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Dubai company formation

Dubai company formation

UAE is known as one of the world most dynamic country; and a perfect business hub for local as well as international trading. For both east and west UAE is the main commercial meeting point. UAE keeps a liberal economy and is dedicate to ensure free trade and competition. In UAE there are over 200 nationalities that live and work in the UAE. Dubai is one of the main states of UAE. Most of the expiate love to have their business in Dubai. There are some key advantages of dubai company formation.

  • Politically UAE is a stable country.
  • There are no corporate tax as well as there is no personal tax on income.
  • At this point let me tell you one more thing; which is think is the most key one to this stage; that is no restrictions on profit or capital repatriation.
  • Low import duties; that is 0% duty tax.
  • High level of security to person and property.
  • No currency restrictions is also one of the best benefit. Which expat love to avail.
  • At this point let me tell you one more thing; which is think is the most key one to this stage; that is it has human resources in all sector of life; that is which is the demand of any business.

Dubai company formation

There are many kinds of legal structures; or in other word we can say that there are different type of Companies; that is to run different sorts of business activities in the UAE. In common, the business which operate in UAE; can be divide into three different classes; such as onshore (mainland) companies, free zone companies and off shore companies.

Dubai company formation in Mainland

Main land – dubai company formation is also call onshore company formation. Main land companies are the one which is register in the UAE main land with DED. At this point let me tell you that; their key purpose is to carry out business in the local market. One of the main differences of the On shore business is that; they can be mold in partner ship with a UAE Local. UAE local must either act as a company share holder and will hold 51% of the company share; or he will act as a local service agent. The capacity of a UAE national is usually decide base on the activity and legal form of the company.

The activities in Dubai company formation are generally classified as

  • Commercial activity
  • Professional activity
  • Industrial activity

Commercial activity

This kind of activity is include trading, investment, import as well as export; also a brokerage, a banking, a real estate, insurance etc.

Professional activities

This kind of activity is include those which are relate to the profession; that is, with the use of abilities and skills; such as an IT services, a medical services, a consultancy activities, an education, a farming, a restaurant etc.

Industrial activities

This kind of activity is include all kind of manufacturing activities.

Local sponsor for Dubai company formation

Selecting the right local partner or local agent is very difficult; if one is require for the sack of operating in local marking. It is one of the primary issue to start company in Dubai or other Emirates of UAE. At this point let me tell you an important point; which i think will help you to see all this in clear way; that is, if you do not pick the right local sponsor and make the company formation in Dubai; that is, with the casual sponsor, you can be totally block for the future business; because for each government work you may require his signature. Signature is need for visa application of the new employee; renewal of Trade license as well as renewal of the staff visas.

When such signature is missing as you can not reach to your sponsor; can totally stop your company operation. Our company has the right connection with local sponsor; who will be available 24 / 7 to help you and your business.

Offshore Company formation

Off shore Company formation is another option of Dubai company formation; Off shore company is use to conduct international business. In UAE Jebel Ali Free Zone, Ras al Khaimah and Ajman allow IBC formation. Off shore company is also call an IBC. Off shore company is ideal for any type of business that does not want a local office. This type of a dubai company formation is best suitable for investment activity; like hold share in local or in a free zone companies; hold UAE real estate, or invoice to international client; international trading activities outside the UAE. IBCs can not rent office space nor can they apply for any visas. And also note that they are not allow to trade inside in the UAE.

UAE Free Zone Company

Another form of a company formation in Dubai is free zone company. It is also call a free trade zone company. Because it’s origin of formation is free trade area. It is call a tax free zone as there is no corporate nor personal tax in free trade zone. Free zone Company is registere in one of the free zones in the UAE. Free zone company allow 100% owner ship to expat; that is why it is the primary option for all expat; having ambition to open a company in any of emirates.

What is Sole Establishment form of company formation Dubai?

A Sole Establishment form of company formation Dubai is a legal object; which is entirely own by one individual; who is totally liable for the liabilities of the entire company. Sole Establishment form of company formation Dubai can either conduct commercial activities or professional activities in the UAE. According to UAE laws; only UAE nationals as well as nationals of GCC countries are allow to form Sole Establishment; for to carry out commercial activities. The commercial activities are those activities; which are describe in the Art 5 – 6 of the Federal Law No. 18 of 1993 on Commercial Transactions. Some of these activities are trading, import as well as export; real estate development, manufacturing and etc.

However, foreigner are also allow to form Sole Establishment form of company formation Dubai. That is, only for conducting professional activities; non – Physical product, such as a medical services; an engineering services, a management consultancy; a legal services, an IT services and similar services. The Sole Proprietorship form of Dubai company formation, owned by an expat; should appoint a Local Service Agent according with UAE laws. A Local Service Agent should be a UAE national. Whose primary job is to act as link between the company and the government objects. For example, in applying for work permits, visas etc.

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How to setup a company in Dubai?

Finally it is time to have set up company in Dubai. At this point let me tell you one more thing; or you can say one more point which you need to keep in mind. Which i think is a key point for all of the clients; and also i think it will work to see the whole process of a set up Dubai company; and show the entire thing in clear way, that is, the easy way to setup company in dubai. So get in touch with us. In the first place, you can use website live chat button. So that to start chats with a Dubai company specialist. Second way is that, you can Click Here to place a call back request.

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