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photography license in Dubai

photography license in Dubai

UAE is a place of opportunity for almost every expat in the region; and especially if you are a professional person then this level of opportunity increase. So there is a great opportunity for photography license in Dubai. If you are a photographer then it is not such a difficult task you can start this with two options; that is to start as a freelance photography license in Dubai free zone; or setting up a photography license in Dubai mainland. You can set up your company in mainland UAE and also available in the free zones located in Dubai. A good example is Dubai Media City and Dubai design district free zone; which is specific for activities related to media and studio.

As a freelance photography license in Dubai, you can have a number of such lovely areas in Dubai that offer great photographic experience. You can use these areas to make a rich profile collection. Few of these places are: the Miracle Garden in Dubai; Dhow yard in Dubai; the Spice Souq (market) in Dubai, the event of wrestling in the city; and as well as the historic malls and beaches in Dubai’.

Photography License in Dubai

But before starting a photography business in Dubai; you must consider few key points. The first step is to choose your area of focusing in. There are a number of places in photography like commercial photography; wedding photography; portraits etc. and you have to select one of these for starting a photography business in Dubai. Another main thing to think through is that buying of tools like Camera is necessary for starting a photography business in Dubai. It is because this tool will not only help you to use your talents perfectly; but clients are more likely to hire photographers who have great filters, studio lights, lenses etc. in their photography equipment.

The next step after getting photography license in Dubai is to promote your brand. You can do so even avoiding of spending much by creating a portfolio; that fully defines your talent in the field. It is easily do so by organizing your best photos in a folder.

You will also require joining a professional photographer company even if you are working as a freelance photographer because it will make easier for you to get potential clients according to your professional expertise.

The follow quality you need to become a freelance photographer in Dubai?

Be Passionate for photography business in Dubai

You must love the art to be successful; take it as a hobby. A profession in photography is not an easy to be task. It’s all about creativity; that is you must be a creative person. So there will be a lot of hurdles beside the way that you will need to have the motivation to jump over. Do not put on to think that you will make a quick income. It will be a long time before you can start earning for your services. Also be real to your own style. In simple word adopt your own style; because every successful artist in this field has his own style; and that is what makes them unique from the rest.

Build your brand for photography license in Dubai

Create your own online website for your art work. Start out small website with a blogger, Word Press or joomla blog which is for free; and once it gains some fame then you can buy the domain from them. If you are thinking to start freelance photography license in Dubai; then you can even start a Facebook, google plus and linkedin Page; if you are more happy with that platform too. You will be able to easily set up a fan page on Facebook and get your art work out there. Most of successful people in this field start like this.

Be social for photography permit Dubai

Being social in this field, it will take you in. Being social means you have more places to be able to display your talent. Take photos at events and parties; so that you become the local photographer at your favorite places; and always share your collection on your social media accounts. Allow general public to tag themselves in your snaps; and build your network through those events which you are taking photo. You will be improving your expertise while you are doing something you love; and that will sooner or later turn into an actual commercial lead. Before getting photography permit Dubai you need to be more social; which will gives you access to friends who would enjoy modeling for you – for free!

Be prepared to make investments for photography permit Dubai

In any set up you need to make investments to make a return in the long run. Apart from expenses on expert tools you will need some money for small advertisement as well; and most important you need to invest your valuable time. It all may become really crushing but you need to place a tough agenda for yourself. Take time to do courses, and get certified, and always try to improve your skill. It takes time, but it will pay off.

Starting a photography business in Dubai

Dubai Media City, Dubai design district free zone and Dubai Studio City are the three best places for you if you want to start as a freelancer photography license in Dubai or as a company starting a photography business in Dubai free zone. Dubai Media City and Dubai Studio City not only offers a number of services for photographers but you can also take benefit of the most reliable media hubs of the county in these free zones. The services provided by Dubai Studio City and Dubai Media City consist of fully fit out business units; simple setup process, lavish licensing terms etc.

Document requires for starting a photography business in Dubai free zone

If you want to apply freelance photography permit Dubai; then you have to provide the following documents

  • Passport copy of the shareholder
  • A complete business plan
  • The person completes CV
  • Full credentials of the photographer
  • A bank reference letter
  • Samples of work and reference letter from previous employer (if possible).

If you want starting a photography business in Dubai as a company; then you have to provide the following documents

  • copy of owner as well as manager
  • CV of owner as well as manager
  • Business plan and bank reference letter.

After receiving photographer license from Media Business Centre in Dubai; you will be provided with services like: 24 hour security as well as office access, lighting, power, air conditioning; use of meeting room, office management as well as maintenance; bedrooms as well as lounge area, daily housekeeping service along with collection; and distribution of faxes as well as mails and others.

Costs of photography permit Dubai

The set up cost of photography permit Dubai for license, flexi desk; also security deposit and 3 year UAE resident visa is AED 20,000. And after every year, you will pay annual renewal fee of AED 13,500.

You will get FZ-LLC license, security deposit; also desk space and two UAE resident visas with two year validity for initial cost of AED 48,000. At the start of every year, you will additionally pay AED 35,000 annual renewal fee.

Photography License in Dubai mainland

The above mentioned free zones are best places for starting a photography business in Dubai. But if you want to start photography business in Dubai mainland; then local Emirati sponsor will hold 51% of shares of the company which is compulsory; that is for setting up of any business in the mainland Dubai.

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