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travel and tourism license Dubai

travel and tourism license Dubai

Now a day Dubai is one of the best travel and tourism place in the world. And it will not be wrong to say that it is in the top 5 places for travel as well as tourism. After all, there are impeccable resorts for a foreigner to stay; constant promising climate, blue beach; as well as fabulous modern buildings. At this time let me add one more thing which is the most important aspect of the rising of Dubai; that is, the gov’t of the Dubai creates great efforts for the growth of the travel and tourism; as well as in entertaining industry. All together, these factors make Dubai very attractive for the travel and tourism license in Dubai.

In the first place Dubai is one of the world most pretty places in the world; it attracts more than 13 million visitors until 2016. Travel and tourism license in Dubai or travel agency license in Dubai; has a high demand in the market; because of the good location, the tolerance of the native population and very qualified personnel make Dubai the perfect place to open a tourism license in Dubai.

How to open a tourism company in Dubai

In the first place let me tell you the requirement for how to open a tourism company in Dubai. First you need to get the suitable tourism license in Dubai in order to carry out this kind of business. Note that there are 3 main types for tourism license in Dubai. To operate your tourism business in Dubai you need to apply for one of the following licenses.

Travel and tourism license in Dubai as an Outbound Tour Operator

In this type of license a firm can organize the out bound trips. It will also empower you to work in the field of travel and tourism within the country; as well as outside of the country. It will also allow you to organize global conferences as well as show and exhibitions. Also to cover risk an insurance policy is required. The validity of the insurance shall cover the entire term of the license. And will expire after the one month of the license expiry date.  Dh 200,000 bank security in the name of DTCM.

  • Activity Code 630411
  • License Type: Tourism
  • Activity Description: Includes firms that organize and sell tourist programs abroad via travels and tourism agents.

Travel and tourism license in Dubai as an Inbound Tour Operator:

This type of license allows a firm to organize the inbound tourist trips. It will empower you to provide assistance in the field of tourism inside the country; it also allows you to organize global conferences as well as show and exhibitions. For this type of tourism license in Dubai need Dh 100,000 bank security. That is in the name of DTCM (Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing) issued by any bank in Dubai. Also it needs an insurance policy for covering the risks that may come in tourism programs. This policy shall be valid for the total term of the license; and will finish 30 days after the license expiry date.

  • License Type: Tourism
  • Activity Code: 630412
  • Activity Description:  This type of a license will allow a firm to organize local incentive tours; as well as tours for foreigners to attend conferences and event; it involves handling visas, transport and residence.

Open a travel agency in Dubai as a Travel agent

This type of a travel and tourism license in Dubai; you can sell the air tickets outside the country; also you can provide visit visa. Also provide tourist accommodation to his clients, and organize guided tours; as well as transport services to the clients. It almost carry the same type of necessities as that are for other two type of license. But in this license the agent must arrange an NOC. That is on behalf of the Department of civil aviation of the Emirate. To get NOC, a request letter in Arabic must be submitted in the name of the local sponsor. The passport copy as well as family book copy of the local. Also bank guarantee: Dh 100000 bank security in the name of DTCM issued by any bank in Dubai.

  • Activity Code 630402
  • License Type: Tourism
  • Activity Description: It is use for selling air tickets to individuals; as well as to companies on behalf of the authorized agents. The role of these offices is just to reserve seats. Also issuing tickets in co-ordination with the agent; as well as carry out hotel booking and car rental related services.

Note that if you want to take all three activities; for travel agency in Dubai; then total bank guarantee will be Dh 400,000.

Tourism license fee in Dubai

Initial approval fee; 310
Trade Name Approval as well as Reservation. 660
Labor Card Fee. 2,500
Immigration card fee. 1000
PO Box and as well as Company Stamp Fee. 900
Local Sponsor Fee. 10000
Court Fee. 1500
Licensing fee. 10,000
RERA attestation. 200

Documents required to open a tourism license in Dubai

  • Application form must be fill
  • Also passport copy of each of the expat applicant;
  • Education as well as experience certificate of the Manager. 3 year experience certificate if he or she holds any bachelor degree; or if he or she have any Certificate in Travel and Tourism. 5 year experience certificate if the Manager holds only Secondary Certificate.
  • The owner and manager of the company will provide clean criminal record certificate.
  • 30 square meter office space also needed for each activity.
  • Studies about the feasibility of the project.
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