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I am a corporate consultant with years of advanced experience leveraging business consulting skills with legal insight to drive business growth, protect assets and Intellectual Property, assure legal compliance and minimize risk. I am currently working as a business consultant with Shams consultant, advising entrepreneurs, startup companies and foreign firm on business setup in dubai, LLC Dubai, regulatory affairs, legal compliance, legal structuring and re-structuring of entities in United Arab Emirates Mainland, Free Zones and, Offshore jurisdictions.
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Travel agency license in Sharjah

Travel agency license in Sharjah

Sharjah is one of the best tourist places in the world. Without any doubt it is among the top 10 tourist places in the world. After all, there are beautiful sites for a resort trip, blue beach, stable climate; famous architectural statues as well as great up to date buildings. At this stage let me add one more things which is the most important aspect of growing of Sharjah; that is, the government of the sharjah makes huge efforts for the progress of the travel and tourism. So, all these factors provide an extra value to Sharjah; and so make it a very lovely for the travel agency license in Sharjah.

Sharjah is one of the world’s most good looking places on earth; it attracts more than 2 million visitors every year. Travel and tourism license in Dubai or travel agency license in Sharjah; has a high demand in the market; because of saleable location, the patience of the local people; and because of very capable workers make Sharjah the ideal place to start a travel agency business.

How to open travel agency in sharjah

Following are the main step you need to study; so that to know how to open travel agency in Sharjah.

  • Name Reservation (give 5 name base on priority in which we will keep the one available )
  • Apply for initial approval and then draft an MOA.
  • MOA agreement notarizing at Sharjah notary public (Local sponsor & Investor or their authorized signatories should be present) It will take couple of hours or less.
  • Office Lease agreement (Ejari) to be given by investor emailed to us (copy) renting an office.
  • Getting SEWA link for utilities (water as well as electricity )

Travel agency license in Sharjah as an Inbound Tour Operator

This type of license allows you to start the inbound tourist trips. It will allow you to operate in the field of travel and tourism within the country; it also includes setting up meetings and as well as shows. For this type of travel agency license in Sharjah; now there is no bank guarantee for this kind of a license.

License Type: Tourism license in Sharjah

Activity Code: 630412

Activity Description:  This type of a travel agency license in Sharjah will allow you to offer local tours; as well as tours for obverses to join the conferences or events; it includes handling visas, as well as transport.

Open a travel agency license in Sharjah as a Travel agent

In this type of travel agency license in Sharjah; an agents can perform selling of the air tickets outside the country; offer visa support to his clients. Also offer tourist accommodation to his clients, and arrange guided tours; as well as you can also offer transport services to your clients. It almost take the same type of requirements as that are for other two type of license; with addition that the you will provide an NOC; that is on behalf of the Department of civil aviation of the Emirate. To get NOC, you need to submit a letter in Arabic; that is in the name of the local sponsor along with the pass port copy of the local; and family book copy with fees at Dh 5425.

Bank Guarantee: Now there is no bank security for this kind of license.

License Type: Tourism license in Sharjah

Activity Code 630402

Activity Description: this type of a travel agency license in Sharjah allow you to selling air tickets to persons; as well as to corporations on behalf of the official agents. Also the role of this license is limited to seats booking; issuing tickets in co-ordination with the agent. It will also allow you to book hotel and car rental services.

Open a travel agency license in Sharjah as an Outbound Tour Operator

This type of travel agency license in Sharjah permits you to start up the out bound trips. So it will allow you to operate in the field of tourism inside as well as outside of the country; it also will empower you to arrange worldwide meetings as well as exhibitions. Now there is no bank security for this kind of license.

License Type: Tourism license in Sharjah

Activity Code 630411

Activity Description: This type of a license allows you to arrange and sell tourist programs; that is abroad via travels and tourism agents.

Travel agency license cost in Sharjah

Description Frequency USD AED
Department of Economic Development License fee + 5% of annual office / shop rent Annual  3268 10,000 to 12000
Corporate Sponsor or Local Service Agent fee Annual 2725 10,000
Registration Fee One time 1361 5000
Local Service Agent Agreement drafting, translation as well as notarizing One time 408 1500
Total 7220 26500

Key note for Tourism license in Sharjah

  1. Business plan complete with cost benefit study. Your business plan should feature in the speedily Sharjah economic environment, man power and infrastructure costs.
  2. Set up funds: If you are looking to get funds from a bank; it is also important to find a bank which best suits your need.
  3. Services bunch: You have to know the travel zone that you want to focus on; like corporate tours or family tours as well as adventure tours.
  4. Knowledge of Local policies of the gov’t on travel business setup. It is important to know the commercial laws before you get start.
  5. Subject material: you should know the booking of airline as well as cruise tickets and hotel rooms. Other unintended requests like visa issuance and transport; or any guest specific wants like food or medical etc.
  6. Cover of all business activities to stay safe from unexpected risks.
  7. Build a good link in the tourism market in order to boost your business.
  8. Engaging with customers: you need to make a good online existence; for this purpose you need a very good website; and also start to build your brand on social media; form a strong SEO strategy for your web site as well as promote your product actively.

All the travel agency setup in Sharjah is the LLC. It means that expat can own up to 49 percent of shares; while local sponsor will hold 51% of share.

Travel agency license in Sharjah is booming and a  business setup in Sharjah is a great prospect.

Due to several regulations of the setup process with the tourism department; business set up may not always be pressure free as well as unified.

General maintenance license in Ajman

General maintenance license in Ajman

Ajman is one of a small state in the seven Emirates of the UAE; locate on the Arabian Gulf northeast of Dubai. People can excess from everywhere in the UAE due to its inspiring road connectivity. In addition, the Ajman industrial area, assists Ajman more to rise its financial growth with its constant development. From several years, Ajman has been increasing a way to increase its investments. Ajman company registration is becoming integrally standard. A variety of business now exists in Ajman, such as industrial companies in Ajman, trade and service area. General maintenance license in Ajman is one of them. There are several other administrations as well as organizations which are being form each day in Ajman.

Types of licenses in Ajman

Following are the type of license obtainable in Ajman (Dubai):

Trading License:

This type of license will allow you to carry out all the trading activities; such as buying, import and export and also selling off a number of product in UAE. But note that with this type of license you can only trade one category of product.

General Trading License:

This type of license will allow you to deal with the trade of all types of product; but note that there are some product which are ban to trade in UAE; so can not trade those under this license; a part from this there are some product like  food product that need extra approval; so you also can not trade these product under this license.

Service License:

This type of license is issue to those who want to provide services like consultancy and accountancy etc.

Industrial License:

These licenses authorize companies to perform services like manufacturing and packaging as well as processing.

How to get a General maintenance license in Ajman

If you want to open a General maintenance license in Ajman; then you are need to have a proper license for it. In the maintenance field, you will have a diverse type of activity.

You will be able to make repairs and also carry out regular maintenance duties; so that to keep buildings in a fine shape. People in the maintenance business make a decision the structures and the equipment that is required to be replaced.

Maintenance staff is necessary all over the state. But they are also mandatory to have a general maintenance license before performing the maintenance duties.

The accurate process of receiving the maintenance license varies from state to state but the essential process is the same for approximately all the states. So same is the case with Ajman maintenance license. The fundamental requirements for receiving maintenance license in Ajman are as under…

1: Registrations of your Business

The first and leading point to consider for receiving the license in Ajman; is the registration of your business.

It is compulsory to open any business in the state. Register your business name with the suitable state agency. This registration may be necessary by the Secretary of State or the Department of Licensing.

2: Necessary Training

Training is being obliged to have maintenance license in Ajman. Generally, the license is given to those who have some kind of training in the precise field. So, complete the important training.

The states need having maintenance training ahead of getting the maintenance license. Though the accurate training requirements vary from state to state, you should receive a certificate or some other authorized recognition to show them the excellence and eligibility for a general maintenance license in Ajman.

3: Insurance

You should have insurance to show the legal responsibility to pay for the harm or damage which you may cause to a customer’s property while performing the maintenance duties. States need the liability insurance to make sure that the clients will receive recompense for the repairs.

You may get in touch with the business licensing unit in your state to regulate the least amount of insurance you should acquire and to have a list of insurance companies which are offering policies in your area or state.

4: Contact the Agency to Obtain the License

For receiving the general maintenance license in Ajman; you should get in touch with the agency to get the license application. A lot of of these agencies are providing application forms on their websites.

Fill out the form with all of the essential information which comprises your name; the name of your business, DBA, the type of business structure; the address of your specific business as well as all type of maintenance services you are going to offer.

5: Submission of the Application Form

The final step of company set up is the submission of the application to the licensing unit. Submit your form to obtain the maintenance license.

In the form, you should include your proof of the training, evidence of liability insurance; and also the fee which your state is requiring at the time of the application.

After the submission of the application, the state will evaluate your application as well as all the documentation. After the overview of about 30 days of submitting the application, the state will issue you the license.

Benefits of Maintenance License in Ajman

Overseas investment is particularly captivating by Ajman as its budget hues even further. Ajman remains to be one of the major Picks for the owners.

Whether it is a small or a big general maintenance license in Ajman; people are repeatedly financing in such business in the Emirate. This is just because of the reward that they will acquire in the future.

Investor look Ajman as one of the best areas to to invest their money. Ajman has a good global relations for smooth and good trades all over the world.

Following are the main advantages which ajman offer to the investor.

Rent office anywhere for general maintenance license in UAE

For this type of a license in Ajman; you can choose an office any where in Ajman main land area; the place of the office should be according to the strategy of the company. Because this is the place from where you will run your operation; so figure it out which will be the right place for you to start your company.

Currency limitations do not exist for general maintenance license in Ajman.

As compare to other main land in the world; The UAE main land does not have any restraints of currency useful in its territories.

There is no mandatory yearly checking or auditing for the general maintenance license in Ajman.

Company which is set up in main land of the UAE; do not require to arrange the annual audit as it is not important at all.

Carries out business with the local market

The local market is largely located on the main land. You can set up this type of a business in main land area; so that to get the benefit to work in the local markets.

Zero capital requirements for general maintenance license in Ajman

General maintenance license in Ajman charges is reasonable as well as affordable. Though, that doesn’t require any capital. If you wish for general maintenance license in Ajman, it is completely an affordable way to start on.

No limit on activities for the general maintenance license in Ajman

Being an investor or a stockholder has the liberty in Ajman to decide whatever business they wish for; unlike in a few parts of the UAE where some activities of a business are restricted.

No limit on Visas for General Maintenance License in Ajman

There is no limit on visas for maintenance license in UAE; even the companies are increasing and growing. So you are allow to apply for as many visa as you need.

Ajman General Maintenance License is a Tax-Free

Though, in the beginning of 2018, the value added tax (VAT) has been impose on the companies; but it is not mandatory for firms to pay income or any business tax. It is a good sign in the country to open any sort of company in Ajman; since now it has become tax-free.

Juice shop license in Dubai

Juice shop license in Dubai

Do you need to obtain juice shop license in Dubai; and looking to get information on clear steps; that are needed for you to successfully start your own juice bar?

Here we will share a general idea of the things you require to do in order to start this business effectively.

Create Your Business Plan for juice shop license in Dubai

This is one of those steps that will be in mountain bike with many other steps. You will require doing a large number of researches to fill everything in proper manner.

If you are finding investors you will definitely require it. If you are not, you will STILL require this. It’s your ROAD MAP. Those who leave house without it lose your way along.

Get Clear on Why You Want to get juice shop license in Dubai

This is SO significant. If you are not clear on why you are bearing in mind starting such kind of business, then it will be very hard to know what you are working towards.

The clearer you are on why you desire to open a Juice Bar, the better

Do you just desire to make money?
Are you looking to assist the world get healthier?
Do you want to build community?

Answer the above questions by yourself. This is for the sake of your information what you desire to achieve and then accomplishing it.

Create Your Budget for juice shop license in Dubai

Your budget will be moreover based on how much you have to use or how much you plan to rise. Your Budget will be dynamic so ensure your update as regularly as you are spending money.

Get Clear on How You Will place yourself With in Your juice shop license in Dubai

Your business is an expansion of you. Your personal success is the success of your business.

Make sure you come across yourself in a role that you are gifted and enjoy. This way you will be the supreme service to your company and through that you have a great chance of success.

Develop Your Menu for juice shop license in Dubai

Make a menu that is not too large or too small. Be sure to launch your menu in stages.

6-7 Juices and 6-7 Smoothies. You can always include more. Having too much can be a disadvantage to your business in its launching phase.

You will require costing your menu as you design the recipes. This means that you are assessing your costs for the recipes as you are creating them and going back and forth to ensure that your margins are right.


There are many practical elements that require to be taken into consideration; in order to to run a business in such a way which is operationally feasible.

A grand Menu takes 3 major things to take into consideration and executes them well.

  1. Consistency of output. – Your recipes require coming out to the desired measurement constantly. This will decrease waste and create consistency in taste.
  2. Proper Inventory – Having the accurate ingredients and the right number of items in your inventory will decrease spoilage, saves on labor and ultimately saves you money.
  3. Great tasting and functional recipes. – It goes without saying that great juice and smoothie recipes not only have to be palatable but functional to the body.

Figure out Your Unique Brand Position for juice shop license in Dubai

Why will your product and service be unique?

Think about this one intensely.

There are a lot of place that people can go. Why will they come to you? Once you obtain clearance on this, you will execute your brand strategy into each and every aspect of your business.

Find Your Location for juice shop license in Dubai

There are a couple of questions to think about before negotiating the lease terms and conditions and signing a lease.

How much do you would like to spend on rent each month?
How big do you wish for your location to be?
What businesses are in the area that you can cross promote with?
What is the ideal area?
Do you would like your location to be a sit-down space?

Look For Equipment Vendors for juice shop license in Dubai

Create a list and ask around if you are not clear on accurately what you need. This step requires a large number of details for a few reasons:

First, your equipment has to fit into your kitchen like a glove. NOTE ALL THE DIMENSIONS FOR EVERYTHING.

The NEXT REASON is for the Health Department. In the majority places that are in the U.S., we have a health code. Part of that Health Code is to have compliant tools. This means the equipment either has to be ETL, NSF or UL listed. Check with your local department to find clear on what they require for your equipment specs.

Finally, the majority people ignore this, but for the sake of electrical, your space may require a new panel based on the requirements of your equipment. You will require giving the equipment specs to your contractor when the time comes to be given a quote.

Hire an Architect for juice shop license in Dubai

First, your architect must be well known to food industry; and not just someone who has just focus on building residential real estate. furthermore there are lots of hints to food service architecture which will require to be taken into consideration. Second, your architect must also take care of gathering the appropriate permits from the city; as this will be a process to obtain the plans approved.

Create an Employee Manual for juice shop license in Dubai

Your employee manual will have all relevant to working for the company. Your manual will also include everything from Menu, to uniform policy, to how to report sexual harassment in the work place. Write down EVERYTHING!

Find Your Produce Vendors for juice shop license in Dubai

Discover your vendors are also part of costing your menu out. You will require knowing where you are going to source your dry and wet ingredients and what their costs are.

first of all in the first place, Do not discover one vendor and stop there. You need to have more options. In the event that a particular vendor runs out, or does not have admission to an ingredient; you will not be stuck searching for Vendors at that point. This happens all the time so you have to plan for it.

Hire and Train Your Staff for juice shop license in Dubai

Take time to train your employees. When you start your business in Dubai, your customer’s first impression is very important. If your workers do not come across well trained and also if your operations are not well organized; it will not be likely that you will be given an additional chance to prove them otherwise.

Order Your Inventory for juice shop license in Dubai

Ensure you have a place to store each and everything and you time it just right.

Most Dry Goods must not take more than a week to show up. Whenever your contractors are about to complete the setup; and if you have the space to place things away nicely; then you can order your inventory.

You will order your wet commodities (produce, things with a shorter shelf life); once you are just a day away from starting. Your vendors must have a 1 day turn around.

Open Your Business for juice shop license in Dubai

Now the fun begins!

Naturally, there are so many details inside of these several steps; that is which we have offer in this article is a large overview. Here at the opening a Juice shop in Dubai; we have assist many hopeful entrepreneurs launch thriving juice bars all over the UAE; If you are interested in starting your juice bar; then we suggest you fill out the form below and reach out to us.

Beauty salon license in Dubai

Beauty salon license in Dubai

A well-cared look and a smart haircut are the central features of a modern-time member of the society. In the current era, several investors realize that this interest can be a foundation for a flourishing business; that is starting a beauty salon license in Dubai. As this service is highly demanding, no issue what the geographical position the business is place in.

UAE is not invisible to this; as the beauty industry is the most desirable market position, especially in Dubai. Deciding to new opening salon in Dubai can be an enormous idea; as there always will be demand for such services. So with a high standard of living and a disposable individual earnings; public prioritize their own hygiene; and therefore take very much care of their looks; and as a result salon business does particularly well in the city.

How to get license for beauty salon in Dubai

Mainland is the preferable choice for new opening salon in Dubai; as the Mainland business will generate more business opportunities in contrast to a free zone business setup. The DED is the authoritarian body for all kinds of businesses in Dubai Mainland and their steps include:

  1. The primary step for beauty salon license in Dubai is to submit the passport copies of the partners; that is, who are investing in the business
  2. Along with the passport copies, they must also submit the visa copies of all the partners
  3. Next, you can choose the name of your beauty salon
  4. Submit the name to the Department of Economic Development (DED) to obtain it approved
  5. After the initial approval from the DED draft as well as sign the MOA or a Local Service representative
  6. Rent a salon shop according to the necessary infrastructure and create an agreement with the resident
  7. Also obtain the tenancy contract along with the Ejari number
  8. Get approval from the Planning Section of the DM
  9. Also acquire approval from the Health and Safety Division of the DM.
  10. So submit all the above mention documents and get the required license from the DED

It takes about 2 to 4 weeks achieving all the above steps done with. Once you take the license approval from the DED, you are excellent to start your beauty salon license in Dubai.

Cost of opening a ladies salon in Dubai

1 Initial Approval + Tasheel 320
2 Name Approval 720
3 Typing of MOA 575
4 Notarization of MOA 1800
5 Sponsorship Fees 10000
6 License Fee 7960

Types of Beauty Salon License in Dubai

There are essentially two kinds of beauty salon license in Dubai. They are:

  • Women’s Salon License
  • Men’s Salon License

A women’s beauty salon or ladies’ salon in Dubai is certified for beautification and hair care. Hair care can include hair washing, trimming, straightening, setting coloring, waving, hair fixing, as well as henna services. And beauty treatments can include makeup and skin cleaning. They are also permitted to carry out skin hair removal, foot care and facial aesthetic; nail manicures as well as treatment.

A men’s beauty salon license in Dubai is allow to perform hair dressing; and also other beautification treatments, hair care includes trimming; also cutting, dyeing, waving, straightening, hair setting up, and supporting hair strength. While beauty treatments, including skin purification, hair removal of skin, foot care, and facial aesthetic.

Requirements for beauty salon license in Dubai

  • The planning department of Dubai Municipality will approve the location of the beauty parlor in Dubai
  • There should be a Signboard located in front of the beauty salon
  • The lighting used in the salon should be sufficient and the furniture used should be clean and proper
  • As far as covering chairs are concerned; they must meet the specific size of 3.0m wide x 3.5m length and strictly should not be less than that
  • The height in between the ceiling and the floor of the beauty salon should be more than 2.30m
  • There should be a separate area selected for beauty treatments like a pedicure; manicure, hair removing, and also henna designing. The size of all such area must be more than 2.50m x 1.50m with a appropriate partition
  • There should be a wash basin near the area for facial treatments
  • Fireproof materials should be made use for preparation area for hair removing materials
  • Also the beauty salon should necessarily have a water heater in place
  • There should be cupboards as well as drawers to keep cosmetics and towels

Why Start a Beauty Salon license in Dubai?

If you are looking to open new company in Dubai; and are specially interested in the salon business; then this is the right time for you to go in advance with your plan. The UAE Policy towards the expat entrepreneurs; and a variety of corporate benefits will be a pleasant addition to your business. Not just this, the services accessible by a beauty salon in Dubai; are always at a high demand and you can also set up a range of supplementary services; such as training and make-up courses.

Still not confident how to go about it? You can also take help from a consultant who can assist you in company formation in Dubai. Also note that we are not only offer to answer your questions about opening a beauty salon in Dubai; but also assist you get through it. Our team will study your requirements and cater to your desires. What’s more, we even offer services that can help you in having your business raise further. Contact us today; even it’s for a friendly suggestion.

Gold trading license Dubai

Gold trading license Dubai

Gold trading license Dubai Gold & Diamond Park

The Gold and Diamond Park came into being in 2011. It is the objective of each and every jeweler as well as of those whom wish to trade in gold; but also for experience businessmen searching for additional facilities to have an office and physical presence in Gold and Diamond Park. It is located on Sheikh Zayed Road, Gold & Diamond Park is ought to see place to all clients; and it is always includes in all tourist visit list.

Gold & Diamond Park is plan for Gold trading license Dubai; searching to full fill the meticulous requirements of the gold; and Diamond industry in Dubai. This scheme includes workshop areas entire with the features and services mainly for the requirements of the jewelers. Furthermore, Gold & Diamond Park in current times launched rental of office places to other professionals of business searching for further worth of their investment.

For Gold trading license Dubai Gold and Diamond Park the licensing authority is Jebel Ali free zone.

Advantages of gold trading license Dubai Gold and Diamond Park

Following are the major advantages of company in Gold and Diamond Park.

  • 100% profit in form of foreign ownership for Gold trading license Dubai
  • It offers 100% security of investment as well as income
  • You will not going to pay any Corporate taxes
  • planned position within the heart of Dubai with trouble-free access to all parts of areas
  • 24/7 working liberty Gold trading license Dubai
  • No limitation on hiring of expat staff.
  • Important air conditioning plant links to all units of office.
  • Central gas supply display to each and every unit of the building.
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week security staff & video observation, fire alarms and fire defense systems.
  • Vigorous and work loving environment with suitable ventilation systems; exhaust services and provision of sharp dumping as well as collection of waste.
  • Hallmarking will soon be facilitated by the Dubai Municipality’s usual move up facilities for all gold artificial and sold from the Diamond & Gold Park.
  • Outstanding trade midpoint facilities and atmosphere, serving tourists and shoppers. Shuttle transport service between the Diamond & Gold Park and 5-star hotels at beach to start from end of November 2004.

how to start gold business in Dubai Gold & Diamond Park

In order to activate under Dubai gold trading license; for mechanized or trading in gold and in Diamond; the bellow given measures must be followed:-

A contract agreement must be acquires from the Gold and Diamond Park; that is after the imbursement of The fee for the unit being leased; 15% of the once a year unit rent as refundable security place; also 15% of the yearly unit rent as supply deposit (refundable) maintenance charges if suitable.

On receiving the lease agreement, the JAFZA license must be applied; at the Jebel Ali offices and authority with the credentials as stated below:-

The application form, with the agreement of partnership or MOA either applicable.

A photocopy of the lease agreement should be attached for Dubai gold trading license. Expense amount of 5,500.00 as license fee; the individual will plan an application or through PRO of the GDP; with a yearly charge of AED 2,500.00 per year. These charges will let the occupant to claim every service with JAFZA. On the other side, the charges will be as per business to be decided mutually; by the leaseholder and the Management of GDP.

Once getting the applications; the Jabel Ali Free Zone Authority will let loose the certificate of Dubai gold trading license; and it will also dispatch a letter to the bank of the resident wherever the account is to be open.

After opening the account, the concern bank will issue a letter to JAFZA; that is to verify that the required funds have been deposit.

 While JAFZA after getting the letter from the bank will issue the license for gold trading Dubai.

Gold trading Dubai in Mainland

As the gold market strengthens the whole world; we are very thankful to the industry of gold and diamond; as it plays a very important role in the rising economy of Dubai.

If you are a probable investor who also has great control in the gold industry; or if you are a businessman who wish to expend their production of business; then it is a great opportunity for you to have a business system in Dubai gold market. Now a day’s gold and diamond are one of the most important imports in Dubai. Gold dominated very much in imports in non-oil group category.  Gold Imports value Dh 24.4 billion or usually 15% of total non-oil business. Who hasn’t heard about the Dubai gold souk?

It would not be incorrect to say that Dubai gold souk is in the checklist of each and every visitor. Dubai Gold Souk has been a well known destination of the gold buyers in Dubai. Gold Souk is also a conventional gold market in the middle of the commercial district in Deira. It is residence of around 300 retailers who trade in jewelry completely.
It has been on the record that at any time up to 10 tons of gold is always obtainable; that is in the Dubai gold souk! This declaration clearly indicates the potential of setting up gold trading Dubai. The demand for gold typically generate from countries like India as well as Iran etc; and also visitor from all around the globe get together in Dubai to buy that wonderful pieces of jewelries.

Kiosk license in Dubai

Kiosk license in Dubai

Dubai is a global city which offers business opportunities of small and medium size. In Dubai new buildings are constructed constantly; and they provide opportunities for both big as well as small entrepreneurs. Despite the handiness of several business apartments; one may find it difficult to get a place to set up a business. So it becomes very hard to find a proper place for setting up a small; business because places in well-established areas are either few or very expensive; while there are little opportunity for setting business in remote or newly establish areas.

In these situations, the best opportunity for small tycoons; is to go for kiosk license in Dubai in various famous malls in Dubai. These big malls are present in different parts of Dubai that receive large number of customers on daily basis. In a number of areas, there are malls owned by multinational brands. These malls are visited by well off local Emirate and expat population; and one can think of massive profits after setting up kiosk license in Dubai in these malls.

Therefore, these kiosks in big and small malls offer best business prospects for those small financiers; who cannot manage to pay for to purchase or hire space in business friendly areas of Dubai. You just have to ask the management of your chosen mall and then apply for proper Kiosk license in Dubai; to complete the process of setting up kiosks in different malls in Dubai. These kiosks are only allows in Dubai main land.

Those who want to setup a kiosk business in Dubai malls, have to follow these two steps for start of their likely profitable business.

Mall Management Approval for the Kiosk business in Dubai

Kiosks are small stalls for different product that are open inside a mall. These are also called mall kiosk and retail merchandising unit (RMU). These stalls vary in width and size but commonly they hold a very small area of the mall. The person who wants to set up kiosks in malls of Dubai; then they need first to take approval from the management of a mall. If management of the mall allows leasing the part of space in their mall; then they will offer the space for setting up the kiosk at the price of their choice.

Big international malls may allow you to set up kiosks; but they will charge you very high rent to set up these kiosks. The management of mall will charge you according to the space hold by the kiosk. If your products are suitable for elite class; then you can expect a good income from a kiosk business in Dubai malls. Other comparatively smaller malls may allow you set up kiosk in low price. It is totally upon you to select the mall for your products which you are looking to sell and the rent you can afford. Also note that small malls have very little spare space and they generally don’t offer setting up kiosks.

Apply for kiosk license in Dubai

As compared to a number of other countries, you cannot start a kiosk by just having approval from the management of any mall. You need a proper kiosk license in Dubai. DED is the authority which will issue you a license for kiosk in any mall inside Dubai.

Going through the process of setting up kiosk business in Dubai malls is not such a simple process for any new foreign entrepreneur. But you can easily get approval from DED for your kiosk after getting help from an experience consultant. We at DBC are providing guidance to foreign investor; who want to establish any small or big business in Dubai; and the entire UAE, since last 6 years.

Sharjah llc company formation

Sharjah llc company formation

Sharjah is the third biggest and crowded Emirate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is also measure to be one of the best ever rising Emirates in the UAE. Global relations are recognized with an international airport and dry ports, building it a good decision to pick Sharjah. Sharjah has turn into a hub for a large number of businesses from diverse industries. This is why this Emirate is famous in the UAE. This part of the UAE is distinguished for culture and industry, and due of this; increasingly sharjah llc company formation is carried out.

If you are searching to have a company; there are a number of requirements which you must keep in mind for doing it in this Emirate. For Sharjah llc company formation, you require to have at least two persons as partners; and a highest limit of 50 for one organization. However, you need to note that business setup consultants in Sharjah; can also assist you to find a local sponsor for your LLC company. As per the rules, a UAE national must be part of your business; and that individual will hold 51% of the shares.

There are a variety of business opportunities in this Emirate; but all the requirement are the same for the sharjah llc company formation.

Business setup in Sharjah llc

There are a number of process through Sharjah llc company formation. That is why it is sensible that you must have business setup consultants in sharjah; to offer you proper knowledge you require in this project. These persons will answer your question of how to begin a business in Sharjah; and let you know the predictable business formation charges in Sharjah so you can plan as soon as possible.

Besides that, business setup consultants in sharjah will be the persons who will hold the processing. They will consult the concerned authorities like Sharjah DED (Department of Economic Development) or also recognized as Sharjah Economic Department. It is also an element of the business setup consultants in sharjah work to handle everything; which includes visiting to Chamber of Commerce Sharjah to get or pass essential documents.

They also perform as a counselor who can assist you with look upon to the laws of the land. All sorts of questions can be thrown at them; and they will have the answers which you require; from a burning query of how to setup a business in Sharjah; and the question you are fascinated to ask like your Sharjah trade license inquiry. Because this is their profession, the business setup services in Sharjah; that they recommend are important to go extra with your business plans.

Sharjah LLC company formation cost | Business setup cost in Sharjah

Trade Name Approval and Reservation. 735
Initial approval fee. 335
Licensing fee. 10,000
Labor Card Fee. 2,600
Immigration card fee. 1000
PO Box and Company Stamp Fee. 900
Court Fee. 1900

Benefits of sharjah llc company formation

Sharjah is remarkably attracting overseas investment as its economy blooms even more. It remains to be one of the earliest choices of business owners. Whether it’s large or small business setup in Sharjah LLC, people are frequently investing in forming a company in this Emirate. This is due to the reward that they will find.

World investors feel Sharjah as an excellent place to invest in. Global ties are maintain to have smooth trades all around. Just a number of the return that business owners will have and already have in Sharjah mainland is scheduled below.

Currency restrictions do not exist for LLC Sharjah

Sharjah Mainland does not have any currency limitations applied in its territories, like to other mainland in the UAE.

No mandatory yearly auditing for LLC Sharjah

Companies in Sharjah Mainland do not require preparing for yearly audit as it is not obligatory at all. Although audit is vital, various organizations find this a constructive thing as it lessens their stress and worries.

Rent office anywhere using LLC Sharjah

New business setup in Sharjah llc can choose office anywhere in the main land area. In such case, this is where the corridor of your organization begins; by carving it out opening from the right place.

Carry out business with local market

Sharjah main land market is the actual local market. Companies that are catering to markets and have traded as their business can take benefit of this.

No limit on activities for LLC Sharjah

Business owners in Sharjah Mainland have the liberty to choice whichever business activity they desire; unlike the other part of UAE where there are restriction on a few activities.

Zero capital requirements for LLC Sharjah

Sharjah LLC company formation charges are reasonable. However, if you set up a business at a position that doesn’t need any funds; it is certainly a cost effective way to start.

LLC Sharjah is a Tax Free

Although VAT is start in the beginning of this year; it is still not mandatory for companies to pay corporate and income taxes. It is still an encouraging thing in the country.

No limit on visas for LLC Sharjah

From the time when companies get bigger and grow; then there is no visas restriction for companies in the Sharjah main land. They can all secure as many visas as they need for their organizations.

How to get restaurant license in Dubai

How to get restaurant license in Dubai

Food has always been a profitable business industry and taking into considerations; the Middle East is the center not only for the trading of commodities; but also for delicious delights from all over the world with genuine cultural cuisines. Dubai is popular for tourism and one of the main reasons why people travel to Dubai; is to get familiar the world’s finest cuisines and develop their taste along with enriched traveling experience. According to the study from Euro monitor International, by the year 2019; it is expected that additional 19,000 outlets will come in with the Food and Beverage Sector in Dubai.

Opening a Restaurant in sharjah or in Dubai? Then in view of the numerical figures in the Middle East; the UAE without any doubt is one of the biggest and fastest rising economies. The restaurant sector mainly in Dubai, over the past few years, has seen huge growth.

With people ready to try newer cuisines from different geographical areas; the focus on businessmen all around the world are eyeing towards opening a restaurant in Dubai. As we recognize one of the most relevant factors of traveling to an overseas country; is to treat in their Local and International available cuisines; there is a massive scope of the restaurant business in Dubai.

Why starting a restaurant in Dubai is difficult and how you can succeed?

  • Selection of location – Some of the important factors that may classify the score of your restaurant; will be accessibility, parking space, profitable and resident properties nearby.
  • High rent – As per the particulars and studies we suggest that your restaurant rent should not go beyond 10% of you expected income annually.
  • Unidentified Standard Operating Systems (SOP’s) – Not having accurate SOP’s may cause in bad services and reviews.
  • Picking of Menu and Restaurant Concept – The restaurant should not be based on your own taste and personal likes, generally; the restaurant is to serve customers that what accurately will boom the restaurant in customers view.
  • Restaurant Staff – The concept of restaurant runs on food and service, the staff is the ambassadors of your business.

How to get restaurant license in Dubai

According to the authority in Dubai, the minimum size of restaurant should be of 750 sq.ft. A register Interior Fit out Contractors will take over the project; and follow the checklist from the DM and will get the approvals from Dubai Municipality.  The initial approval can be taken from DED; however the final trade license in Dubai to open the gates of the restaurant will depend on Fit out Contractor.

To make it simple that to understand the flow and the process of starting a restaurant in Dubai; here is a brief summary of the process;

Step 1. Get your Business Plan and Feasibility developed by a professional.

Step 2. Take on the services of a Consultant who will make easy; and take care of all kinds of approvals from the Dubai Economic Department

Step 3. Identify and hire an approved Interior Fit out Contractor and complete project.

Step4. After proper inspection and all others are ok you are officially allowed to open doors.

Restaurant license cost in DUBAI

We have some existing clients who are successfully running restaurants, cafeteria, and mini restaurant shops; it will not be tough for us to tell you restaurant license cost in Dubai. But you need to know that the restaurant license cost in Dubai; totally depend on the licensing authorities and lease value; the average charges to set up a decent independent restaurant ranges from AED 100,000. The basic requirements for leasing out space as per the authority are minimum 750 Sq/m.

A legal procedure, in order to start a restaurant business in Dubai does not take more than a week; opening a restaurant in Dubai May lead in very good investment opportunity for businessmen around the globe.

Also note down that the type of a restaurant license in Dubai as per the DED are as following:

  1. Restaurant and Coffee Shops
  2. Floating Restaurant
  3. Restaurant and Mini Store
  4. Multi Restaurants Center

Expert Tips for how to get restaurant license in Dubai

Unlike any commercial setup, opening a restaurant in Dubai; also requires successful business planning. However the question “Which location should I open my Restaurant in?” plays a very important role in the success ratio.

According to our study and existing clientele; I also have made an assessment to highlights the Do’s and the Don’ts for the reference.

The Location When starting a restaurant in Dubai

Dubai is an emirate which is known home to more than 200 nationalities with distinctive cultures. What site or place is suitable for opening a restaurant in Dubai; depends on what target group are you trying to serve.

Dubai has a variety of zones which have an impact on the target viewers. There are Business zones such as Media City, Education City or Business Bay; where the majority of the Western Expats will be found. Tourist areas such as Jumeirah Road and Dubai Marina will have a mix of Western and Asian people. From our experience, the Hot spots for opening a restaurant in Dubai are Business Bay; Jumeirah Beach Road, and JBR Dubai Marina; but yet again as said it entirely depends on what cuisine you will be serving; what is the niche and demand of market.

What are the Dos While starting a restaurant in Dubai?

  • To begin the first step with proper business feasibility; and planning to have a clear understanding of your market and future forecast on ROIs.
  • Do create a pricing policy with a competitive analysis in order to bear out the cost and expenses.
  • Do organize a detailed marketing plan and use suitable online platforms which result in more than average percentage of sales.
  • You need to Do SWOT analysis with help of experts about competition around; and what strategies could be used.
  • Do take essential approval and NOC from relevant authorities.

What are the Don’ts???

  • Don’t try of opening a restaurant in Dubai, or in fact anywhere, if you don’t have relevant experience. It is best to take guidance or hire relevant and experienced professionals.
  • Be Realistic-Don’t overcharge your offerings on the menu
  • Don’t develop a menu that you personally desire, go with the taste of customers. 

FOOD CODE for Restaurant Business in Dubai

Food Control Department of Dubai Municipality ensures each and every restaurant in starts have to follow FOOD CODE; in order to obtain the final trade license; initially from the start of food production to end of food consumption.

You have to to get the food safety department approval in Dubai; before getting the final trade license from Dubai Economic Department for all kind of restaurant or cafeteria license in Dubai. You will require the below mention documents to get the Food Clearance from DM.

  • Trade license copy or primary approval from authority that issues trade license
  • Interior design layout of the premises by registered DM Interior Designer; this is basically a blueprint of your restaurant.

We advise to look for assistant of Business Consultant; who will help and assist you till the end of all formalities and approvals. There are also permits, requires for restaurant business which I can assist you from start to end process.

How to get restaurant license in Dubai

Looking at the options it may look that opening a Restaurant in Dubai Free zone; will charge you less as compare to setting up in Dubai main land. However the strict rules and regulations in the Free Zone make it difficult to go with this option. So the most effective option for restaurant formation is the main land option.

As per the authorize structure as well as commercial law in the United Arab Emirates; main land option allow a foreign investor to hold only 49% of share; while 51% of the share will be with local sponsor. I suggest opting for trusted Sponsor rather than an ordinary Local sponsor which will eliminate the risk; we will make sure our sponsor will give you full control over operations, profits, and management. We as a company provide local sponsor with full sign MOU.

As you have almost certainly guess by now; getting a license as well as approvals is a crucial part of the process. It is important to perform each step on time; so that you can start opening the doors to your restaurant or cafeteria as soon as possible.

Our consultants have skill and also experience in setting various restaurants; they also have knowledge of the authority and know how to get restaurant license in Dubai.

In my opinion, I highly recommend to get help from business consultant like us; so if you think that you need to get a right kick start; into getting your café restaurant or food business in Dubai; then I would love inviting you for coffee and giving you extra free tips on doing it just right.

Cheapest freezone in UAE

Cheapest freezone in UAE

We are advising clients for a quite some time on a variety of business structure. But most of the time customers are seeking to urge low cost business setup options; or cheapest freezone in UAE. But it is also not an astonishing thing; that a large number of people are looking to establish the most realistic solution; as opening and operating a new business in a overseas state can be pretty expensive.

The answer to the question of the cheapest freezone in Dubai; may be known for those who are currently living in UAE; but even then the selections of a cheapest freezone in UAE need guidance and recommendation from business setup consultant. Because living in Dubai and be familiar with about the business are two different things. And for those, who are to come to the UAE to set up a new company here; it might be very difficult for them to study each and every setup options which Dubai free zone is offering; and to choose one that suits your requirement. Today we will share with you in sequence on how to pick and find the cheapest freezone in Dubai.

Looking for cheapest freezone in UAE

How can setup of a company outside of Dubai facilitate to accomplish reduce in the setup costs? First of all, the company license cost and company registration fee; in free zone outside of Dubai are lesser as compare to Dubai free zone. By opening a company there, you can save license charges and registration fee which can be utilized for operational needs.

Secondly, free zone outside of Dubai does not have essential health insurance limitation; with only health cards required for your workers.

Thirdly, majority of free zone outside of Dubai does not require annual audit statements. As a result, company will have internal accounting but no extra expenses on auditing services.

And last but not the least, most of the free trade zones outside of Dubai; do not need share fund (Share capital) in the bank account. At the starting of your business it may be not possible to deposit an amount; between AED 150 000 and AED 300 000. By choosing a free zone that does not requires share wealth deposit; businessmen will also decrease their financial load.

From the above mention point you can easily take an idea; that some times selecting other free zone could be a more financially feasible option; rather than trying to find the cheapest freezone in Dubai.

How to select cheapest freezone in Dubai

First and primary, let us inline the main point that can facilitate you to choose the best free trade zone for company formation in Dubai free zone. These strategies are as under:

  • site of the free trade zone
  • The composition of your business
  • Also consider License charges as well
  • Choosing the cheapest freezone in UAE with lowest resident visa charges.
  • Registration fee that free zone offer
  • Choosing a company package, which allows you for a smaller number of resident visas?
  • Renting a flexi-desk as a substitute of a permanent office.

These are the key point that someone can follow; when looking for the cheapest business formation in UAE. But also keep in mind that the above mentioned points are not relevant for every activity or in all cases; because each request must be look on a case to case basis. Since we are not looking at a precise case, our guidance will be more general in nature.

Choosing cheapest freezone in UAE with a flexi desk

Rent of an office space in Dubai free zone is connected with a license and number of visas. The larger office space will permit the company to apply for more visas; and company will be able to hire more and more staff.

Flexi desk is the smallest option the company may pick to be able to receive a business license. Simply in other words, it is not feasible to get a license for your business without a flexi desk; or rent an office space; and also keep in mind that flexi desk facility; which is a work station inside a business hub for use of up to 16 hours a week. Flexi desk will let you to get a quota of 2 to 3 employment visas for your company; but the important thing is that it will charge you 3 times less, than a standard office.

Therefore, if your target is to choose cheapest free zone in Dubai to cut everyday expenditure; you should think through to rent a flexi desk facility. The more visas you want for your business, the larger your physical office will have to be in the future.

Lower fees for resident visas

Resident visa charges in different free zones may slightly be different; therefore, when working on decrease of your set up costs; you may seem for a free zone, which has lowest charges for resident visa issuance.

How to open a dental clinic in Dubai

How to open a dental clinic in Dubai

A medical individual who desires to setup medical clinic in Dubai; he or she needs to get a license to setup a medical clinic in Dubai; which is provided by the DED (Department of Economic Development). For this purpose you require the services of a local service agent to open a private clinic in Dubai. And you can also apply for a few numbers of workers visa; after getting services of a local agent and obtaining a license; that will also be cover under the same license of medical clinic.

If you are looking for How to open a dental clinic in Dubai; then you need a medical degree; you can acquire the services of a Director if you don’t have a medical degree; that he must have hold a degree of medical in order to open a private clinic in Dubai. Staff at all levels must also have the license to deliver their services in the UAE. In addition, the international diploma in the UAE is not enough; the Doctor as well as nurses is required to pass local exam to get his or her individual license first. All the certified medical staff should know English; writing as well as reading.

how to open a private clinic in Dubai

If you are looking for how to open a private clinic in Dubai; you should know that every person of medical need to acquire a license from Dubai Health Authority (DHA); while Doctors wants to open a private clinic in Dubai must get hold of specific licenses; that is from DHA, but it depends upon as to whether they are general practitioners; specialists, interns, consultants as well as resident doctors. in the same way, dentists, Nurses and other practitioners of medical like as Ayurveda; traditional Chinese medicines, Homeopathy, also Unani medicines etc must get specific licenses from DHA.

How to open a dental clinic in Dubai

There are very strict rules to open a medical clinic in Dubai for acquiring space; in terms of size, utility area, finishing, equipment etc. moreover, each type of medical institution has its own requirements. For example, essential facilities are different to open a dental clinic in Dubai and dental poly clinic.

To open a private clinic in Dubai or to open a dental clinic in Dubai need a great amount of training as well as on field experience and abundance financial funds. What’s more, it is also essential to obtain a large number of all the possible approvals along with certifications from the concerned quarters.

Set up clinic requires approvals from various departments in Dubai; which can crate trouble for experts’ specially those who are new according to health law in UAE. DHA also has different licenses for substitute experts like few of them are Ayurveda; Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Acupuncture. It has been ongoing since 2014 that an expert of medical can setup clinics and practice in any emirate stat; that is undergoing without any additional exams or tests.

How to open a Private clinic in Dubai | How to open a medical clinic in Dubai | How to open a dental clinic in Dubai

To open a medical clinic you must be holding a medical degree in Dubai; or you can do such practice through a Director of clinic with medical degree. You can open a private clinic in the fields of urology in Dubai, gynecology, dentistry as well as cosmetology; or you can also set up a complete medical center. You have to to get a license from DED in case you want to set up clinic in Dubai. The license must be approved from (DHA). DHA will provide consultants specific license, interns, resident doctors, specialists as well as general practitioners. You will only need a local service agent for your license registration. The whole process for getting a license for opening a clinic or a poly clinic can be dividing into the below mention steps:

  1. Reservation of Trade Name
  2. Initial approval from DED (Department of Economic Development)
  3. Initial approval from DHA
  4. Documents for Executing
  5. Final Approval from DED(Department of Economic Development)
  6. License by DHA

W will discuss in the below paragraphs briefly the steps involve in obtaining license; for opening a clinic or poly clinic in Dubai.

Reservation of Trade name to set up clinic in Dubai

The process of registration to open a private clinic in Dubai; is initiate with the selection of trade name for your clinic. This name will be share with D.E.D for approval that will complete first step for registration.

Initial approval from DED to set up clinic in Dubai

The shareholder needs to file an application to DED, after reservation of trade name; so to achieve initial approval for a clinic. Several essential documents, including copy of passport with this application must also be provided. Layout plan Approval of the clinic is also require for this approval from Dubai municipality.

Initial approval from DHA to opening dental clinic

In the third stage, the investor will apply from DHA license after DED initial approval. The approval includes license obtaining after providing documents like feasibility report for clinic.

Executing Documents to set up clinic in Dubai

In the 4th phase, the investor will arrange necessary documents like lease agreement; memorandum etc to set up clinic in Dubai.

Final approval from DED to set up clinic in Dubai

The last two steps consist of final approvals from DED. You will present all the prepared documents along with copy of initial approval and charges for company registration. The DED after verification of these documents will issue the trade license.

Final approval from DHA to set up clinic in Dubai

In the last very step, the investor will apply for DHA license online by creating user id on DHA portal. The details about the consultant license and medical professionals will be abounding. The authority (DHA) after verifying the documents will issue the license for starting a clinic. This is the final stage for approval; after which the investor will be able to open clinic at his or her desire location.

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