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Company registration in Dubai

Company registration in Dubai

Planning for company registration in Dubai?

In UAE, every individual emirate as well as the Federal Government is accountable for company registration and business set up. In Dubai, the authorities have generated an atmosphere which is well organized, well define and unrestricted. As a result, Dubai offers an operating condition to company registration Dubai. The working condition in Dubai is the main charm of Dubai company registration; and also the most gorgeous in the region.

Dubai has a strong economy which is one of the world’s best economy; with a large annual trade. UAE has go through a brilliant conversion into a modern state; that is, with a high standard of living.

There are a lot of options offers to local as well as foreign companies; which are search for to start a business with in Dubai. Besides a trading company; there are other companies find that there are distinct benefits in having a company in Dubai; in order to make contacts, study the market scenarios; association with customers, as well as understand the details and needs of any business. Having such presence can provide substantial business benefits in this part of the world.

Dubai company registration

First of all in the first place, investors are always demand to deal with someone they know; as well as they trust. So personal relationships are much more imperative in Dubai as they are in Europe or America. Also, the political stability in UAE made the market very predictable for growth as well as maturity. Thus making the market place very competitive and creating a need for first class market intelligence and information. Dubai company registration offers a comprehensive range of business options to foreign corporations, including:

  • Direct trade in Local Market – Dubai company registration in mainland enable you to selling directly to established dealers and distributors
  • Branch office – this option of Dubai company registration, allow 100% foreign ownership; but a local agent is requires; license required form DED.
  • Special free trade zone: in this option of Dubai company registration, 100% foreign ownership permitted; At this point let me tell you one key point form expat point of view; that is, no local sponsor is required, but trade is restricted to that specific free zone.
  • Commercial agency arrangements – in this option of Dubai company registration appointee must be a UAE national or company; agreement to be registered with Ministry of Economy and Commerce

Dubai company registration cost

Initial approval fee 330
Trade Name Approval and Reservation 640
Licensing & registration fee 9,999
Local Sponsor (Emirati) Fee 7,999
Court Notarization Fee 1525
PO Box and Company Stamp Fee 900
Immigration card fee 1000
Labor Card Fee 2,525
RERA attestation 200

In this post we will discuss the top 8 reasons for company registration in dubai.

8 reasons for company registration in dubai

Some of these reason are very obvious and some are not so

Infrastructure for company registration in dubai

First of all in the first place, Infrastructure in the UAE is well develop; Due to a period of quick progress; that is the construction as well as commercial facilities. It is up to an international standards; also make it easier for company registration in dubai. Dubai host an airport and a see port in the region; which make it a logistics hub for rest of the world.

DTA for company registration dubai

At this stage let me tell you a key facts. That is, Income tax is always an issue for most of the foreign investor; and considers it as a key point when going for company registration in any part of the world. Double taxation agreement (DTA) of UAE is one of the primary reasons for company registration dubai. UAE has sign a contract on the avoidance of double taxation with around 50 countries. These countries contain its main trade partners from across the world.

Taxes for company registration in Dubai

At this point let me tell you one key fact; which i think is the most leading point. That is, in UAE, there is no corporate tax as well as no income tax. Business in UAE enjoy the least tax structure in the world. The good nature of tax in UAE was mention by the study Paying Taxes 2013 compiled by the IFC; World Bank and Price water house Coopers.

Considering the tax benefit; Dubai company registration is of strategic advantage for both business as well as people.

In practice however only petrochemical companies, oil & gas; as well as branch office of foreign banks are obligatory to pay taxes. There is 0% income tax to be paid by the expat as well as the national of the UAE.

Strong Economy: Dubai company registration

UAE economy was categorized third among 15 countries in the Middle East; as well as 28th among 185 countries worldwide; in the Index of Economic Freedom 2013. UAE has offer an exciting structure for company registration in Dubai. UAE develop an encouraging business environment; as well as high level of political stability to encourage investors for company registration in Dubai.

Low import Duty for Dubai company registration

One more key point for expat to lunch business in UAE; that is, import duties in UAE are very low. That is,  5% for most of the goods. For goods imported for use within a specific Free Zone; At this point let me tell you one key point form expat point of view; that is, there is no import as well as export duties. There are around 44 Free Zones in UAE which offers reasonable packages for company registration in dubai.

FTA and GAFTA for company registration in dubai

First of all in the first place, UAE is the part of the GCC; and so UAE base businesses enjoy duty free trade with all countries in GCC; that also has Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain as its members.

The GCC block is at this time discussing to sign Free Trade Agreements with the EU; Pakistan, Australia, Turkey, China, Japan, India, Korea; also with the Latin American countries of Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina as well as Paraguay.

One more key point for expat to lunch business in UAE; that is, it is also an associate of the GAFTA; Greater Arab Free Trade Area in which all GCC states take part. This allows UAE to trade with all the associates of GAFTA with lowest duties and barriers. At this point let me tell you one key point form expat point of view; that is, UAE is a natural choice for those who wish to target GCC country.

Availability of Manpower

First of all in the first place, Dubai has a strong labor policies. It is easy as well as economical to recruit work forces from almost any part of the world. Which open a strong gate for company registration dubai. Govt of UAE, across the seven emirates trying to bring flexibility in labor law; in order to facilitate the labor in their state. At this point let me tell you one key point form expat point of view; that is, Dubai is heavily investing in teaching the national work force; so that to play a greater role in boosting the UAE economy. More than 1.4 million people are now working in Dubai.

Strategic Location

Strategic location is one of the main advantage of company registration in dubai; The UAE enjoys a strategic location in the world; as it is place between Asia, Europe and Africa; so it is a place that provides great trading conditions. Western country multi nationals companies use UAE as a hub for the Middle East. Also, Indian traders use the UAE to reach out to the rest of the world. Chinese use UAE as a hub to reach out to the Africa.  And also Latin American use UAE as a launch pad for South Asia. At this point let me tell you one key point form expat point of view; that is, company registration dubai helps in targeting a wide range of area.

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