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LLC Dubai, LLC company formation in Dubai

LLC Dubai, LLC company formation in Dubai

LLC Dubai stands for Limited Liability Company in Dubai. It is the most common form of company in Dubai. We are Dubai LLC Company registration consultants serving local as well as international businesses. Our LLC company formation in Dubai experts; are aware of all the legal structure as well as rules of LLC Dubai. We reduce your set up cost and save your valuable time.  We are one stop solution for all sorts of LLC company setup services.

What we offer for LLC registration Dubai?

As we mention that we are the expert of LLC company formation in Dubai. So we offer the following services for LLC registration Dubai.

  • First of all in the first place; we offer our fast services for getting name approvals for LLC Dubai.
  • We offer our fast services for getting Initial approval for llc company setup Dubai.
  • Our team will also guide you in the selection of activity for your LLC Dubai.
  • We provide local sponsor for LLC company formation in Dubai.
  • MOA for LLC company registration in Dubai;
  • Our services also include to find a nice office for LLC company in Dubai.
  • Last but not the least; we offer PRO service’s for LLC company in Dubai.
  • Our HR team can also help you in the hiring process.

Local sponsor for an LLC company formation in Dubai

  • If you decide to go with LLC company formation in Dubai; then you may be aware that all the LLC company formation in Dubai is requires a local partner. Which is also called Local sponsor.
  • In an LLC Dubai local will owns at least 51% of the share. And an expat will own 49% of the share. But this 51% share can be secure with side agreement.
  • Also be careful in taking a local sponsor as he will hold a major part of the share.
  • But you do not need to worry about this thing; our sponsors are very reliable and trust worthy local people. They will not make any problem for you.
  • We have a team of expert people; as well as a group of trust worthy local sponsors.
  • As a part of a UAE law every local cannot sponsor every activity. There are special sponsor for special type of activity. Like an engineer require for engineering LLC Dubai; a doctor which is require for clinic as well as hospital; also a RERA attested sponsor for real estate llc; a lawyers require for a law firm and auditors  require for an audit firm.
  • Luckily we have a panel of all these type of sponsors; they have reputable family back grounds; as well as holding high rank positions in gov’t sector.
  • We will also make sure that we will be a bridge between sponsors and expat investors.

Benefits of LLC company formation

  • LLC Dubai allow you to do local trade as well as local services
  • 0 capital requirements to setup and LLC company in Dubai.
  • The  most popular as well as the most common form of setting a company is an LLC Dubai
  • Its  offers supreme access to the wider range of UAE economy
  • The investor can get the investor visa without a security deposit in LLC Dubai
  • In LLC Company formation, no involvement of local partner in day to day activities
  • Let me tell you a key fact of the LLC company formation; that is you can have the option to launch branches in any emirate.
  • LLC Company formation is allow to open corporate bank accounts.
  • It also allow to avail credit facilities
  • Warehouse and office facilities can be avail in LLC formation in Dubai.

Key question about LLC Company Formation Dubai

Tell now we have discus a lot of thing about LLC; that is,

  • what is an LLC;
  • why it is so common.
  • what are the share distribution.
  • what we can offer for an LLC formation;
  • Also we have discus what are the benefits of an LLC.

Now it is time to answer some common question; which always our client ask about an LLC Dubai. Following are the main key fact about LLC Dubai

How many shareholders are requires to setup an LLC company in Dubai?

LLC company setup in Dubai is very flexible type of company setup. LLC Dubai must have shareholders between 2 to 50. Each shareholder in an LLC is liable up to the extent of his or her share capital in the company.

How many managers are allowing in an LLC company in Dubai?

A Dubai LLC company should appoint at least one manager and maximum five managers. A shareholder can also be a manager. Under the MOA of an LLC Dubai the manager has full powers for management of dubai llc. The power of the manager depends on the MOA.

What are the share percentage of local and expat in LLC Dubai?

In Dubai LLC company local will hold a major part of the company; that is 51% and expat will get only 49% share of an llc Dubai.

What kind of activity I can perform in a Dubai LLC company? 

You can conduct industrial; as well as commercial activities in Dubai LLC Company. But note that you cannot perform professional activities; except few activities like banking, insurance or investment. Dubai LLC company is not allows to do legal consultancy, auditing of financial statements; also accountancy and other type of consulting service.

How I can select a name for LLC company Dubai?

The name of an LLC Dubai company should be the same as the Dubai trade license activity; or it will contain the names of one or more of its shareholder. The suffix “Limited Liability Company” should be added to the Dubai LLC company.

What are the share percentage GCC national in Dubai LLC Company?

GCC nationals are allow to hold 100% share of the Dubai LLC Company. But note that if GCC national has an expat person then they needs a UAE local; he will hold 51% of share and the remaining 49%; will be share among the expat and GCC national.

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