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Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone (DSO free zone)

Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone (DSO free zone)

Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone (DSO free zone) has start working in October 2002; with the vision to become a center of electronic research, innovation as well as development. DSO free zone invites you to enjoy world-class business support as well as complete free zone benefits; which making it the target choice for a wide range of cutting frame technology players; state of the art infrastructure and onsite facilities. DSO free zone features a technology community like microelectronics housing; as well as enterprises related electronics, fabrication plants, microelectronics innovation center (MIC) ; centers  of research and development and specialized academic institutions and residential areas.

It is expected that Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone have an important as well as positive impact on each segment of Dubai economy; including finance, banking, trade and employment services. The plan reflects Dubai drive to go behind an economic strategy of diversification that will convert the emirate into knowledge base economy. The industrial park based on science and technology is being situated in Nad Al Sheba a 600 hectares site. The primary objective of Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone company formation is to attract leading companies of global technology; so that to build state of the art research as well as development designs; also fabrication and manufacturing facilities in Dubai. The world’s first and only purpose-built industrial park for the semiconductor industry is being developed in four stages.

Advantages of Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone company formation

Some of the incentives and benefits which are offer for the Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone company formation are:

  • Dubai Silicon Oasis Free Zone offers 100% ownership for foreigners
  • 100% repatriation of capital is also offers by the Dubai silicon oasis.
  • Dubai silicon oasis offers no Income tax to be paid.
  • No corporate tax is liable to be paid in Dubai Silicon Oasis.
  • Dubai silicon oasis Free Zone company formation is also offer to establish a Fast-track business set-up
  • 30% reduced set-up cost for technology companies is also offers by the Dubai silicon oasis
  • Dubai silicon oasis company setup offers Subsidized accommodation for technology companies
  • No import or export tax is liable to be paid in Dubai Silicon Oasis
  • Dubai silicon oasis offers Low cost of operations
  • State of the art IT infrastructure and facilities with tier 3 data center offers by the Dubai silicon oasis
  • Dedicated business support services offer by Dubai silicon oasis company setup include integrated online system of E-Business offering tenant’s efficient and fast services with the touching of a button.
  • Access to regional pool of engineering professional’s and talented technical offers by the Dubai silicon oasis.
  • Dubai silicon oasis enjoy Stable as well as clear rules and regulation
  • Dubai silicon oasis also enjoys Access to consumer markets of 5 billion people (Middle East, Indian subcontinent and North Africa).

Despite the above incentives of the Free Zone, investors can get benefits from a variety of Tax treaties concerned with the prevention of double taxation. As in 2009, the United Arab Emirates has join with 47 countries the double taxation agreements.

Type of Activities Allow in Dubai Silicon Oasis free zone

  • Dubai silicon Oasis Free Zone allow General activities
  • Activities of Information technology are also allow by Dubai silicon Oasis
  • Dubai silicon Oasis Free Zone also allow the equipment of Telecommunications
  • DSO Free Zone allow the Electronic and computer hardware activities
  • Dubai silicon Oasis (DSO) also permit the activities of Software development & solutions
  • Activities of Consultancy & business development are also allowed by Dubai silicon Oasis (DSO)
  • Dubai silicon Oasis Free Zone is encouraging activities of Electrical appliances & equipment
  • DSO Free Zone allow activities related to Engineering and technology
  • Activities of Logistics is also allow in Dubai silicon Oasis (DSO)
  • Security of IT is also one of the demanding activity in Dubai silicon Oasis (DSO)
  • Dubai silicon Oasis (DSO) also allow the Talent development as well as recruitment
  • Activities of Pharmaceutical is allow in Dubai silicon Oasis (DSO)
  • Dubai silicon Oasis (DSO) also allow activities of Micro electronics
  • Activities of IC design is allow in Dubai silicon Oasis (DSO)
  • EDA tools activities are allow in Dubai silicon Oasis (DSO)
  • Dubai silicon Oasis (DSO) allow activities of IP protection
  • IT services activities are allow in Dubai silicon Oasis (DSO free zone)

Type of a Dubai Silicon Oasis company setup

In order to establish your business with DSOA you should select one among the following three types of companies.

Branch office in DSO free zone

Every company, whether in the UAE or outside the UAE, can establish its branch in the Dubai Silicon Oasis. The branch office in Dubai will perform the activity of the parent company only in the Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

A free zone establishment (FZE) is a body according the rules and regulation form by a single shareholder. The shareholder can be a person (an individual) or a non-individual / corporate.

Free Zone Company (FZCO)

An FZCO is a legal body establish or register with a limited amount of two shareholders. Shareholders can either be individuals or corporate.

DED registered companies

The Companies which are already form in Dubai main land; and wish to operate in The DSO free zone must apply for a Business Operation Permit.

License Types in DSO free zone

If you are looking to setup company in DSO free zone; then you can select from following types of license.

  • Service License: It allow the firm to perform only particular services.
  • Trade License: It allows the company to carry out activities which are fall under export; import and distribution of items and commodities as specified in the license.
  • Industrial License: Such license allows you to import raw material; manufacture as well as process, accumulate, package and export the complete product.
  • Business Operation Permit: This is an extra ordinary permit for companies which are in service; in the The Administrative Zone of DSOA (areas owned by private developers) using a DED license. Such license is issue on the base of Dubai Economic Department license. No share resources are needs for such type of license.
  • Entrepreneurial Business License: An EBL license is design to speed up the successful development of new entrepreneurs; as well as their businesses through collection of sustain resources and services. Such license is only accessible for members of DSO incubator program; as well as involves a inexpensive license in revisit for a small stake in the business. For detail information about entrepreneurial licenses please visit our start up & entrepreneurial support section.
Documents for Initial Approval – FZCO, FZE & Branch:
  1. The Complete DSO Free hold / Lease hold Application Forms in all respects.
  2. The DSO Company Investment Plan (FZE & FZCO).
  3. Recent yearly Financial Report for Branch and Audit of non-individual shareholder; if accessible or Bank Reference letter of individual shareholder.
  4. We need a Power of Attorney if you are signing on behalf of the founders.
  5. Project Summary Letter is also on the top of the list.
  6. Pass port copy of Shareholder‘s (FZE & FZCO) & Manager
  7. The Memorandum Copy and Articles of Association as well as Certificate of Incorporation Branch & Non-Individual Shareholder are required.
  8. Trade License of the parent company (for local company only)
  9. NOC is requiring from current sponsor (if any)
  10. The Complete Acknowledgement Form (P & D) is also requires
  11. Unit Title Deed is requires too.
  12. The Office Tenancy Contract is requiring after primary approval as well as prior to registration
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