the free zone area in Dubai. With the tax free trading business you can save a lot.

Structure of commercial license in Dubai

The Structure of Dubai commercial license comes under the LLC Company. Where you are requires having 2 shareholders at least, while the maximum 50 shareholders are allow in this type of structure. If you desire is to establish your business in Dubai local market; then you must require hiring of a local person as a local sponsor. The local sponsor will also hold 51% of share in the business; while remaining 49% will be offered for expat. But free zone offer 100% rights for commercial trading license to expat in Dubai.

Auditing is not mandatory for commercial license Dubai

You don’t have to submit your audit report to the government authorities in Dubai like in other authorities; that is to renew your Dubai commercial license.

Banking facility for General trading license

You can use all kinds of banking facilities for employees and business banking.


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