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Financial Consultancy License in Dubai

Financial Consultancy License in Dubai

Financial consultancy license in Dubai offer a broad variety of services; to business ranging from small firm all the way through to great worldwide corporations. Internationally, part of the financial consultants primary services comprise budgeting; fundraising, debt management and yet in the task of financial adviser to company staff. Financial consultants are very much important throughout the stages of planning; most of the times assisting the business to develop an accurate strategy as well as a business plan. The financial consultant is an important component too in pitching the business plan to the light of investors prospective.

In the history of UAE, the Central Bank of UAE has keeping pace of the financial consultancy license in Dubai as part of the financial investment business. The majority of the licensed financial consultants are also keeping up as investment companies under the regulation of Central Bank Board of Directors number 164/8/94. Starting from December 2008, The UAE “SCA” (Security & Commodity Authority) issued the regulation no. 48/R of 2008 to legalize the activity of Financial Consultation as well as Financial Analysis (the “Regulation”).

Financial Consultancy License in Dubai

From that date, the Central Bank of UAE close of issuing fresh licenses; as well as renewing the existing licenses for the activity. The shift of the task to SCA was pursuant to the MOU; agreed upon by among the SCA and the UAE Central Bank; which particularly determines liabilities of each party in the light of legislation; supervision, licensing and inspection on concerned activities with the financial services sector. The objective being to increase, where it organize risks which may be sector encountered.

Since 2008, SCA has approve the financial consultancy license in Dubai to a lot of companies till now. SCA carrying to collect applications to license these activities. We intend in this article, to draw the basic necessities. And measures to acquire the Financial Analysis and Financial Consultation license.

Financial consultancy license in Dubai

The Financial consultancy license in Dubai is greatly control activity in Dubai UAE. Financial consulting need certified financial consultants as well as particular approval from Security commodity authority {SCA}. There are different departments in Abu Dhabi to complete the process of the license registration. Apart from SCA who are concerned in issuance of License, that are, department of economic development, Dubai court, Ministry of economy etc.

For business setup in Sharjah as a financial consultant. You need to consider a few thing and adapt it when you are executing you plan; to lunch your business in sharjah,

Regulations and Licenses for Financial advisor license in Dubai

The Company must fulfill all requirements regarding the regulatory and law as well as shall meet the terms to the obligatory parameters while registering the business and throughout its business life ahead.

The SCA (Securities & Commodities Authority) is the Authority empowered in regulating financial advisor license in Dubai. The Company shall move toward SCA for issuing of a financial advisor license in Dubai is state by its regulations and process. The company must originate its activities of business and commercial after getting an appropriate License from SCA, commercial/trade licensee from DED respectively, of the emirates.

Financial advisor license in Dubai

Financial Analysis & Consultancy

Activity Code: 671901

Activity Group: exchange and financial services

License Type: Professional

Activity Description: financial advisor license in Dubai provide the customers. Or to the community a good word base on studies and on financial and economic analysis; as concerning practicability studies; predicting and forecasting existing as well as future standards of the goods contracts and prices. It involves the financial analysis that depends on scientific appraisal; of the financial statements to assess that what went before. Also the present and to predict the future companies performance. In addition, assessing securities as well as goods. And their contracts transactions volumes, price trends in line to allow decisions making.

Requirement for financial advisor license in Dubai

The companies applying for a financial advisor license in Dubai must provide the following.

Share capital: A company has to keep the capital share of AED 1 million

Shareholding: At least 51% share must be with the UAE national

The company has the need competent technical; as well as administrative staff to carry out the business of financial consultation as well as financial analysis. (Certified SCA consultants)

Business plan is the very important component of the procedure that has to be draft in both languages e.g. English and Arabic, the most important points to consider are as under,

  • The demand of Size in the business plan must be with respect to the services of companies.
  • The business plan must keep the Current competitors as well as prospective competitors
  • The Level of competition must be there in business plan
  • The business plan must include Market share of competitors; Vs the expected market share of the applicant for the upcoming three years.
  • The business plan must keep the analysis for supply and demand gap in respect to the provided services.
  • Business plan must set the target clients

We are professionals in preparing plans for the business. Like for SCA as well as each type of Business establishment. Please consult us to know much more about it.

Activities allow for financial consultancy license in Dubai

The following are the activities allow under this license.

  1. The company can carry the Financial Statements as well as Performance Analysis
  2. The companies can go for market Research, Price Trends, Analysis as well as future Forecasts
  3. Companies can arrange Feasibility Studies
  4. The companies under this license can conduct Consulting on Securities, Commodities as well as related Contracts too
  5. The component of Investment Portfolio Modeling are also allow to these companies
  6. The company’s are allow in leading the Services of Financial Advisory
  7. The company’s under this license can go for the Financial Planning
  8. The companies are allow to offer the Investment Consulting services

Note: – There are a small number of license companies in Dubai who are officially authorize to counsel the financial market.

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