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Dubai South free zoneDubai south free zone to be found as the world’s first purpose built free zone. Dubai South free zone is a tactical initiative of the Dubai Government; that places the emirate as a leading logistics as well as a trade center. Dubai South free zone is tactically connect to the Jebel Ali Port; which is (the largest container port between Singapore and Rotterdam); and Al Maktoum International Airport via the devoted Logistics Access strip. This Strip forms a single custom bond sector and enables one of the world’s wildest flows; that is in terms of air to sea and sea to air cargo. Dubai South Free Zone Company provides direct access to Tran road networks. Emirates Road and the Dubai By Pass which makes it a true multi modal logistics platform; which provide a record levels of connectivity, speed and efficiency.

The Dubai South free zone also includes Al Maktum International Airport; which once complete will have the capability to handle 12 million tons of annual cargo; and as well as 160 million passengers. This makes Dubai South free zone an exceptional multi modal project; that supports a number of activities in aviation, humanitarian; commercial, logistics, exhibition, residential and leisure businesses.

Logistics Corridor

First off all in the first place; Dubai South free zone further strengthens Dubai; that is in term of a trade and logistics hub in the region. The Dubai south free zone also has access to the largest sea port; that is of Jebel Ali and perfectly links the port to Al Maktoum Airport through the Dubai Logistics Corridor. So, this allows the direct drive of goods; that is between the sea port and the air port in a single custom bond zone.

Airport City

Today’s businesses require faster operations, delivery and high level of connectivity. This as a result increases the demand for air transport; to the point that 35% of world trade now depends on it. Such percentage is continuously increasing. In fact in business world, an airport plays a role of an economic catalyst. With a mission to form the aerotropolis model; Al Maktum Airport and Airport City of Dubai South free zone have been designe; that is with forward thinking master plan that creates the frame work for Dubai’s economic future.

Dubai South free zone the City of You

First of all in the first place; Dubai South the City of You is an emerging 145 square kilo meter master plan city; which is base on happiness of the individual. Which also known as the emirate flagship urban project; Dubai South free zone is fix on the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum; Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. The royal vision is imitated in the themes of Dubai Plan 2021; which apply to Dubai South as follows:

  • To create an inclusive and cohesive society
  • To become a City of happy, creative and empowered people
  • Build a smart and sustainable City,
  • To become the preferred place to live, work and invest
  • Become a pivotal hub in the global economy

License Types available for Dubai South freezone

  • Industrial License: this kind of license is use for light manufacturing activities.
  • Logistics License; this kind of license is only issue in the Logistics District; that is for logistics services.
  • Trading & General Trading License: For import; export, distribution and storage of specific products specified in the License; and also sale of the products within the UAE market through a local distributor.
  • Service License: For services specified in the License within the Dubai south freezone and elsewhere in the UAE.
  • Education License: this kind of license is use for educational and social services; educational and training, and educational consultancy services.

Dubai South freezone offers a Flexi desk Facility that gives the investor the eligibility to obtain up to Two Visas.

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Advantages of Dubai south free zone company formation

Till this point we explain a lot of thing about Dubai south free zone. That is, what is a Dubai south free zone; what is the main type of license in Dubai south free zone; why also we need to set up business in Dubai south free zone. So it is time to say some thing about the benefit of Dubai south free zone company.

  • 100% tax free operations for Dubai south free trade zone.
  • Full foreign owner ship
  • 100% repatriation of capital as well as profits is allow in Dubai south freezone.
  • At this point let me tell you one more benefit; for which clients are very keen for Dubai south free zone. Or you can say one more strong point which you need to keep in mind. And I think it is the most key point for free trade zone. That is 0% tax as well as no duty tax for import and export.
  • flexible commercial lease terms
  • wide range of business activities are available free zone clients.
  • Also minimum documentation to setup a company in Dubai south free trade zone.
  • A direct access to Jebel Ali Sea Port and also to Al Maktoum Airport
  • No proof of share capital as well as no currency restrictions
  • Competitive rates for set up company in Dubai south free zone.
  • State of the art facilities
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