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Gold trading license Dubai

Gold trading license in Dubai

Gold trading license in Dubai Gold & Diamond Park

The Gold and Diamond Park came into being in 2011. It is the objective of each and every jeweler as well as of those whom wish to trade in gold. But also for experience businessmen searching for additional facilities to have an office and physical presence in Gold and Diamond Park. It is located on Sheikh Zayed Road, Gold & Diamond Park is ought to see place to all clients. And it is always includes in all tourist visit list.

Gold & Diamond Park is plan for Gold trading license in Dubai. It searching to full fill the meticulous requirements of the gold and Diamond industry in Dubai. This scheme includes workshop areas entire with the features and services mainly for the requirements of the jewelers. Furthermore, Gold & Diamond Park in current times launched rental of office places to other professionals of business searching for further worth of their investment.

For Gold trading license in Dubai Gold and Diamond Park the licensing authority is Jebel Ali free zone.

Advantages of gold trading license in Dubai

Following are the major advantages of company in Gold and Diamond Park.

  • 100% profit in form of foreign ownership for Gold trading license in Dubai
  • It offers 100% security of investment as well as income
  • You will not going to pay any Corporate taxes
  • planned position within the heart of Dubai with trouble-free access to all parts of areas
  • 24/7 working liberty Gold trading license in Dubai
  • No limitation on hiring of expat staff.
  • Important air conditioning plant links to all units of office.
  • Central gas supply display to each and every unit of the building.
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week security staff & video observation, fire alarms and fire defense systems.
  • Vigorous and work loving environment with suitable ventilation systems; exhaust services and provision of sharp dumping as well as collection of waste.
  • Hallmarking will soon be facilitated by the Dubai Municipality’s usual move up facilities for all gold artificial and sold from the Diamond & Gold Park.
  • Outstanding trade midpoint facilities and atmosphere, serving tourists and shoppers. Shuttle transport service between the Diamond & Gold Park and 5-star hotels at beach to start from end of November 2004.

how to start gold business in Dubai Gold & Diamond Park

In order to enable Dubai gold trading license for trading in gold and Diamond. The bellow given measures must be followed:-

A contract agreement must be acquires from the Gold and Diamond Park. That is after the imbursement of The fee for the unit being leased; 15% of the once a year unit rent as refundable security place; also 15% of the yearly unit rent as supply deposit (refundable) maintenance charges if suitable.

On receiving the lease agreement, the JAFZA license must be applied; at the Jebel Ali offices and authority with the credentials as stated below:-

The application form, with the agreement of partnership or MOA either applicable.

A photocopy of the lease agreement should be attach for Dubai gold trading license. Expense amount of 5,500.00 as license fee. The individual will plan an application or through PRO of the GDP; with a yearly charge of AED 2,500.00 per year. These charges will let the occupant to claim every service with JAFZA. On the other side, the charges will be as per business to be decid mutually; by the leaseholder and the Management of GDP.

Once getting the applications. The Jabel Ali Free Zone Authority will let loose the certificate of Dubai gold trading license. And it will also dispatch a letter to the bank of the resident wherever the account is to be open.

After opening the account, the concern bank will issue a letter to JAFZA. That is to verify that the required funds have been deposit.

 While JAFZA after getting the letter from the bank will issue the license for gold trading Dubai.

Gold trading Dubai in Mainland

As the gold market strengthens the whole world. We are very thankful to the industry of gold and diamond. As it plays a very important role in the rising economy of Dubai.

If you are a probable investor who also has great control in the gold industry. Or if you are a businessman who wish to expend their production of business. Then it is a great opportunity for you to have a business system in Dubai gold market. Now a day’s gold and diamond are one of the most important imports in Dubai. Gold dominated very much in imports in non-oil group category.  Gold Imports value Dh 24.4 billion or usually 15% of total non-oil business. Who hasn’t heard about the Dubai gold souk?

It would not be incorrect to say that Dubai gold souk is in the checklist of each and every visitor. Dubai Gold Souk is a good place for the gold buyers in Dubai. Gold Souk is also a conventional gold market in the middle of the commercial district in Deira. It is residence of around 300 retailers who trade in jewelry completely.
It has been on the record that at any time up to 10 tons of gold is always obtainable. That is in the Dubai gold souk! This declaration clearly indicates the potential of setting up gold trading Dubai. The demand for gold typically generate from countries like India as well as Iran etc. And also visitor from all around the globe get together in Dubai to buy that wonderful pieces of jewelries.

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