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Company setup Dubai

Company setup Dubai

Dubai has developed in a last decade so much that it stands as the primary trading hub in UAE. The location of Dubai pays a vital role in the charm of the Dubai. It offers to expat the most liberal operating conditions; that is, tax free trading, No trade barriers, protection of the asset, complete privacy; and full repatriation of profit as well as capital.

Dubai also offers a lot of structure for company setup Dubai. That is, offshore company setup; local main land company set up; and also there are so many free zones which offer a variety of license for expat. The tax haven zone is also paying a vital role in the popularity of the region. Dubai has a wealthy market place located in one of the ironic place; which offers a wide range of opportunities in the field of trading and in finance. High ease of use through air or water (around 90 airlines and 170 shipping lines)

Company setup in Dubai might be a good idea if you have decided to launch a business in Middle East. You can start your company in one of two types of authorities; which is “Main land authority” or in any of the free trade zone. Both of these zones offer different civil rights; subject to the nature of the business as well as the type of the business. If you select main land area for your company setup Dubai; then your controlling authority will be Dubai DED. In this type of a business you need a local person; who will act as a local sponsor or local service agent. But if you select a free zone area; then you can set up your company without the need of a local person. We are providing our services for all kinds of Company setup in Dubai.

Procedure of Company Setup Dubai

As we have mentioned that there are two man areas where we can set up company and start our business. Both authorities have their own roles and regulation for local as well as expat. Both have different steps to be followed to get the license. But following are the most common steps to get the license.

Select a Business Activity for company setup Dubai

The first step in the company setup Dubai is to choose a related class of business activity. There are almost three thousand business activities are available for Company setup in Dubai, which fall under different groups. You need to select the correct group of activity in the first place.

Select a Trade Name for Company setup in Dubai

This is one of the main stages of company incorporation in Dubai. In this stage you need to select a trade name of the company. But remember at the time of choosing a trade name you need to follow trade name selection guide lines.

Select a Legal Form for Your Company setup in Dubai

The 3rd step for company setup in Dubai is to select a legal form of the business; as there are more than a few legal forms of the company setup in Dubai; and it is always based on the business activity which you are going to choose in this stage. When you are going to select a legal form for your company set up in Dubai; you need to consider the activity which you will perform in this company; the type of a business as well as the ownership options.

Initial Approval for Dubai company setup

Once we select the trade name, activity and legal form; then the next step is to apply for initial approval. An Initial Approval is a No Objection from Gov’t to start business in Dubai. These approvals carry out business activities as well as legal type of the license. This type of approval is valid for a period of six months; and it is not renewable.

Draft MOA and Local Service Agent Agreement for Company setup Dubai

After getting initial approval the next step is to prepare a MOA; or the local service agreement (LSA) subject to the legal form of the entity. Local Service Agent agreements LSA need to be preparing for professional activity with UAE Local; while MOA is required for the commercial activity. Following Legal forms have to be drafted as MOA.

  • Limited Liability Company
  • Private Shareholding Company
  • Simple Limited Partnership
  • Civil Company
  • Partnership Company
  • Public Shareholding Company

If you are planning to set up a branch company, then an MOA will be needed. But note that it is not needed for Sole Establishment. Dubai Company setup as a Branch of a Free zone Company; where UAE local own less than 51% of the company or a civil company; and a branch of a foreign company that has no UAE local need an LSA Agreement.

Select an office address for company setup Dubai

In order to setup a company in Dubai all companies must have an office. Before to get a final approval for business activity; you need to rent an office space inside in a Dubai. The location need to be approved by the Dubai Municipality. If the partner of the Company setup Dubai is a UAE local and have office space for one license; then we do not need to rent new office space. We can just add new license in the same office address.

Get specific Approval for company setup in Dubai

There are some activities which required special approval from different Gov’t departments. In this stage before final submission you need to take those approvals from concern departments. For example, a Hospital and clinic need special approval from DHA. So you need to have this before final submission.

Get Business License for Dubai company setup

Once we select the trade name, activity as well as legal form of the business; prepare MOA or LSA and rent an office; also get special approval if required. Then the next step is to apply for final approval. In this step you will get your business license. The whole process will take 6 to 7 working days. But it is totally depend on the business activity as well as on all other approvals.

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