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Grocery license in Dubai

Grocery license in Dubai

As per survey from 2015 there are more than 3,000 grocery license in Dubai; and the number is tremendously increasing; addition that the variety of nationalities and the highly developed infrastructure in Dubai; present an important opportunity for grocery license in Dubai to get better their services. D.E.D is want to promote all essential sectors of business to increase confidence of investor; as well as competitiveness in all of these sectors.

D.E.D (The Department of Economic Development) in Dubai has bring new standards  and criteria for grocery license in Dubai; that is with the objective of forming a homogeneous identity for these stores; and make them able to seem consistent from inside as well as outside in order to set international standards.

While the latest standards ware implemented from the second half of 2016; grocery license in Dubai will have time till the second half of 2018 to make sure complete compliance with those standards.

The Department of Economic Development is launching the new standards as component of its hard work; to enhance the quality of services offered to the public in Dubai; especially in the sector of retail. This reinforces the UAE as a favorite shopping destination, regionally as well as internationally.

The new criteria grocery license in Dubai consists of various operational necessities; that is unification of logo and identity of business, signage; color scheme; storage area, outdoor finish, interior (fixtures and display units) as well as lighting and fittings.

The operational needs for Grocery store license in Dubai must meet the terms; with the standards of the Health & Department of General Safety of Dubai Municipality; with look upon to the design of the store, display of product and classification; storage, training, health, smoking, personal hygiene and forbidden pets.

Grocery store license in Dubai

  • Activity Code : 521103
  • Activity Group : Consumer Stores Group
  • License Type : Commercial

Activity Description Grocery store license in Dubai is a commercial firms; whose activities are based on the marketing of certain consumer products as well as goods; such as fresh, preserved and canned foodstuff, household utensils, as well as detergents.

How to open a grocery store in Dubai

The only answer to a question “how to open a grocery store in Dubai”; is to take you to the step involve in process to setup a grocery. So to know how to open a grocery store in Dubai click the button;

If you want to know the procedure for how to open a grocery store in Dubai

Rules for Grocery license in Dubai

  • Policy of sale will be acknowledged to the customer through a suitable means of declaration together with the commodities replacement, return or reparation.
  • The obligations of contracts entered into between concern parties will be approved in condition of specifications, weight, number as well as measurement.
  • The Department must be knowledgeable of the existence of any bogus products or supplies in the local market.
  • The advertising sign boards are not allow to display on the front wall of the store; until and unless the prescribe permit is not obtain.
  • A prior approval is requires before changing the location of the grocery license in Dubai.
  • This Food Stuff Trading License is subject to Dubai Municipality legislation; DM holds a right to control it.
  • The customer shall acquire an invoice for the purchased commodities.
  • Pots, vegetables, electric devices, fruits, clothing and toys of kids must not be over display.
  • The machines for Coin operation must only be install after getting the permit.
  • The selling of those products which carry fake trademark are not allow.
  • The Groceries shall keep cheek that they shall not sell tobacco products excluding cigarettes. Goods whose sale is not allow are include morsel, instruments; as well as tools of hookah and pipes, additionally to the gas refilling boxes.
  • Any amendment in the grocery license in Dubai are not possible without the approval of the authority.
  • The grocery if holds a warehouse in other location; they shall install a sign board mention the name of the grocery and warehouse.
  • To sell as well as promote a counterfeit goods is not allow.
  • The commercial name mentioned in the license shall be as it is to the name on the signboard.

Rules for Grocery license in Dubai

  • The rule as well as regulation of the country for the sale and business of different goods must be consider.
  • Product will show the date of production and date of expiry.
  • The store shall not involve themselves in any promotional campaigns; until and unless the the parent company get the permit. No store may conduct private promotional offers until and unless it get the relevant permit.
  • Groceries are not allow to place sales, discounts or special offers without proper approval.
  • Grocery must not practice wholesale, meaning the selling of huge quantities of commodities to other stores.
  • The groceries are in Dubai are not allow to sell explosives; fireworks or any toys use gunpowder or flammables.
  • grocery license in Dubai are requires to take a safety measures for purchasing product; that is from vehicles that carry no commercial names or which do not issue invoice. The source of the purchasing product should be recognize.
  • Prices shall be clearly appearing on commodities and goods.
  • No business activity shall be entertain after 12 am until and unless the applicable permit is obtain.
  • The grocery license in Dubai are not allow to sell cigarettes to people less than 20 years of age; nor the stores situate at mosques.
  • The trademark of grocery must be register with the Ministry of Economy for its security.
  • Rules which regulate the customer rights shall be taken into confidence; that is the sentence like “The goods are not returnable or not exchangeable”; shall not be on the invoice. No extra fees shall be force on the use of credit cards
  • The grocery license in Dubai is not allow to sell any products of medical, herbal, pharmaceutical or cosmetic etc.
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