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Freelance license in Dubai

Freelance license in Dubai

There are a number of outsiders live in UAE from all over the world. Most of them want to earn extra money apart from their usual duties to earn more income; due to the wishes high style of living to maintain a good standard in the Society. Normally people are confused about the part time work and freelance license in Dubai. A Freelance license in Dubai is basically working or run your business legally with a valid trade license. A part time job in UAE is consider as illegal. Unless until a person gets a separate permission from the ministry of labor in Dubai. There are so many benefits from getting a freelance license UAE. E.g. that one or more person can enjoy the ownership of a company. And also maintain a separate company bank account; separate business address etc.

Freelance license in Dubai

After obtaining freelance license UAE you are at liberty and are legally allow running the business or working here. In UAE most of the free zone authorities are providing the Freelance license UAE. So you can get the permit from any of the free zone authority; by choosing the activity as per your professional background. Residents of UAE holding a valid visa may open a Freelance license UAE without canceling the existing visa. The person who is in husband sponsorship or employment visa may be the shareholder of the company. But in this case they will provide NOC letter from the sponsor.

In freelancer license Dubai, Physical office space is not mandatory. But many free zones offer the flexi desk facility for small business; which helps the owner to access the office and use the services like as mail; receptionist, and meeting rooms etc. The trade license can be issued within 7 to 10 working days. These options are more suitable for those who are in residency visa through their spouse or employment visa.

Quick easy setup of freelance license Dubai

You can apply for your freelance license Dubai in two ways: either direct to the Department of Economic Development (DED). Or from one of the Dubai various free zones authority. None of these are difficult. However the free zone option may be easier than the first one. And comes with other benefits such as 0% corporate and personal tax and 100% repatriation of profits. The application process is very simple. You may use your company name or use your own name. And your freelance license Dubai is usually issue in 7 to 10 days.

No need of office space for freelance license in Dubai

Freelance license in Dubai gives you total freedom. There will be no bar upon you and it will be your own free style choice; to work under yourself mind and not under any subservient. In this scenario you may not be tie to an office. You can also work from home if you wish; or rent a desk or office facilities from one of the free zones.

Wide variety of freelance license in Dubai

One of the most attractive things about freelance license in Dubai is the wide range of fields; in which you are allowed to operate. Freelance license in Dubai are issue for almost all DED listed activities. And if you wish to obtain a freelance permit from a free zone; then your business activity must be related to the free zone’s area of focus. For instance if you want to set up in Dubai Media City Free Zone; then you need to be working in the media or a related industry.

Corporate bank account for freelance license in Dubai

It’s not just the license and visa applications which are straight forward; getting your corporate bank account organized is also a breeze. The UAE is home to plenty of large, reputable financial institutions – both local banks and global names; that gladly welcome freelancers. Plus, if you set up in a free zone. You will often be put in touch with the most relevant bank to your needs as part of the standard setup service.

No auditing or book keeping

Mostly people do not like paper work, especially when they have to do it all themselves. Fortunately, freelance license Dubai is not always requires submitting official accounts; or being subject to an audit. So it is an ideal setup for the busy entrepreneur.

Dependents Sponsorship allow for freelance license UAE

Freelance license UAE may not always be a steady job. But that does not mean you can’t have family with you. Once your own visa is secure, providing you meet the salary requirements. You will be able to sponsor family members too (or employees if you’re setting up a company). In general, though, it’s easier for a man to sponsor dependents than for a woman; unless she’s working in certain defined professions (such as the medical sector). In addition to the minimum salary restrictions.

Upgrading your freelance license in Dubai to full company setup

There are some who never want to give up freelancing. And will only ever take on as much work as they can manage themselves. Others see freelancing as the first step on the ladder to expand their business and setting up a company. For them the good news is that it is easy to upgrade your freelance license Dubai to a company license. And there are many benefits for up gradation, including the fact that you can apply for multiple visas. Also, many free zones allow you to set up a company without the need for upfront share capital. 

Freelance license in UAE available in free zone

  • Fujairah free zone: license fee is starting from AED: 14,000.00
  • UMQ free zone: License fees is starting from AED: 13,000.00
  • AJMAN free zone: License fees is starting from AED: 11,000.00
  • D-Tech: license fees is starting from AED: 7,500.00
  • Twofour54 – Abu Dhabi: License fees is starting from AED: 2,500.00
  • RAK free trade zone: License fees is starting from AED: 15,000.00

Every free zone have certain professional activities like actor, animator, designer, artist; also sound engineer, music as well as theater editor, media marketing, information technology; film production, content provider as well as photo shot etc. One can get a freelance permit the investor or owner need to be professionally qualified. And also need to provide the specific proof for the qualification.

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