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E commerce license in Dubai

E commerce license in Dubai

E commerce license in Dubai is the trading business. It is like a manual (physical) business but it performs with the help of Internet i.e. on line business. The basic root of business is buyer as well as the seller; who are sharing money as well as goods over the internet for promoting their products. An E commerce license in Dubai is the process of doing business with a proper license but over the internet. A normal business can be done physically; and will be having a physical structure. It will only cover a small market with a small capacity of goods, which would result a little profit.

E commerce license in Dubai

With the help of internet people are connecting globally. Therefore, E. business is the necessity of time. There are many people who are doing their business through Internet; in different parts of the world from their own desk; In other words we can say that the capability of telecommunication has enhanced; the capacity of people towards other various fields as well. Dubai also supports online business by offering a license E commerce license in Dubai; or it also called online business license Dubai. Before the introduction of internet, the formation of a company was requiring the best local market; in the initial stage they were struggling to capture the local market; slowly and gradually to get a space in the big markets.

But now Internet help a lot in connecting people with each other; from different part of the world to do business as well as they do the payment online with the help of credit & debit card; and delivery of goods became so easy and took a large space in doing business electronically.. Everything has change in a very fast way through internet. We can take the example of online business license in Dubai which is come together on online business; and it is leading your future business to success. The E commerce trade license Dubai plays a great role towards the online advertising and shopping; which is very fruitful for the people and carry a lot of benefits.

E commerce license in Dubai

There are many options to open E commerce license in Dubai; it is an important tool for international firms who are seeking to setup a business link with Dubai. It is also important; because apart from starting a trading affiliation; for many firms there are discrete benefits in being on the spot to research market; and also explore business prospects, make contacts, links with customers; and see through the details of any dealings and orders held.

Having an E commerce license in Dubai can provide large trading advantages in Dubai. Expat in the region select to deal with those who they know and trust; and personal relations are much more essential in doing business in the Dubai; than they are in the other part of the world. Also, the buying designs of most of the countries like a Dubai. UAE local market is very predictable; so what ever you expect from E commerce license in UAE you will get that.

Advantages of E commerce license in UAE

Following are some of the benefits of E commerce license in UAE:

  • E commerce license UAE offer 100 per cent foreign ownership.
  • Zero corporate taxation for up to 50 years.
  • Autonomy to repatriate capital and income in totality
  • E commerce license in UAE has no import duties
  • E commerce license in UAE has no personal income tax
  • Also there is no currency restrictions
  • No staff recruitment problems for E commerce license UAE
  • Quick and accessible communication
  • Low operating costs for E commerce license UAE
  • amazing work environment in UAE
  • Resident visas granted for 3 years.
  • Postal services, banking facilities and food courts in all zones

Setting up an online business in Dubai

Following are a few important steps to set up an online business in UAE

Setup an online store

To setup an E commerce license in Dubai you need to setup an online store; and when we say online store it mean you have to register a domain; and setup an e commerce website. Start adding product to your store. Remember select your domain name similar to your business name.

Select a free zone 

As we know Dubai market allows two type of company set up; that is free zone and mainland. There are several free zones in Dubai; which allow E commerce license in Dubai. So select whether you want to start your business in free zone or in local market.

Select a trade name Ecommerce license in Dubai

While picking a company name you will follow the company name rules

  • Company Name Certificate is valid for 60 days
  • It can be renew only once
  • Renewal should be within one week before it is due to expire
  • Company Name Certificate expired cannot be renewed

Apply for Initial Approval Certificate

An Initial Approval Certificate is an NOC from the authority to start your Ecommerce business in Dubai. It will be valid for six months and it is not renewable.

Draft MOA And Local Service Agent Agreement for Ecommerce license in Dubai

Depending on your choice if you select a free zone; then you don’t need this step. But if you select a main land to open your E commerce license in Dubai; then the partners have to make a MOA. In some cases Local Service Agent agreement has to be preparing with UAE Local National.

Create Your Business Location for E commerce license in Dubai

All firms in Dubai must have an office. Dubai Municipality will approve your office location; while considering public health and safety requirements. If the shareholder is a UAE local and have any license for the location; then you can add new E commerce license in Dubai in to the same address.

Final approval 

Once you complete all the above actions; you will get a business license within 1 – 7 days depending on the authority.

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