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Readymade companies in Dubai with bank accounts

Ready made companies in Dubai with bank accounts

When you decide to invest your money launch your business in Dubai. Then you as an expat have so many option for starting your business. You can set up a new company or you can buy ready made companies in Dubai with bank accounts. Buying a company in Dubai offers positive benefits as the foreign investors do not have to start a new business. And then obtain a business and status on the market.

Buying a ready made company in Dubai means that the business is already setup. That company already have clients. And the client know the company very well. The process of buying a ready made company in Dubai is the specialties of shams consultant; we will handle all the legal procedures and documents necessary for the transfer of ownership.

Buying a company in Dubai

Ready made companies in Dubai with bank accounts in Dubai means a shelf company in Dubai; it is a business which is set up completely and has no liabilities. They have been left to age until someone buys this company. Such a company is a good option for expat investors who want to quickly start his business. And does not have a time for new company opening in Dubai.

Another alternative for doing business in Dubai is to acquire a company. The process of company acquisition and merger is controlled by some company laws. While the process of company merger usually contains the change of two companies into one legal entity. The process of company gaining means taking over another company and becoming its new owner.

If you are interested in offshore shelf company with bank account in Dubai. Our consultant can help you with buying strategy and can assist you invest in an already existing company.

Ready made companies in Dubai with bank accounts

As mention there are two options to start business in Dubai; that is open a new company or to purchase a shelf company in Dubai. These readymade companies are also call as a shelf corporation or old company. It is a register company legally which has no activity. These companies are ready for everyone to buy and to bypass the deadly registration or setup process. So, if time is a limit for your business enterprise, the best option can be a shelf company in Dubai.

Choosing the right ready made companies in Dubai with bank accounts

There are ready made companies of different type; choosing the right one is based on the business and your requirements. It contains a big risk if the shareholder history; also bank records and debts etc; are not properly check before shifting readymade companies to the new owners. It is will be very easy for you if talk to our consultant before the selection process. And t is important to know the charges, time and other requirements of a Shelf Company in Dubai.

Age Range of ready made companies in Dubai with bank accounts

Usually, our ready made companies in Dubai with bank accounts are not less than a year old. As we know the older company is more valuable to the client. There for we have a list of readymade companies in Dubai with bank accounts up to ten year of age.

Our ready made companies in Dubai with bank accounts are setup and then left to “age”. Until we decide to put the old offshore company up for sale. Or get a request specific for a company form in a particular year.

Company Names and Membership of Shelf Company in Dubai

Our large stock of readymade companies in Dubai with bank accounts has attractive and practical business names; with a variety of company name endings (Ltd. Inc. Corp. etc.). We offer Shelf Company in Dubai with nominee directors or with your appointed directors. Nominee shareholders are also accessible with extra charge.

Looking history of Business for buying a company in Dubai

Buying a company in Dubai are idle and do not have any operations or business history with bank account. They are up to date companies; (up to the year of purchase also all fees are paid up; and the company is kept in good standing). It must be renew every year in order to keep it in good standing.

Benefit of Ready made companies in Dubai with bank accounts

Time and Cost for Shelf company in Dubai

It saves expense and time of forming a brand new company.

Easier access to Capital or Credits:

Banks or other financial institutions are more likely to invest or give credit to an establish company rather than to a new one. It is now a big issue to open a bank account for offshore and free zone company. Ready made companies in Dubai with bank accounts are also solve the issue of bank account opening.

Instant access to Contracts:

Some of the UAE gov’t bidding process needs; that your company should be for a specified minimum length of time. Buying a company in Dubai is full of advantageous if a new company wishes to take a part in such bids.

Reduces waiting period:

Buying a company in Dubai will allow you to engage in business; or agreements of real estate as an establish company; without having to go through the long waiting period of establishing a new brand corporation.

Ease in Documentation process

It is easy for an older company to process and access of business visa; and documents of company for the organization members.

Longevity and Operating History:

An old company offers you establish strength and working history that makes it easy to build the image of corporate.

Why Choose Us to Buy a of Shelf Company in Dubai

At Shams Consultant, we are well aware; and expert with the legal aspects of setting a new company and the business climate. We carry out the necessary due diligence to provide fast service, Once you classify the UAE Shelf Company. Our services will contain shelf companies in RAK Offshore shelf companies; also free zone shelf companies, Ajman Offshore shelf companies; as well as shelf companies in Jafza Offshore.

Our specialists will verify the legal address of company; also fee structure, corporate bank account, director address; and all other necessary documents once you favor a shelf company. We will take a special care to insure no existing liabilities pass on to you after a takeover. We will also guide you with all the legal advice on every matter related to acquiring the company. Also we will make sure that you don’t end up paying a significant premium for taking a readymade company. We will assist you in your negotiations and in the transfer of the ownership; once the credentials are soundly establish. To sum it up, Shams Consultant will register the shelf company and keep it ready for the buyer.

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