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Izrar Ulhaq

I am a corporate consultant with years of advanced experience leveraging business consulting skills with legal insight to drive business growth, protect assets and Intellectual Property, assure legal compliance and minimize risk. I am currently working as a business consultant with Shams consultant, advising entrepreneurs, startup companies and foreign firm on business setup in dubai, LLC Dubai, regulatory affairs, legal compliance, legal structuring and re-structuring of entities in United Arab Emirates Mainland, Free Zones and, Offshore jurisdictions.
Cheapest free zone license in UAE

Cheapest free zone license in UAE

The common way to open a company in the UAE; is to go with a local sponsor who will get the maximum of 51% shares of the company; so that you can begin with the company setup in Dubai. On the other hand, free trade zone company formation means; that you will get 100% ownership of your own company and a local sponsor is not requires in this case.

Company setups in UAE free zones are easily accessible via road since they all are located inside the city or on the edge of the city. Most of the Dubai free trade zones are also accessible via metro stations.

Even if the value added tax (VAT) on some goods as well as services has found its way to the territory of the UAE; companies in UAE free zone are still seeing it an advantage for them; as there is no corporate as well as no income taxes. So this is why business owners who are looking for free zone company setup in UAE; will benefit from this kind of tax exemption.

There is a lot more, that an expat who plan to setup a free zone company in UAE can benefit from doing this. Following are the list of the cheapest free zone license in UAE.

Cheapest free zone license in UAE Shams free zone

  • Company setup options starting from AED 11,500
  • Only one working day require to issue the license.
  • Wide range of business activities available on the same business license
  • Shareholders are not need to be physically present in the UAE to setup a new company
  • Also Shams free zone allows 100% foreign ownership.
  • Companies will have limited liability
  • Ability to appoint Corporate Directors and Corporate Managers for your company
  • 100% repatriation of capital as well as profits
  • 0% corporate and also 0% personal income tax
  • Quick as well as simple online registration process
  • Shams free zone does not require any security deposit.
  • Allocation of up to 6 visas on a shared desk facility
  • Located 5 minutes from Sharjah Airport and also 15 minutes from Dubai Airport

Cheapest free zone license in UAE Fujairah free zone

  1. Creative City Baby Business: Baby Business License is design for small businesses; so that to benefit from an easy company set-up.
    Visa availability: 6 Fujairah free zone visas.
    License cost :33,500 AED
  2. Creative City Freelancer Company : Freelancer company License enables you to operate as a freelance professional offering a service from a variety of business activities available at Creative City.
    Visa availability: 3 fujairah free zone visas.
    License cost :30,000 AED
  3. Creative City Commercial license – Single Owner (FZE):
    License cost : 17,000 AED

Visa availability: No visa.

  1. Creative City Commercial License FZCO – Multiple Owners (FZ LLC) :
    Visa availability: No visa.
    License cost : 21,000 AED

Processing time: 6-7 Working days.

Cheapest free zone license in UAE, RAK free zone

  • Incorporation time 2 to 3 working day
  • 0 share capital requirement for cheapest free zone license in UAE (RAK free zone)
  • This free zone also offers flexi disk and flexi office option.
  • RAK free zone which has one of the cheapest free zone license in UAE; start commercial license from 17,500.
  • Industrial license and warehouse facilities are available in this free zone.
  • 100% foreign ownership is allowing in this free zone.
  • RAK free zone allows 1 director as well as 1 share holder.
  • Expat are allowed to import goods as well as raw material.
  • RAK free zone offer cheapest free zone license in UAE; corporate directors are not allow to form a company. But it allow corporate shareholder.

Cheapest free zone license in UAE JAFZA

Business setup in UAE free zones is known as a normal venture by business owners that visit the UAE. Company setup in Dubai has been growing in JAFZA for more than two decades now. It is nonstop being a great help to the economy of UAE; as it invites more and more investors to have a company set up in free zone.

One of the benefits of JAFZA location is that it is in the heart of Dubai; and also offers a low cost free trade zone company formation as compare to others. JAFZA free zone which has one of the cheapest free zone license in UAE; it offer its client to start business under the budget of 29,500.

  • Incorporation time is from 2 to 3 working day
  • Zero share capital requirement for cheapest free zone license in UAE (JAFZA free zone)
  • This free zone also offers flexi disk as well as flexi office option.
  • No currency restrictions
  • Also no restriction on capital repatriation
  • 0% import or re-export duties
  • This Cheapest free zone license in UAE offer you onsite customs
  • No restriction on foreign talent or employees
  • Ability to mortgage your premises to a bank or financing company

Cheapest free zone license in UAE Ajman free zone

Activity Total
One Activity 21,950
Two Activity 23,250
Three Activity or Service Activity 24,550
General Trading 27,150

Included in a package: Rent for the smart office, also a License for the respective category, Maintenance, General Services; Sign Board, Sewage Charges, Establishment card for Immigration and Initial Telephone connection; (Usage and monthly billing will be undertaken directly between client and the telecom service provider)

Opening a Restaurant in Sharjah

Opening a Restaurant in Sharjah

UAE is the hub of delicious cooking pleasures from all over the world; Food is making a great deal of income in the present time. It is one of the main reasons why people take a trip to places in Sharjah; is to have a flavor of world food and get better their experience of roaming.

Increasing number of entrepreneur is looking for opening a restaurant in sharjah. Nearly 2000 restaurant license in Sharjah; have already been issued to expat to operate in this field during the last one and a half year; and in UAE by 2019 about 19,000 extra Food and beverage outlets are estimated.

Opening a restaurant in sharjah

People are interested to go for new foods; new food lines and entices grows their taste. In spite of everything, it is one of the very important parts of travelling; to abroad be to treat in local and global food.

Each month, local spends per person more than AED 750 on food as well as beverages; which is very high in the Middle East. Local Emirati around 78% like to eat in restaurants. Tycoons are shifting their attention from restaurants in big halls to small restaurants in recent times, in regions; as it is not only less expensive but also according to the behaviors of the local population; who now giving preference restaurant near to their area instead of going in to big halls away from their own area. Even those who are visiting malls, 85% of them also go to restaurant in a mall to eat food.

There are more chances of the progress of opening a restaurant in sharjah; keeping in view the high expenses of local people on food area; emphasis it as compared to hotel business because visitors are more probable to stay in hotels; where they may use restaurants inside the hotel while local people will mostly enjoy their food in separate restaurants.

Opening a restaurant in sharjah

Opening a restaurant in sharjah is also booming in the UAE like many other small and big companies. According to a report by Euro International monitor; there are over 6,000 outlets of food and beverage in UAE; and the number is increasing further by 19,000 extra food seats at the end of 2019. The reason is also due to the high costs on food by the local Emirati residents apart from the growth of tourism business in the country; and the opportunities provided by government of UAE.

Opening a Restaurant in Sharjah

You need to follow the FOOD CODE before Opening a Restaurant in Sharjah,. It is the plan of the Food Control Department of DM to guarantee safe production; as well as distribution of food; and with try to guide food criteria of security in the food industry.

There are parallel Codes give out in the Canada, Ireland, Australia, United States and Hong Kong. It shows how much realistic and committed the gov’t of Sharjah to match with world food criteria.

The food code is valid to following types of Restaurants business setup in Sharjah or any food related business.

  • Restaurants, cafeteria license in Sharjah, hotels and cafes.
  • Bakeries as well as Butcher shop
  • Institutions of food service in schools and hospitals.
  • Grocery, Supermarket as well as departmental stores.
  • Food factories as well as warehouses
  • Catering services, desert camps, supplies to cruise ship, events as well as canteens
  • producers of Food packing material as well as supplies
  • Kiosks, temporary and permanent food events, as well as mobile vending operations

How to open a restaurant in Sharjah

  1. There should be suitable lighting as well as suitable ventilation
  2. The kitchen area must be 40% of the total area of the restaurant; or it wills be 300 sqft.
  3. There should be a storage area for dry/chilled and frozen food items
  4. The kitchen minimum area should be 380 sq. ft. If there is a tandoor inside the kitchen.
  5. The washing facilities with hot and cold water must be present.
  6. Suitable ventilation along with Lighting is requires for Restaurant license in Sharjah
  7. Wall, Ceiling as well as Floor must be washable as well as fire proof; light, colored, smooth and safe, no cracks.
  8. A proper store for dry, chilled as well as frozen items Make available
  9. A separate sink for washing vegetables; together with a preparation table for preparing vegetables
  10. Deep basin for washing big pots.
  11. Washing facilities with hot and cold water and double sink.
  12. Stainless Steel Hand wash sink in preparation area with hot and cold water.
  13. For storage of outdoor clothing there should be a Cabinet
  14. Also single Sink for meat and preparation table.
  15. Maintain the temperature of cooked and hot food there must be Bain Marie.
  16. Stainless Steel shelves for dry food items
  17. Drainage pipe must have distance at least 2 inch from the wall.
  18. Stainless Steel racks in washing area for drying utensils etc. after washing
  19. Provision of cooking area with chimney and ventilation hood. Chimney should be above 2M from the nearest building.
  20. For Restaurant license in Sharjah no lubricate traps in the kitchen.
  21. The Minimum Area should be 380 sqft if there is tandoor is in the kitchen.

NOC for Restaurant license in Sharjah

Approval is required from food control section, before starting your actual works. Three copies of the planned kitchen design or payout plan; as well as equipment information for approval must be provided from listed engineering office. For opening a restaurant in sharjah here is an example of guidelines. It is very important to get letter of NOC before starting the work from Sharjah Municipality Public health department. Owner of Restaurant may face strong action in case you fail to obey.

Large number of expats and foreign visitors

But the scenario of restaurant business growth doesn’t rely entirely on the local Emirati population. Every year, foreign tourists in millions visit UAE because of world’s best tourism opportunities. No doubt, most of the visitors from abroad live in hotels; but most of them like to stay in economical hotels; that do not offer facilities of dining or only provide basic food items. These visitors from abroad would also like to enjoy their stay in UAE; they are taking delicious, economical and modern food items in restaurants. It means that these restaurants can also be a source of attraction for foreign citizens; if they provide full luxury, delicious and exclusive food items. Owners of Restaurant can attract more and more local and foreign tourists; they are presenting various types of food items consume in various countries and parts in the world.

Lots of expats also reside in UAE, Apart from local and foreign population. These expats are mostly from the countries of Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa. All these public have their own favorite items of food; and the restaurants satisfying the requirement of these expats; which can also increase the opportunity in the growth of their business.

Incentives provide by UAE for Opening a Restaurant in Sharjah

expat are welcome in UAE for opening a restaurant in Sharjah free zone as well as in main land. Free zones giving complete liberty from tax and duty along with the provision of 100% ownership; but your restaurant should be located inside the specific free zones; and you have to bear by the rules of your desired free zone. On the other hand, the investor from abroad can only have 49% share in the restaurant in main land; but such business will also be free of taxes; and provides several liberties of business that are not available in the free zones.

You can achieve your license of food through the Department of Food & Safety while there are other departments like economic development and tourism from where, you can apply for your License of Trade. The UAE govt. also provides additional permits for special food items like Ramadan permit; pork permit, delivery permit, liquor permit etc.

Importance of a Location for Opening a Restaurant in Sharjah

You may destroy your business if you select the wrong location for your business; even in a business friendly place like UAE. Therefore, to know and then selecting right place for starting your restaurant is very important for investors. The best places are the tourist spots for opening a restaurant in Sharjah. There are so many locations in UAE; you can easily construct your restaurant in one of these spots. But if you are waiting for some time then you can also book place in the under construction tourist locations. It is not only economical but you can also select location of your choice in these areas.

You must also well aware the priority of residents where you are setting your restaurant. E.g. your need to supply dishes of vegetarian in case the people in the vicinity of your restaurant are Indians; as many among them are vegetarians. In case of Chinese residents, you should provide Chinese dishes in your menu; while meat dishes are preferred by local population and westerners.

Ready made companies with bank accounts in Dubai

Ready made companies with bank accounts in Dubai

When you decide to invest your money launch your business in Dubai; then you as an expat have so many option for starting your business. You can set up a new company or you can buy ready made companies with bank accounts in Dubai. Buying a company in Dubai offers positive benefits as the foreign investors do not have to start a new business; and then obtain a business and status on the market.

Buying a company in Dubai means that the business is already set up; that company already have clients; and the client know the company very well. The process of buying a company in Dubai is the specialties of shams consultant; we will handle all the legal procedures and documents necessary for the transfer of ownership.

Buying a company in Dubai

Ready made companies with bank accounts in Dubai means a shelf company in Dubai; it is a business which is set up completely and has no liabilities. They have been left to age until someone buys this company. Such a company is a good option for expat investors who want to quickly start his business; and does not have a time for new company opening in Dubai.

Another alternative for doing business in Dubai is to acquire a company. The process of company acquisition and merger is controlled by some company laws. While the process of company merger usually contains the change of two companies into one legal entity; the process of company gaining means taking over another company and becoming its new owner.

If you are interested in offshore shelf company with bank account in Dubai; our consultant can help you with buying strategy and can assist you invest in an already existing company.

Ready made companies with bank accounts

As mention there are two options to start business in Dubai; that is open a new company or to purchase a shelf company in Dubai. These ready made companies are also call as a shelf corporation or old company. It is a register company legally which has no activity. these companies are ready for every one to buy and to bypass the deadly registration or setup process. So, if time is a limit for your business enterprise, the best option can be a shelf company in dubai.

Choosing the right ready made companies with bank accounts

There are ready made companies of different type; choosing the right one is base on the business and your requirments. It contains a big risk if the shareholder history; also bank records and debts etc; are not properly check before shifting ready made companies to the new owners. It is will be very easy for you if talk to our consultant before the selection process. It is important to know the charges, time and other requirements of a Shelf Company in dubai.

Age Range of ready made companies with bank accounts

Usually, our ready made companies with bank accounts are not less than a year old. As we know the older company is more valuable to the client. There for we have a list of ready made companies with bank accounts up to ten year of age.

Our ready made companies with bank accounts are setup and then left to “age”; until we decide to put the old offshore company up for sale; or get a request specific for a company form in a particular year.

Company Names and Membership of Shelf Company in Dubai

Our large stock of ready made companies with bank accounts has attractive and practical business names; with a variety of company name endings (Ltd. Inc. Corp. etc.). We offer shelf company in Dubai with nominee directors or with your appointed directors. Nominee shareholders are also accessible with extra charge.

Looking history of Business for buying a company in dubai

Buying a company in Dubai are idle and do not have any operations or business history with bank account. They are up to date companies; (up to the year of purchase also all fees are paid up; and the company is kept in good standing). It must be renew every year in order to keep it in good standing.

Benefit of Ready made companies with bank accounts

Time and Cost for Shelf company in Dubai

It saves expense and time of forming a brand new company.

Easier access to Capital or Credits: 

Banks or other financial institutions are more likely to invest or give credit to an establish company rather than to a new one. It is now a big issue to open a bank account for offshore and free zone company. Ready made companies with bank accounts are also solve the issue of bank account opening.

Instant access to Contracts:

Some of the UAE gov’t bidding process needs; that your company should be for a specified minimum length of time. Buying a company in Dubai is full of advantageous if a new company wishes to take a part in such bids.

Reduces waiting period:

Buying a company in Dubai will allow you to engage in business credit; or agreements of real estate as an establish company; without having to go through the long waiting period of establishing a new brand corporation.

Ease in Documentation process

It is easy for an older company to process and access of business visa; and documents of company for the organization members.

Longevity and Operating History:

An old company offers you establish strength and working history that makes it easy to build the image of corporate.

Why Choose Us to Buy a of Shelf Company in Dubai

At Shams Consultant, we are well aware; and expert with the legal aspects of setting a new company and the business climate. We carry out the necessary due diligence to provide fast service, Once you classify the UAE Shelf Company. Our services will contain shelf companies in RAK Offshore shelf companies; also free zone shelf companies, Ajman Offshore shelf companies; as well as shelf companies in Jafza Offshore.

Our specialists will verify the legal address of company; also fee structure, corporate bank account, director address; and all other necessary documents once you favor a shelf company. We will take a special care to insure no existing liabilities pass on to you after a takeover. We will also guide you with all the legal advice on every matter related to acquiring the company. Also we will make sure that you don’t end up paying a significant premium for taking a ready made company. We will assist you in your negotiations and in the transfer of the ownership; once the credentials are soundly establish. To sum it up, Shams Consultant will register the shelf company and keep it ready for the buyer.

VAT registration in Dubai

VAT registration in Dubai

What is VAT registration in Dubai?

On 1 January 2018, the United Arab Emirates bring together a Value Added Tax (VAT). VAT is an indirect tax on consumption, applying to most goods as well as services. The normal rate is 5%. However, some transactions will be either zero rate; or it may be exempt from VAT registration in Dubai; or it may be outside the scope of the VAT frame work.

VAT registration in Dubai is impose on supply of good as well as service; regardless of whether or not the executing parties get profit or incur loss. Simply put, it has nothing to do with the productivity of the business collecting the VAT. It is a tax on transactions that is borne by the end consumer.

Who needs VAT registration in Dubai

The VAT will be applicable on all UAE resident entities; including companies registered with various free zones. However, small company is exempt; if and only they have an annual revenue less than AED 375,000 (USD 100,000).
In addition, non-resident company, including UAE based offshore companies such as JAFZA Offshore; Ajman offshore as well as RAK Offshore; do not fall under the scope of Value Added Tax; so offshore company do not need to run for VAT registration in UAE.

Products as well as services that are standard rate, zero rate or exempt in the context of VAT; all goods and services would fall into one of the 4 categories:

  1. Standard Rated – 5% – Supplies made to the UAE resident entities as well as individuals; that cannot be classified as exempted or zero-rated.
  2. Zero Rated — Government funded education, a basic health care; exports of goods to countries outside GCC and also international air transport; are amongst a few of the zero rated items. However, the business can recover Input Tax if any.
  3. Exempted — Local passenger transport – cabs, metros, certain types of financial services; residential properties after first sale or more than 3 years old are some of the items; that fall under the exempted activities category.
  4. Outside the scope of VAT – Supplies not sold to UAE resident persons and entities.

How is VAT calculation for VAT registration in Dubai

As mention, VAT is a tax which end consumer pay of a good. However, every business along the supply chain acts as a collecting agent for the Government. How does this work?

Let’s say that a farmer produces 10 bottles of milk. He sells these to a supermarket for 100 AED. Of this income, 5% is subject to VAT. This means that 5 AED needs to be pay to the government.

The supermarket now sells the milk to the end customers. In total, he makes 150 AED. 5% of this income is subjecting to VAT, meaning that 7.5 AED needs to be pay to the government. However, the supermarket can the deduct the 5 AED that already has been paid by the farmer.

This way, only 5% of the final sales price is transfer to the government. 2.5 AED is paid by the supermarket, and 5 AED is paid by the farmer.

What should you do, regarding VAT registration UAE?

In order to be ready for VAT, we suggest the following steps:

  • Make an assessment whether your business need VAT registration UAE with the FTA.
  • Maintain accounting records as per IFRS and FTA guidelines.
  • Invoices issue for supplies made in the UAE must collect VAT @ 5%.
  • Adapt IT system to the VAT.
  • Keep your records for at least 5 years available for inspection/audit by FTA.
  • On-going compliance formalities – filing of VAT returns on a quarterly basis.

How to get started for VAT registration in Dubai

Are you in need of VAT services? Do you need someone to register for VAT, help you calculate the amount you have to pay or organize your books?

We are tax- and business setup consultants in Dubai, active in Dubai since 2006. We can assess you for what VAT needs; and also we can help you to calculate your VAT obligations; and make sure your books are in order so that you successfully pass an audit!

Pharmacy license in Dubai

Pharmacy license in Dubai

Dubai is a magical incorporation of beauty and technology. Apart from tourism the country supplies great potential to increase all kinds of businesses and healthcare. In current years, the industry of healthcare in Dubai has developed largely. And, the country is welcoming expat investors to set up a Pharmacy license in Dubai. So, if you are hopeful to start a business in Dubai, Shams consultant is available to lead you in the best way for How to start a pharmacy business in Dubai. Let’s start with understanding the procedure of How to open a pharmacy in Dubai.

How to start a pharmacy business in Dubai

A health facility in Dubai comes under the Ministry of Health regulations authority, which are responsible to issue the licenses and all other registration books and control prescription medication pads for pharmacists. In order to acquire a license from the Ministry of Health; pharmacies owners must apply first for an authorization letter to the Health Regulation Department. Through Law No. 13 Dubai Health Authority was enabled in 2007 and it is the main health authority in Dubai. The Health Authority is helping health care funds for expat investors in Dubai; and also provides a very complete regulatory system for those who are interesting in establishing pharmacies; or other types of health facilities in the Emirate.

How to open a pharmacy in Dubai

As for most of the business setup in Dubai, the location (point) is significant. Also take care of the minimum size required by health surveillance, facilities, etc. the location of a pharmacy should be in a good flow point Vehicles, parking; suitable area and there must be very low competition.

The higher population density in the region, the better location to starting a pharmacy; and you must know exactly how to open a pharmacy in Dubai. Since all businesses has a similar basic structure; so there is some similarity in the procedure as well.

Thus, it is important to estimate carefully the basic criteria before choosing the location to start the pharmacy. With the vision of reducing business risks by bring investment to a halt; the best option is to rent out a shop and not purchase it. To confirm that a pharmacy can be set up in the chosen place; it is more important to check with your Consultant; all the criteria of opening such type of business.

If you are searching for How to open a pharmacy in Dubai there are a number of administrative procedures; you need to obey these procedures. The process How to open a pharmacy in Dubai involves two steps:

  1. Obtaining a pharmacy license in Dubai
  2. Registration and issuing of pharmacy license in Dubai

Obtaining pharmacy license in Dubai

According to Federal Law no.4 in 1993; you or your company require to get a license from DHA before starting the selling or manufacturing of pharmaceutical products in UAE. Such license is legal for the gov’t, semi gov’t and other private facilities of health. Secondly, your pharmacy must include only pharmacies which are community based.

Registration and issuing Pharmacy License in Dubai

The process of registration involves two steps, the initial and final approvals. Additionally for the licenses, the pharmacy has a requirement to undergo for an inspection by the Drug Control Department.

Initial approval for Pharmacy License in Dubai

  • The application is required to submit to the Health Regulation Department (HRD).
  • As you well use the premises of pharmacy setup for commercial purposes; so you need to take approval from Dubai Municipality.
  • The HRD will review the documents submitted by you for suitability; and an initial approval letter will be issued for your pharmacy.
  • The above mention process will take 10 working days.

Once you get an initial approval after that; you need to show this approval letter to start the process to get Pharmacy License in Dubai. Being an expat investor you will need a local sponsor to start a pharmacy business in Dubai.

Final approval for Pharmacy License in Dubai

  • Put a request online through one of the experience business startup consultants like us; which will also help you to make the require payment.
  • Then, HRD will carry out an onsite assessment.
  • If you met the DHA requirements; you will receive the DHA pharmacy license in Dubai.
  • Such process will take further 20 working days.

This license will be valid for 1 year. It includes your DED license number; also name and address of the pharmacy and its period of validity.

Documents requires for How to open a pharmacy in Dubai

If you are interesting to open a pharmacy in Dubai you are require to prepare the following documents.

  • Application form duly filled.
  • Preliminary approval along with tenancy contract for pharmacy premises
  • Take Blue print of location with trained architectural planning
  • You must hold copy of passport, pharmaceutical license as well as location map
  • list of all employees and all other concern certificates in your pharmacy business

Suppliers for Pharmacy License in Dubai

Mostly there are distributing companies which sell most of the products; that you are having in the pharmacy so for this propose you must have few suppliers. Another alternative is to call the laboratories which are very near to you and put request to provide you a list of distributors. Usually suppliers have already an idea of the initial inventory requires for a pharmacy.

Pharmacy License in Dubai

Activity Code: 513967

Activity Group: Medicines trading

License Type: Commercial (L.L.C)

Activity Description: A particular facility license to put on the market and set up register drugs; also pharmaceuticals, medical goods and dispense herbal and medical drugs against medical remedy; as per the laws and regulations issue by capable authority of UAE. It is supervise as well as monitor by a license pharmacist; who works permanently in the pharmacy.

Potential Customers of Pharmacy business in Dubai

The service handling area of a drug store should have a minimum of 10,000 potential clients; as per the criteria set by the World Health Organization. However, we can see that even with a smaller number of potential clients per pharmacy in some cities; it is still possible to have a profitable business, approximately as a cause and effect relationship; the higher the potential customers, the higher the sales as well as Profit.

Learn to do a good analysis of market and meet your target audience; and this will be very important to the success of the pharmacy.

Competitors for Pharmacy License in Dubai

Besides to assessing the size of the consumer market (potential customers); you are also require to assess the size of the competition. There are some suggestions which will help you to analyze your competitor; that is first use Google Maps; second also type a zip code of the region where you plan to set up pharmacy license in Dubai; third print or save the map and have a fun marking the location of each and every competitor; so it is much easier to analyze and visualize if the place is not a suitable to set up the pharmacy.

You have to pay a visit to your competitors; check their products and what they are doing to maintain their customers; what other services are extra to the products e.g. home delivery, deadline payment, measurement of pressure etc. Estimate everything they are doing and see how you can do better.

Initial Investment to Set Up a Pharmacy business in Dubai

The value of the primary investment to set up a pharmacy business in Dubai can vary from $ 30,000.00 to $ 150,000.00; which is totally depend on the location, physical structure, target audience; and also timing of sales structure chosen by you. For example, the money need to start a pharmacy in a capital city; with the good locality and high power of purchasing; is surely much greater than setting up a pharmacy outside.

Financial Consultancy License in Dubai

Financial Consultancy License in Dubai

Financial consultancy license in Dubai offer a broad variety of services; to business ranging from small firm all the way through to great worldwide corporations. Internationally, part of the financial consultants’ primary services comprise budgeting; fundraising, debt management and yet in the task of financial adviser to company staff. Financial consultants are very much important throughout the stages of planning; most of the times assisting the business to develop an accurate strategy as well as a business plan. The financial consultant is an important component too in pitching the business plan to the light of investors prospective.

In the history of UAE, the Central Bank of UAE has keeping pace of the financial consultancy license in Dubai as part of the financial investment business. The majority of the licensed financial consultants are also keeping up as investment companies under the regulation of Central Bank Board of Directors number 164/8/94. Starting from December 2008, The UAE “SCA” (Security & Commodity Authority) issued the regulation no. 48/R of 2008 to legalize the activity of Financial Consultation as well as Financial Analysis (the “Regulation”).

Financial Consultancy License in Dubai

From that date, the Central Bank of UAE close of issuing fresh licenses; as well as renewing the existing licenses for the activity. The shift of the task to SCA was pursuant to the MOU; agreed upon by among the SCA and the UAE Central Bank; which particularly determines liabilities of each party in the light of legislation; supervision, licensing and inspection on concerned activities with the financial services sector. The objective being to increase, where it organize risks which may be sector encountered.

Since 2008, SCA has approve the financial consultancy license in Dubai to a lot of companies till now; SCA carrying to collect applications to license these activities. We intend in this article, to draw the basic necessities; and measures to acquire the Financial Analysis and Financial Consultation license.

Financial consultancy license in Dubai

The Financial consultancy license in Dubai is greatly control activity in Dubai UAE; financial consulting need certified financial consultants as well as particular approval from Security commodity authority {SCA} there are different departments in Abu Dhabi to complete the process of the license registration. Apart from SCA who are concerned in issuance of License, that are, department of economic development, Dubai court, Ministry of economy etc.

For business setup in Sharjah as a financial consultant; you need to consider a few thing and adapt it when you are executing you plan; to lunch your business in sharjah,

Regulations and Licenses for Financial advisor license in Dubai

The Company must fulfill all requirements regarding the regulatory and law as well as shall meet the terms to the obligatory parameters while registering the business and throughout its business life ahead.

The SCA (Securities & Commodities Authority) is the Authority empowered in regulating financial advisor license in Dubai. The Company shall move toward SCA for issuing of a financial advisor license in Dubai is state by its regulations and process. The company must originate its activities of business and commercial after getting an appropriate License from SCA, commercial/trade licensee from DED respectively, of the emirates.

Financial advisor license in Dubai

Financial Analysis & Consultancy

Activity Code: 671901

Activity Group: exchange and financial services

License Type: Professional

Activity Description: financial advisor license in Dubai provide the customers; or to the community a good word base on studies and on financial and economic analysis; as concerning practicability studies; predicting and forecasting existing as well as future standards of the goods contracts and prices. It involves the financial analysis that depends on scientific appraisal; of the financial statements to assess that what went before; also the present and to predict the future companies performance. In addition, assessing securities as well as goods and their contracts; transactions volumes, price trends in line to allow decisions making.

Requirement for financial advisor license in Dubai

The companies applying for a financial advisor license in Dubai must provide the following.

Share capital: A company has to keep the capital share of AED 1 million

Shareholding: At least 51% share must be with the UAE national

The company has the need competent technical; as well as administrative staff to carry out the business of financial consultation as well as financial analysis. (Certified SCA consultants)

Business plan is the very important component of the procedure that has to be draft in both languages e.g. English and Arabic, the most important points to consider are as under,

  • The demand of Size in the business plan must be with respect to the services of companies.
  • The business plan must keep the Current competitors as well as prospective competitors
  • The Level of competition must be there in business plan
  • The business plan must include Market share of competitors; Vs the expected market share of the applicant for the upcoming three years.
  • The business plan must keep the analysis for supply and demand gap in respect to the provided services.
  • Business plan must set the target clients

We are professionals in preparing plans for the business; like for SCA as well as each type of Business establishment. Please consult us to know much more about it.

Activities allow for financial consultancy license in Dubai

The following are the activities allow under this license.

  1. The company can carry the Financial Statements as well as Performance Analysis
  2. The companies can go for market Research, Price Trends, Analysis as well as future Forecasts
  3. Companies can arrange Feasibility Studies
  4. The companies under this license can conduct Consulting on Securities, Commodities as well as related Contracts too
  5. The component of Investment Portfolio Modeling are also allow to these companies
  6. The company’s are allow in leading the Services of Financial Advisory
  7. The company’s under this license can go for the Financial Planning
  8. The companies are allow to offer the Investment Consulting services

Note: – There are a small number of license companies in Dubai who are officially authorize to counsel the financial market.

You have the chance to start your company from any part of the world. You don’t need to be existent in the UAE at the time of Company formation in dubai free zones. This creates gives you the power to control your company from any part of the world.

Food truck license Dubai

Food truck license Dubai

Dubai is hub of big business link to food as well as beverages. The request for both large as well as small food related corporation is growing with the passage of time. It is due to constant arrival of expat as well as tourists from every corner of the world. After the fame of restaurants, hotels and catering business in Dubai; now Dubai is turn out to be a hot place for food truck license Dubai; as the style is getting popular in Dubai very fast. It is obvious from the detail that Dubai Municipality give out more than 200 permits; for food truck business Dubai in the year 2016 (average of 17 per month); while 134 such permits were give out in just the first two months of 2017 (67 per month).

The growth and fame of food truck license Dubai is mostly due to the attention of local and foreign peopling of UAE in intense something new; as well as matchless that is presented by these food truck license Dubai. Provide food in these trucks is also cheap and ready to serve. You can have international, organic, local food items in these food trucks. A few food truck business Dubai provides single food items like French fries, burger, dessert etc. But you can also expect to visit trucks with multiple food stuffs to present.

Food truck license Dubai

People love to visit explicit places chosen to this food truck license in Dubai on weekends. One such stable place chosen for this food truck business Dubai is at Sheikh Zayed Road. Apart from that, system in Dubai also issue short term permits for these food truck business Dubai; that is to sell their items during an event or festival.

The food truck business started in Dubai in 2012; and it grew nonstop and also gains popularity with the passage of time. At this time, a number of food truck business Dubai have gain fame like “Moti Roti, SALT, Sir Loin”. Food truck is among the cheapest business in Dubai. It reduces the businessmen from high cost of setting up restaurant or hotel.

Is it difficult to start a food truck business in Dubai

There are countless hitches, not least because of a city still in its mobile food early stage; and because the food truck business model from other cities does not translate here. Being a touristic city, the prime model of the food authorities is great standard of cleanness; and therefore they only let a truck to work if the food is cook; at an already classified central kitchen or restaurant. This means one must put in a kitchen to be able to have a truck; which in turn blunts the truck’s very purpose; that is to start a food business with limited means. You can outsource to a kitchen supplier but this has a higher operating cost; and therefore you must be an entrepreneur; willing to go the distance and prove that you have a great product for the local market.

How to start food truck business in Dubai

Like every other small and big business, the food truck license Dubai also requires approval from different authorities.

  • In the first step, the business plan will be give in to Dubai Municipality (DM), Dubai Economic Department (DED) and Dubai Road & Transport Authority (RTA)
  • You will buy a food truck where attendance of kitchen is a must requirement. You also need to approve the design and condition of the food truck. According to new rules as well as regulation; health and safety conditions apply on floors, walls and ceilings of kitchen; along with the presence of suitable light as well as ventilation. A Food truck license Dubai is only allowable to serve ready made food. Only after that, one can get approval from Dubai Municipality (DM)
  • After successful approval from all the above authorities; you can start setting up your truck either locally or on globally; rendering to the price you can bear. Forming a truck according to the standards set by the Gov’t of Dubai can cost you around AED 400,000
  • The next step is to find suitable location for food truck parking. Even for this step, approval from government department is required and RTA is the authority in this case. You can also apply for short term permit in case of parking your truck outside a festival on exhibition.

More about food truck business

The growth forecasts of food truck business in Dubai are huge; as it is predictable to grow many bends by 2020. But at this time there are very few people working in this business; which is not only lucrative but also economical to establish. It means that there is very smaller amount of competition in this business at this point; and instant setting up of truck food license in Dubai; can help small tycoons to make their place in the business; that is before the arrival of large number of competitors. But the procedure of getting food truck license Dubai needs approval from several authorities which is a tough task. But you can easily cross this difficulty by taking advice from a sound business consultancy.

How to start a hotel business in Dubai

How to start a hotel business in Dubai

Over the past years, Dubai has developed as one of the world’s notable travel and tourism destinations. The hospitality industry has been re-defined through modernization; and now offerings several investment breaks for both local as well as foreign companies desire to launch themselves in the region. In this article, we will learn how to start a hotel business in Dubai; and will try to discover the guidelines for establishing a hotel business in Dubai. And will understand about the formation of companies in the UAE; mostly we will help expat with understanding the principles and government requirements.

How to start a hotel business in Dubai

The first step to start a hotel business in Dubai is to decide the legal entity. The most frequently use profitable entity type is a Limited Liability Company, or LLC. Like most of the countries in the GCC states, commercial law in the UAE state; that an overseas financier cannot own higher than 49% of an LLC; and he will have to find a local UAE partner who will either be an individual or a company; who will as a result own at least 51% of the shares. It is time consuming and very difficult for expat investors to find a local Emirati; who they can partner with. One possibility for that purpose is to create an LLC with a local corporate sponsor as an alternative

How to open a hotel in Dubai Free Zone

It is likely to open a hotel in Dubai Free Zone; which will remove the obligation of a local partner completely for a foreign investor. At the same time starting a business in a Free Zone; may give the impression like a minor cost opportunity; it is essential to consider that there are firm rules around trading; and as a result the hotel need to be actually positioned in that particular Free Zone.

How to start hotel business in Dubai | How to open a bar in Dubai

In order to start a hotel business in Dubai; or to open a bar in Dubai; it is essential to fulfill a number of regulations; which is define by the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). For the purpose of how to open a hotel in Dubai some of the regulations include:

  • A bank assurance is mandatory in advance for the trade license to be issue.
  • The least possible size of any hotel area may not be less than 30 square meters.
  • All packages and prices need to be properly put on show.
  • Facility of an operational program to securely store visitor’s data.

Available type to open a hotel in Dubai

If you want to open a hotel in Dubai you need to obey the rules connect to the hotel classification; which says that you can only open the following type of hotel in Dubai.

  • Resort setup in Dubai
  • Open a bar in Dubai
  • Hotel setup in Dubai
  • Guest house setup in Dubai
  • Youth hostel setup in Dubai
  • Holiday house setup in Dubai

Hotels can additionally be categorized from one to seven stars, whereas holiday houses are distributed into average or luxurious establishments.

Legal Requirements to start hotel business in Dubai

Hotel business in Dubai has a small number of legal requirements; which are more like every other type of business. But there are particular changes when it comes to the hotel business. For example, where most businesses need a trade license for initiating a business in Dubai; to start a hotel business in Dubai, you must have a tourism license. Therefore, check this little information before making a decision; and do not basically follow the common practice. And more suitable option is to contact one of our business advisor; so that to get a proper advice on the startup.

Appoint a Manager for starting a hotel in Dubai

Every business needs a manager who grips all the requirements in the company. Likewise, a hotel business in Dubai also need a manager; with a proper training as well as a proper certification in this field. Hiring a manager at the beginning is important; because he or she can help while getting the primary approval; as well as collecting all the official papers require for the same.

Initial Approval for starting a hotel in Dubai

Once you appoint a manager; the next step in the process is to apply for the initial approval. For this purpose you need to have the following documents.

  1. An application form from the DED.
  2. Passport copy and Identifications of the owner.
  3. Classification card for the hotel business
  4. Location drawings, plot drawings and building completion certificate for the hotel property
  5. Passport print of the manager alongside academic certification and experience letters
  6. DTCM accepted certificate of noble manner
  7. Approval from the Dubai General Police Headquarters

Get the License to open a hotel business in Dubai

As stated before, you need to acquire a tourism license to open a hotel business in Dubai. The following official papers should be submitted to catch an approval from the authorities:

  1. first of all in the first place, fee receipt of the first approval
  2. Profession name certification and linked payment receipts
  3. No-Objection Certificate (NOC) in situation of an international group or brand of hotels
  4. At least 3 months of occupation agreement approved by the landlord
  5. Ejari for the hotel property
  6. Documents compulsory for the initial approval and valid certifications
  7. Agreement from the Dubai Municipality and connected judicial figures for sanitation, waste management, public health, etc.

When submitting all the above documents; the DTCM will also undergo each and every single document; that is if they do not find any ambiguity; then your license will get your hotel license in Dubai within a week. The DTCM offers e-service where you can print the hotel license in Dubai; or you can go to their office and get it printed from the counter. To sort things even at ease; you can also hire a business adviser who can do the needful things for you. We at Shams Consultant have our team of experts to support you in your company setup in Dubai. If you are preparing to start a hotel business in Dubai, then do contact us.

Planning a hotel or tourism establishment in Dubai can be a difficult task; and there are a lot of aspects to take into attention. Looking for professional advice from the team at Shams Consultant will save your time and money; and let you to devote more time in your business.

Our team specializes in the formation of companies in the UAE, comprising regulations and government association matters. For further information please contact us.

Logistics license in Dubai

Logistics license in Dubai

Starting a business in the field of logistics region is in the same way money making; and probable asset of the existing investment. Logistics license in Dubai is very much popular business in the marketplace. Specialists note the frequently increasing consumer demand; which displays the rapid growth in local as well as international transportation; and also advise the investor that how to start logistics company in Dubai. The frequent observation of consumer demands results in the conclusion that shown in both; the large scale international company; as well as the company which are involved in the wholesale distributions of the numerous goods.

From this point of view, the planning of getting a Logistics license in Dubai; making use of the unfailing rules of the government and commercial remunerations; that is in the form of tax and customs duty lack of restrictions is the finest investment. Durable economic progress of UAE gives upsurge to a continuous demand for the services of Logistics license in Dubai. It is largely known that all the paybacks for placing profitable business patterns are focused in the UAE. Today, large quantities of organizations from all over the world; are mostly looking to taking out their business deeds here in Dubai and other UAE states.

Now to be familiar with how to start logistics business in UAE; one should keep in mind an understanding of the norms of the UAE corporate law; and also need to pick the right free trade zone that will fulfill all the necessities; before opening a Logistics license in Dubai. Taking into account the information that all the free trade zones in UAE; are not the same; so the top option for a Logistics license in Dubai is the Dubai Logistics City.

How to start Logistics Company in Dubai

There are a lot of beneficial and eye catching areas for business in UAE. One of them is, absolutely, logistics business and any activity link to it. And this is the main reason people are looking for How to start Logistics Company in Dubai. Logistic business is on the top because of the following three core aspects.

  • Central super up-to-date logistics abilities of the country.
  • Capable geographical situation of UAE.
  • Positive genuine base of the Emirates in terms of taxation of different companies; comprising businesses in the logistics / consignment dispatches business and many more.

The desire to start Logistics business in Dubai, UAE can be place into two different solutions:

  • For putting into practice of logistics solutions implemented through Emirates
  • For setting up of logistics service station in any other countries with the exception of Emirates.

The above two keys can be done with getting a real office and hiring staff to work in Dubai; as well as having only a virtual office of the said company. It is of great value to mention in addition that there is no difference in tax policy for both types of actions.

Logistics license in Dubai

The above points offer an opportunity think of how to start Logistics Company in Dubai.

Dubai has the entire variety of certain benefits; when calculating where to start a logistics firm in a foreign country; parallel to out and out majority of the alternate solutions. In addition to the above said, there are whole lot of banks existing in the country; concentrating in numerous services for companies undertaking business in several business areas; that includes logistics / goods forwarding.

Our company holds long term hands on experience of company setup; and provision of definitely different styles of companies in Dubai and other Emirates UAE; that include logistics firms using many specialization and supplies. If you have any problems on the likelihood of registering such company in the UAE; write to us or simply give us a call or you can chat with our representative; they will answer your queries in the chat section. We would be very happy to provide the necessary information and assist you in starting logistics business in UAE.

How to start logistics business in UAE

Starting a Logistics license in Dubai Logistics City; it means earning an entire set of opportunity and competitive benefit in the international market. In specific, a logistics company, register in the free zone of the Dubai Logistics City, gains the following opportunities:

  • Chance to bring out a tax free profitable activity; both in the local as well as global markets.
  • Quick and excellent banking facilities; as well as opportunity to involve up-to-date logistics centers;
  • Global tax optimization as well as customs payments;
  • Also skill to assure cargo forwarding services and optimization of the valuing policy.

At the moment, the Dubai Logistics City trade free zone is the biggest worldwide logistics stage; which bonds the maximum different forms of transportation services; that includes skill staffs and the suitable infrastructure. In fact, this dedicated economic zone is a part of a significant Government project of UAE; which focus on the growth of the international logistics in Dubai.

Encouraging environments for taking place on international business; and also a wide collection of modern technologies; which allow Logistics license in Dubai to emphasis on the actual and enhance supply chains. Logistics City works as an international means of transport center; which combines both air cargo transportation as well as cargo shipping. Additionally, the existing abilities of the Dubai logistics center; empower to carry out extra and additional setups in the field of logistics. Among them, there are marking and packing of merchandises or their finishing assembly.

Logistics license in Dubai

Moreover, overseas financiers are more fascinate from the trust worthy gov’t policy and freedoms for business. A 100% foreign ownership; as well as less restraint on moving of financial resources outside the free zone of Dubai. Furthermore, tax motivations are offer not only for companies- but employees and investors are also released from income tax.

If you are concern in the likelihood of entering the business market of the UAE; and starting business in Dubai; then our agents will help you not only to open a logistics license in Dubai Logistics City; but they will also offer extra support for your business. Our 10 years of experience will be a trustworthy symbol of the success of your business.

Opening a branch company in Dubai

Opening a branch company in Dubai

A foreign company is allow for opening a branch company in Dubai; however, the branch office in Dubai is restrict in the events they may conduct inside the U.A.E. (Article 314 of the Commercial Companies Law). Local agents are not involve in the working side of the company, but only help in getting visas; labor cards etc., and is paid a lump sum and/or a percentage of the income or turnover.

Dubai is the best important business and trading center in the Middle East. The region offers great authority to companies and starting a business there can be very helpful for overseas traders. When selecting to conduct economic activities in Dubai, investors must also choose the suitable business method. Two of the most common legal elements for foreigners are the branch and the subsidiary. Each of them has its own importance; and the differences between a company branch and a subsidiary in Dubai; can be related to the business plans of the company. Our agents can help you understand these differences; and see which business method can be beneficial for your branch of a foreign company in Dubai.

Branch of a foreign company in Dubai

Dubai has a number of important free zones; and lots of overseas companies open their branch in this region; because it offers a great deal of profit for foreign investors. A branch of a foreign company in Dubai needs to be register with the Ministry of Economy; and also there are some restricted activities which a branch are not allow to perform; that is commercial agencies or restaurants. Also, the nature of this business allow it to perform only activities identical to the mother company abroad. A branch of a foreign company in Dubai is not a separate legal structure; but it is bound to the parent company. The parent company based abroad is responsible for the branch debts as well as commitments; and will assign a representative in Dubai to take care of the branch’s activities.

Opening a branch company in Dubai

If you decides to opening a branch company in Dubai; you can easily perform the activity in the trade license. However, licensing is run by legal rules as well as regulations. There are some activities, which are only allow to a UAE national; such as banks, finance, insurance and commercial agencies. There are also other licensing processes and conditions that are governing the work of the DED; which issues from time to time various regulations and managerial orders. A foreign company, that opening a branch company in Dubai; may start advertising campaigns for its products and services. The office can also facilitate contracts among the company and its local customers. However, the company is not allow to conduct business procedure; such as gaining credit facilities, making offers, etc.

Type of branch of a foreign company Dubai

There are two leading types of branch of foreign company Dubai representative office and a branch office in Dubai. A representative office is not allow to collect information and solicit orders; and tasks to be done by the company head office. In this concern, representative offices are also narrowed in the number of employees they may promote (typically three or four). A representative office works as an administrative and promoting center for the overseas company. A branch office is a complete business, allow to achieve contracts or perform other activities as mention in its license.

Opening a branch company in Dubai can earn profit and do its activity. The main purpose of the branch is to perform the same activity as allow to its parent company.

A representative office in Dubai is not allow to earn income within the UAE; and the activities it may carry out in the UAE is only marketing; and promote its parent company products and services.

Branch office in Dubai and representative office in Dubai share a lot of similarity; as both work in the power of a commercial registration; and license in the name of the parent company; and both are requires to hire a local services agent, who must be a UAE citizen. The set up process for both are also the same.

Difference between branch and representative office UAE

branch office in Dubai can be open by a parent company in additional city; state, or country and still remain part of that parent company. This fresh entity is still totally under the parent company; and must run under the same name and with the same business activity.

On the other hand, for opening  representative office in Dubai each office can have an additional activity; that is for the purpose of marketing. But in this case, it is not allow  for that office to trade the mentioned products and services.

Opening a branch company in Dubai is a well known move of a foreign investors. It just means that they have a licensed business in another country that is developing, realization other nations’ attention. The process of opening a branch in Dubai are nearly the same as like other business.

There are organize procedure for setting up a branch of a foreign company in Dubai. This is why looking for the help of an expert advise to guide you over. A consultant can offer you with the information you want; and also he will answer your query that how to set up a representative office in Dubai. They are the folks who can clarify to you in detail the things you need to know; such as UAE foreign investment law, and even other things that you are curious to find out.

Difference between branch and subsidiary in UAE

Various foreign companies desire to have an existence in Dubai; so they open branch office in Dubai or subsidiaries.  The key difference between branch and subsidiary in UAE resides in the freedom the subsidiary has. Whereas the branch office is tied to the parent company; and a subsidiary will be capable to conduct its own jobs in Dubai.

Benefits of branch of a foreign company in Dubai

Opening a branch of a foreign company in Dubai has benefits that arise with them. Business man who come here to UAE have their company back in their country; and would like to be in easy range to their customers. It is an advantage in itself to not use more money; and open a branch here that confirms further actual communication with the customers. This is why a lot of international businesses in Dubai are teeming the country. It’s because doing this take a long rewards to their enterprise.

By electing to opening a branch company in Dubai; it can escalate your existence not only in your country but also globally. Your worth will be very much view as you form a better relation with your customers; and also with a new one who have a high ability of becoming one of your clients. The fact that the request of your products and services is being met; that says a lot of good things with respect to your company’s existence in the industry ranking; and also your company practical move which guarantee that the clients are happy. Meeting your clients in the midway is at all times a good move.

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