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Pharmacy license in Dubai

Pharmacy license in Dubai

Dubai is a magical incorporation of beauty and technology. Apart from tourism the country supplies great potential to increase all kinds of businesses and healthcare. In current years, the industry of healthcare in Dubai has developed largely. And, the country is welcoming expat investors to set up a Pharmacy license in Dubai. So, if you are hopeful to start a business in Dubai, Shams consultant is available to lead you in the best way for How to start a pharmacy business in Dubai. Let’s start with understanding the procedure of How to open a pharmacy in Dubai.

How to start a pharmacy business in Dubai

A health facility in Dubai comes under the Ministry of Health regulations authority, which are responsible to issue the licenses and all other registration books and control prescription medication pads for pharmacists. In order to acquire a license from the Ministry of Health; pharmacies owners must apply first for an authorization letter to the Health Regulation Department. Through Law No. 13 Dubai Health Authority was enabled in 2007 and it is the main health authority in Dubai. The Health Authority is helping health care funds for expat investors in Dubai; and also provides a very complete regulatory system for those who are interesting in establishing pharmacies; or other types of health facilities in the Emirate.

How to open a pharmacy in Dubai

As for most of the business setup in Dubai, the location (point) is significant. Also take care of the minimum size required by health surveillance, facilities, etc. the location of a pharmacy should be in a good flow point Vehicles, parking; suitable area and there must be very low competition.

The higher population density in the region, the better location to starting a pharmacy; and you must know exactly how to open a pharmacy in Dubai. Since all businesses has a similar basic structure; so there is some similarity in the procedure as well.

Thus, it is important to estimate carefully the basic criteria before choosing the location to start the pharmacy. With the vision of reducing business risks by bring investment to a halt; the best option is to rent out a shop and not purchase it. To confirm that a pharmacy can be set up in the chosen place; it is more important to check with your Consultant; all the criteria of opening such type of business.

If you are searching for How to open a pharmacy in Dubai there are a number of administrative procedures; you need to obey these procedures. The process How to open a pharmacy in Dubai involves two steps:

  1. Obtaining a pharmacy license in Dubai
  2. Registration and issuing of pharmacy license in Dubai

Obtaining pharmacy license in Dubai

According to Federal Law no.4 in 1993; you or your company require to get a license from DHA before starting the selling or manufacturing of pharmaceutical products in UAE. Such license is legal for the gov’t, semi gov’t and other private facilities of health. Secondly, your pharmacy must include only pharmacies which are community based.

Registration and issuing Pharmacy License in Dubai

The process of registration involves two steps, the initial and final approvals. Additionally for the licenses, the pharmacy has a requirement to undergo for an inspection by the Drug Control Department.

Initial approval for Pharmacy License in Dubai

  • The application is required to submit to the Health Regulation Department (HRD).
  • As you well use the premises of pharmacy setup for commercial purposes; so you need to take approval from Dubai Municipality.
  • The HRD will review the documents submitted by you for suitability; and an initial approval letter will be issued for your pharmacy.
  • The above mention process will take 10 working days.

Once you get an initial approval after that; you need to show this approval letter to start the process to get Pharmacy License in Dubai. Being an expat investor you will need a local sponsor to start a pharmacy business in Dubai.

Final approval for Pharmacy License in Dubai

  • Put a request online through one of the experience business startup consultants like us; which will also help you to make the require payment.
  • Then, HRD will carry out an onsite assessment.
  • If you met the DHA requirements; you will receive the DHA pharmacy license in Dubai.
  • Such process will take further 20 working days.

This license will be valid for 1 year. It includes your DED license number; also name and address of the pharmacy and its period of validity.

Documents requires for How to open a pharmacy in Dubai

If you are interesting to open a pharmacy in Dubai you are require to prepare the following documents.

  • Application form duly filled.
  • Preliminary approval along with tenancy contract for pharmacy premises
  • Take Blue print of location with trained architectural planning
  • You must hold copy of passport, pharmaceutical license as well as location map
  • list of all employees and all other concern certificates in your pharmacy business

Suppliers for Pharmacy License in Dubai

Mostly there are distributing companies which sell most of the products; that you are having in the pharmacy so for this propose you must have few suppliers. Another alternative is to call the laboratories which are very near to you and put request to provide you a list of distributors. Usually suppliers have already an idea of the initial inventory requires for a pharmacy.

Pharmacy License in Dubai

Activity Code: 513967

Activity Group: Medicines trading

License Type: Commercial (L.L.C)

Activity Description: A particular facility license to put on the market and set up register drugs; also pharmaceuticals, medical goods and dispense herbal and medical drugs against medical remedy; as per the laws and regulations issue by capable authority of UAE. It is supervise as well as monitor by a license pharmacist; who works permanently in the pharmacy.

Potential Customers of Pharmacy business in Dubai

The service handling area of a drug store should have a minimum of 10,000 potential clients; as per the criteria set by the World Health Organization. However, we can see that even with a smaller number of potential clients per pharmacy in some cities; it is still possible to have a profitable business, approximately as a cause and effect relationship; the higher the potential customers, the higher the sales as well as Profit.

Learn to do a good analysis of market and meet your target audience; and this will be very important to the success of the pharmacy.

Competitors for Pharmacy License in Dubai

Besides to assessing the size of the consumer market (potential customers); you are also require to assess the size of the competition. There are some suggestions which will help you to analyze your competitor; that is first use Google Maps; second also type a zip code of the region where you plan to set up pharmacy license in Dubai; third print or save the map and have a fun marking the location of each and every competitor; so it is much easier to analyze and visualize if the place is not a suitable to set up the pharmacy.

You have to pay a visit to your competitors; check their products and what they are doing to maintain their customers; what other services are extra to the products e.g. home delivery, deadline payment, measurement of pressure etc. Estimate everything they are doing and see how you can do better.

Initial Investment to Set Up a Pharmacy business in Dubai

The value of the primary investment to set up a pharmacy business in Dubai can vary from $ 30,000.00 to $ 150,000.00; which is totally depend on the location, physical structure, target audience; and also timing of sales structure chosen by you. For example, the money need to start a pharmacy in a capital city; with the good locality and high power of purchasing; is surely much greater than setting up a pharmacy outside.

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