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Food truck license Dubai

Food truck license Dubai

Dubai is hub of big business link to food as well as beverages. The request for both large as well as small food related corporation is growing with the passage of time. It is due to constant arrival of expat as well as tourists from every corner of the world. After the fame of restaurants, hotels and catering business in Dubai. Now Dubai is turn out to be a hot place for food truck license Dubai. As the style is getting popular in Dubai very fast. It is obvious from the detail that Dubai Municipality give out more than 200 permits. That is for food truck business Dubai in the year 2016 (average of 17 per month). While 134 such permits were give out in just the first two months of 2017 (67 per month).

The growth and fame of food truck license Dubai is mostly due to the attention of local people of UAE. It is something new as well as matchless that is present by these food truck license Dubai. Provide food in these trucks is also cheap and ready to serve. You can have international, organic, local food items in these food trucks. A few food truck business Dubai provides single food items like French fries, burger, dessert etc. But you can also expect to visit trucks with multiple food stuffs to present.

Food truck license Dubai

People love to visit explicit places chosen to this food truck license in Dubai on weekends. One such stable place chosen for this food truck business Dubai is at Sheikh Zayed Road. Apart from that, system in Dubai also issue short term permits for these food truck business Dubai. That is to sell their items during an event or festival.

The food truck business started in Dubai in 2012. And it grew nonstop and also gains popularity with the passage of time. At this time, a number of food truck business Dubai have gain fame like “Moti Roti, SALT, Sir Loin”. Food truck is among the cheapest business in Dubai. It reduces the businessmen from high cost of setting up restaurant or hotel.

Is it difficult to start a food truck business in Dubai

There are countless hitches, because of a city still in its mobile food early stage. And because the food truck business model from other cities does not translate here. Being a touristic city, the prime model of the food authorities is great standard of cleanness. And therefore they only let a truck to work if the food is cook; at an already classified central kitchen or restaurant. This means one must put in a kitchen to be able to have a truck. Which in turn blunts the truck’s very purpose. That is to start a food business with limited means. You can outsource to a kitchen supplier but this has a higher operating cost. And therefore you must be an entrepreneur willing to go the distance. And prove that you have a great product for the local market.

How to start food truck business in Dubai

Like every other small and big business, the food truck license Dubai also requires approval from different authorities.

  • In the first step, the business plan will be give in to Dubai Municipality (DM), Dubai Economic Department (DED) and Dubai Road & Transport Authority (RTA)
  • You will buy a food truck where attendance of kitchen is a must requirement. You also need to approve the design and condition of the food truck. According to new rules as well as regulation; health and safety conditions apply on floors, walls and ceilings of kitchen; along with the presence of suitable light as well as ventilation. A Food truck license Dubai is only allowable to serve ready made food. Only after that, one can get approval from Dubai Municipality (DM)
  • After successful approval from all the above authorities; you can start setting up your truck either locally or on globally; rendering to the price you can bear. Forming a truck according to the standards set by the Gov’t of Dubai can cost you around AED 400,000
  • The next step is to find suitable location for food truck parking. Even for this step, approval from government department is required and RTA is the authority in this case. You can also apply for short term permit in case of parking your truck outside a festival on exhibition.

More about food truck business

The growth forecasts of food truck business in Dubai are huge; as it is predictable to grow many bends by 2020. But at this time there are very few people working in this business; which is not only lucrative but also economical to establish. It means that there is very smaller amount of competition in this business at this point. And instant setting up of truck food license in Dubai; can help small tycoons to make their place in the business; that is before the arrival of large number of competitors. But the procedure of getting food truck license Dubai needs approval from several authorities which is a tough task. But you can easily cross this difficulty by taking advice from a sound business consultancy.

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