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How to open a dental clinic in Dubai

How to open a dental clinic in Dubai

A medical individual who desires to setup medical clinic in Dubai; he or she needs to get a license to setup a medical clinic in Dubai; which is provided by the DED (Department of Economic Development). For this purpose you require the services of a local service agent to open a private clinic in Dubai. And you can also apply for a few numbers of workers visa. After getting the services of a local agent and obtaining a license; that will also be cover under the same license of medical clinic.

If you are looking for How to open a dental clinic in Dubai. Then you need a medical degree; you can acquire the services of a Director if you don’t have a medical degree; that he must have hold a degree of medical in order to open a private clinic in Dubai. Staff at all levels must also have the license to deliver their services in the UAE. In addition, the international diploma in the UAE is not enough; the Doctor as well as nurses is required to pass local exam to get his or her individual license first. All the certified medical staff should know English; writing as well as reading.

how to open a private clinic in Dubai

If you are looking for how to open a private clinic in Dubai; you should know that every person of medical need to acquire a license from Dubai Health Authority (DHA); while Doctors wants to open a private clinic in Dubai must get hold of specific licenses; that is from DHA, but it depends upon as to whether they are general practitioners; specialists, interns, consultants as well as resident doctors. in the same way, dentists, Nurses and other practitioners of medical like as Ayurveda; traditional Chinese medicines, Homeopathy, also Unani medicines etc must get specific licenses from DHA.

How to open a dental clinic in Dubai

There are very strict rules to open a medical clinic in Dubai for acquiring space; in terms of size, utility area, finishing, equipment etc. moreover, each type of medical institution has its own requirements. For example, essential facilities are different to open a dental clinic in Dubai and dental poly clinic.

To open a private clinic in Dubai or to open a dental clinic in Dubai need a great amount of training as well as on field experience and abundance financial funds. What’s more, it is also essential to obtain a large number of all the possible approvals along with certifications from the concerned quarters.

Set up clinic requires approvals from various departments in Dubai; which can crate trouble for experts’ specially those who are new according to health law in UAE. DHA also has different licenses for substitute experts like few of them are Ayurveda; Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Acupuncture. It has been ongoing since 2014 that an expert of medical can setup clinics and practice in any emirate stat; that is undergoing without any additional exams or tests.

How to open a dental clinic in Dubai

To open a medical clinic you must be holding a medical degree in Dubai. Or you can do such practice through a Director of clinic with medical degree. You can open a private clinic in the fields of urology in Dubai, gynecology, dentistry as well as cosmetology. Or you can also set up a complete medical center. You have to to get a license from DED in case you want to set up clinic in Dubai. The license must be approved from (DHA). DHA will provide consultants specific license, interns, resident doctors, specialists as well as general practitioners. You will only need a local service agent for your license registration. The whole process for getting a license for opening a clinic or a poly clinic can be dividing into the below mention steps:

  1. Reservation of Trade Name
  2. Initial approval from DED (Department of Economic Development)
  3. Initial approval from DHA
  4. Documents for Executing
  5. Final Approval from DED(Department of Economic Development)
  6. License by DHA

W will discuss in the below paragraphs briefly the steps involve in obtaining license; for opening a clinic or poly clinic in Dubai.

Reservation of Trade name to set up clinic in Dubai

The process of registration is initiate with the selection of trade name for your clinic. This name will be share with D.E.D for approval that will complete first step for registration.

Initial approval from DED to set up clinic in Dubai

The shareholder needs to file an application to DED, after reservation of trade name. So that to achieve initial approval for a clinic. Several essential documents, including copy of passport with this application must also be provided. Layout plan Approval of the clinic is also require for this approval from Dubai municipality.

Initial approval from DHA to opening dental clinic

In the third stage, the investor will apply from DHA license after DED initial approval. The approval includes license obtaining after providing documents like feasibility report for clinic.

Executing Documents to set up clinic in Dubai

In the 4th phase, the investor will arrange documents like lease agreement; MOA to setup clinic in Dubai.

Final approval from DED to set up clinic in Dubai

The last two steps consist of final approvals from DED. You will present all the prepared documents along with copy of initial approval and charges for company registration. The DED after verification of these documents will issue the trade license.

Final approval from DHA to set up clinic in Dubai

In the last very step, the investor will apply for DHA license online by creating user id on DHA portal. The details about the consultant license and medical professionals will be abounding. The authority (DHA) after verifying the documents will issue the license for starting a clinic. This is the final stage for approval. After which the investor will be able to open clinic at his or her desire location.

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